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  1. I’ve done an integration. I reverse engineered their RF signals and built a custom circuit. But it was for a the rare tempurpedic that has the fans built in. You can only buy in-store (or at least that’s how it used to be)
  2. C4 is honestly only worth it if you are going to integrate a ton of stuff in your house. Yes, the app is not a slick as other apps. And yes, it sucks big time that it is dealer only. And yes, the NEEO is a joke and the SR260 is ugly as shit. But it is freaking awesome that everything can be accessed from a single app. I can control everything from my lights, garage door, locks, TVs, and everything else in my house—from a single app. There are just not that many other solutions out there that have the wide support of devices like C4. The only thing that even comes close in terms of integration is some of the open source products like Home Assistant. But good luck trying to find a remote control that works with that now that Logitech is done with Harmony. If you want just a few things integrated, choose a different product.
  3. I run pfsense with ubiquiti APs. Here is the bottom line. Assuming you are going to have a separate vlan for IoT devices, then just make sure they are all on that vlan (including C4). If you do that, it works well. Now if you want to do some more complex stuff like allow casting, airplay, or Sonos across VLANs, then there are more issues. But that has nothing to do with C4, and you can google out solutions to each. As long as you keep C4 and all the devices it controls on same VLAN, it will work fine. And pretty much out of the box.
  4. I’m not sure about the CA1, especially if you have wireless dimmers, which typically would extend a mesh. But maybe others can comment on that. From my perspective, it’s kind of a waste of money to have full on video distribution for just surveillance cameras, support, considering there are multiple ways to get them to display on your TVs that don’t need that. For example, you could put EA1s at each TV. In my new place, I dumped video distribution (which I had in my old setup) for just such a setup. But I guess it depends how much it matters to you. Definitely consider a chime over the ring since that is native to C4. The chime works pretty well and has some cool integration features with C4
  5. So yet another half-baked product still released by C4.
  6. It was posted in the C4 Facebook group. I hope I’m wrong, but it doesn’t look like it based on the comments in that thread. Apparently it was intended for it to work, but in the ultimate design it doesn’t.
  7. In another act the of C4 design brilliance you can only power a T4 by POE apparently. Lol. That makes it’s WI-FI capabilities worthless. Hope none of you were planning on running one via WI-FI.... And before someone says it. There isn’t a single POE injector designed to operate behind the wall. So to the extent the “fix” for C4’s design stupidity is to do that—you are violating electrical code.
  8. ntlord

    NEEO wish list

    I don’t disagree in general with these points. But I think this is still being very charitable to C4. The Neeo was released with less functionality than an SR-260. A lot less. And it has some significant hardware flaws. It’d be one thing if it was priced accordingly. But it’s not. These are premium products. I think it’s reasonable to expect fully-baked. After all, that’s why people generally buy C4 as opposed to a consumer-grade system.
  9. ntlord

    NEEO wish list

    Since I feel like gloating, and another thread reminded me of my predictions, I'm going to post my original comments (10/30/19) here. I'm like a regular nostradamus! Where is the camera functionality??? Well if you want that--get ready to pay even more for Neeo 2.0. Also, I think I nailed it with the blinds. They did add the functionality later on, but as I recall it wasn't there on release proving my "half-baked" point. I don't know on the wakeup agent, but I'm guessing I was right on that too. So why am I posting this again? Because now that we all know I was right, it shows just how lazy C4 was on this. All of these problems were known with the Neeo. They didn't fix a single one. Why? Because they need to compete with Savant, and (1) the Neeo looks cool so dealers can sell it to unsuspecting customers; and (2) they know we are all suckers who will buy the latest greatest gadget in a heartbeat. They will release a good remote. But its going to cost way more, and the current Neeo will then become an overpriced, barely functional, paperweight. If you paid full price for the original, you are paying for the privilege of being a beta tester for C4.
  10. Shockingly, I'd love a Neeo that fixes all of the aforementioned problems by Garry, as well as though previously identified by me. I hate to admit my predictions were right all along. The remote sucks, especially if you have cable TV. That said, I think it can be a great remote once C4 adds the backlight and a few more buttons, and perhaps Alexa integration. And I love Garry's suggestion about webview links in mobile app. That would allow so much better driver integration. Right now, you are limited in some sense by the categories that C4 allows. The web view is a way around that, but without it being available in the mobile app it's kind of pointless.
  11. Interesting. The stream URL generated by synology is "rtsp://syno:long_random_password_generated_by_synology@IP:554/Sms=1.unicast" This works fine in VLC. But does not work with the generic camera driver. It says "Resource not found." Obviously, the username/password is added to the password field of the driver.
  12. I have this same issue. I'd be interested to know if there is a fix. I'm not sure there is.
  13. Interesting. That's been tried, but it doesn't seem to work. Although the shared stream is accessible via VLC, C4 says "no resource found." Are you suggesting using the generic IP camera driver?
  14. Title says it all. Would like to purchase a dimmer with engraving.
  15. I would think it is possible. You can get root access to the controller. So I’m assuming you could compile telegraf to run on them. Edit: Seems like the answer above would be way easier than what I suggest.
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