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  1. 1. If C4 would share more of their network requirements, this would be a non-issue. But it’s yet another dealer-model issue. 2. Your average dealer point, is basically the point. I don’t trust many dealers with understanding networking better than me. I’m sure some do, but I bet most don’t. So I’d want full access to the configs. That’s why I’d choose networking equipment that isn’t dealer only.
  2. Not a thing at all. As I've said before, I've come to terms with Control4's dealer-centric system. I bought in fully aware of how it would work. I just don't like when people try to explain Control4's dealer lock in as anything else than propping up its dealers.
  3. Simply put, the system is locked down so that Control4 and its dealers can make more money. So please, let's dispel any myths about Control4 having some altruistic goal to increase the level of support for its end users. It's about the money. It's always about the money. Now, perhaps some dealers may feel otherwise. Perhaps, some dealers such as yourself, truly believe it is about providing the best experience to the customer. I think that's naive, but it doesn't really matter. All that matters is what Control4 thinks its dealers think. And if Control4 thinks the dealers would go crazy about opening up the system, regardless of the ultimate reason why that is, it will never open up the system. And that's a shame. Everyone could make more money if the system were open.
  4. As I mentioned earlier, we just need to acknowledge that C4’s dealer-only model was and still is a pure money play. And now, the dealer’s are entrenched, making it nearly impossible for C4 to allow for DIY. The dealers would revolt. Now I knew this fact when I bought the system, and was ok with it. I still am ok with it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think C4 should change. I think that’s probably how most of the end users in this thread feel. It would be great if they allowed for DIY. I just get annoyed when people suggest the end users can’t handle DIY. They defineltly can. For example, someone else in this thread pointed out how a network engineer could be running a Fortune 100 network, but know nothing about how to set up a Control4 network. That’s true. But the sole reason for that is because Control4 hides the information. Don’t think for a second that engineer can’t handle setting up a C4 network. Of course they could. They just need the information from C4. No training required.
  5. You are making my point for me because your analogy is terrible. Let me modify it to be closer to my point. Say your day job is designing engines for VW. But you’ve always wanted to own a lambo, and hey it’s not blasphemy, after all, lambo is owned by VW. You go to the dealership, you know more about the lambo than the dealer. You customize it to your liking, and buy it for 200k. Then after you buy it you find the only way to do an oil change is to bring it to the dealer. And it’s not for any mechanical reason, but because lambo has a software lock on the car stopping your from doing your oil changes. Now, as an engine designer, you are more than capable of the performing your own oil change. But the arrogant lambo dealer tells you that the reason for the software lock is not because they want to make more money from you, but rather because they don’t trust you, a person who just paid 200k for a vehicle, to perform an oil change.
  6. This entire idea that DIY users can't program this system on their own is entirely unfounded and belied by readily available evidence. The bottom line is that the dealer model is purely protectionalist play by Control4. It helps keep prices high. That is the entire point behind it. It stops and ends there. As an initial matter, any basic internet search will tell you that the Control4 DIY community is thriving. Yet, these allegedly incompetent DIYers seem to have no problem getting their systems running, with no support, and even in face of active countermeasures from Control4. Second, there are plenty of open source systems that are like 10 times more complicated to set up than Control4. Yet, somehow these allegedly totally incompetent DIYers manage to set these systems up. Finally, even consumer systems work with 1000s of devices. Consider Smarthings or Vera. Yet, these allegedly incompetent DIYers seems to use these devices to have incredibly complicated systems, even writing their own drivers. My point is simply this. Don't pretend for a second that DIYers can't handle setting up a system like Control4. Plenty of people can handle it. Control4 is a dealer only model because it makes them the most money and because its dealer network is entrenched.
  7. I see your point. But I think the thing you are missing is that you could get "Lutron Certified' in like an hour of your time, and have the same ability with RadioRa2 (but with the expanded product lineup). Now will that RA2 software be as easy to use as the Ra2 select app interface? Probably not. But it is pretty easy to use. I think anyone with a half a brain could figure it out.
  8. This RA2 select idea is bonkers. What's the value proposition? DIY'ers can still install RadioRa2?? Why would you install RA2 select when you could just install RadioRa2.... As an aside, Lutron's shades have always pissed me off. Why not integrate Serena shades with RadioRa2 (or I guess Ra2 select now)? Total money grab.
  9. Sounds like you need an HDMI matrix or switch in your rack. That would solve your HDMI problem. I'm guessing an HDMI switch (which would only work for 1 tv) would be pretty cheap (perhaps even cheaper than that balun he sold you)! If you ever want to pump the sources to multiple TVs, then you'll need a matrix. Your dealer seems like a real joker. Hopefully, you haven't paid him in full yet. I would sue. This is the problem with Control4. It is a great system, but they lock it into dealers only, and some dealers suck. This has all been said 1000 times before on this forum. Hopefully you get some good resolution here. I'd be interested to learn what Control4's response is on the financial side here. You are probably owed some compensation here.
  10. I guess so. But would it have been as fun?
  11. Hi all, I figured I would share with you my experience with integrating a Casablanca Bullet fan into C4. So, I've had a Casablanca fan for quite a long time and I've been wanting to integrate it with C4. So here is what I did. I think this would apply equally to any fan made by Hunter Fan company. In fact, I'd bet my device, as is, could be paired with any Hunter Fan. I bought an SDR (software-defined radio) and decoded the signals from the Fan remote. The remote is the Casablanca 99020 universal remote. I then bought a NodeMCU and hooked it up to a 433mhz transmitter, and wrote some software to emulate the signals. The NodeMCU has built in Wifi, so I was able to write a little web interface for sending the commands. Next, I made a PCB for the device, and 3D-printed a plug-in wallbox for the circuitry, so that it looks nice in the room where I have it. After a little bit of research, and help from a dealer friend, I was able to write a driver for C4 to integrate with my unit. So now, I have a fully integrated Casablanca fan with no modifications needed integrated into C4. I'm happy to go into more details if people are interested.
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