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  1. Interesting. The stream URL generated by synology is "rtsp://syno:long_random_password_generated_by_synology@IP:554/Sms=1.unicast" This works fine in VLC. But does not work with the generic camera driver. It says "Resource not found." Obviously, the username/password is added to the password field of the driver.
  2. I have this same issue. I'd be interested to know if there is a fix. I'm not sure there is.
  3. Interesting. That's been tried, but it doesn't seem to work. Although the shared stream is accessible via VLC, C4 says "no resource found." Are you suggesting using the generic IP camera driver?
  4. Title says it all. Would like to purchase a dimmer with engraving.
  5. I would think it is possible. You can get root access to the controller. So I’m assuming you could compile telegraf to run on them. Edit: Seems like the answer above would be way easier than what I suggest.
  6. As I understand it, the short answer to your question is no. Since that fan is DC, and not AC. The bond bridge should work, but LED light control will be sub-optimal if that fan is anything like mine. If you haven't bought it yet, just get a Haiku. They are roughly the same price and work fantastic.
  7. I made the mistake of buying Hunter Douglas. Biggest mistake I've ever made in the automation space. I was trying to save money, and that was super short sighted because they suck. The only answer is Lutron. Pay the extra money. It's worth it.
  8. lol. I'm mostly done. I'm sure everyone can agree I've bitched enough at this point. And I agree too. I will now go back to my regular scheduled programming of bitching about composer pro access. Just kidding.
  9. Fair enough. In theory. But porting the C4 interface to Neeo isn’t exactly innovative either. That’s not to say it wasn’t challenging. I bet it was. But just because something is technically challenging doesn’t make it automatically innovative—in my mind. C4 already had the interface—it just ported it to a pre-existing product. It’s not like the Neeo interface is radically different than IOS or Android. But look. I promise I’m not trying to change this to a Neeo sucks conversation. I’ve made my opinions known on that topic. I was mostly just pointing out that most “industry” awards are totally bullshit. Pretty much anyone with any real marketing experience would tell you that. And while I don’t know with certainty whether this one is, I strongly suspect it is. Not the least of which being the fact that Neeo won an award.
  10. I”m glad to see C4 get some recognition too. But obviously these awards, like most “industry” awards, are totally bullshit. That is all the more true when Neeo—a product that was not innovative by definition—is the so-called “product of the year.”
  11. Yup. That's totally worth the extra $300. Flash and RAM is super expensive these days. C'mon. But one questions remains unanswered by C4. Why did C4 intentionally remove the replaceable battery? Is it not to further screw the unlucky souls who have decided to beta test your $600 "new" remote? I'll give my guess. Tell me if this rings true. C4 did not do any hardware development at all with Neeo. All of the alleged improvements C4 has been touting as new, were already in the so-called "Neeo Pro" that Neeo developed before they were bailed out by C4. My guess is prior to the acquisition, Neeo decided to remove that feature, probably because they were unquestionably an ego-driven, poorly-run company that didn't give a shit about their customers, which incidentally is why they needed to be bailed out by C4 in the first place. So C4 takes the Neeo Pro releases it unchanged, and as a consequence, we end up with a half-baked product. So why didn't C4 fix the hardware? I mean how hard could it be to add backlighting? Well because they needed to focus on the software. It wasn't easy to port Neeo over to C4, and releasing new hardware would only complicate that. So they made a decision, as RyanE conceded. Release hardware they know has drawbacks (i.e. is shitty), with the hopes that a few suckers will buy it and be beta testers for the software. So there you have it--that's how we ended up with C4's "new" remote. So what do I predict is going to happen? Well per RyanE's earlier post, C4 will release some new remote (likely sooner than later (although admittedly he is not saying that)). The new remote is going to be super expensive. Can you even imagine how expensive if $300 only buys you some extra flash and RAM?
  12. I'm fairly confident that the average replacement period for smart home tech and remote controls is a hell of a lot longer than 3 years. When was the last time you upgraded your light switches? How long have you had your SR260s for? Perhaps if we are talking iPhones you are correct. But we aren't. We are talking about a half-baked $600 remote that C4 purposely modified to remove the ability to replace the battery.
  13. Haha. As I've been saying since before this remote was released, this was a lazy, half-baked design by C4. And is a bad attempt by C4 to quickly address a clear shortcoming compared to its competitors. The hacky solutions that people are forced to use to make this remote just barely useable are hilarious and plain confirmation that C4 missed the mark here. It genuinely warms my heart to know that the vast number of reviews of the Neeo are negative because it means most people are rational, and don't believe the hype. That gives me faith. And I truly believe that the very small minority of people that have given this remote positive reviews are just lying to themselves and trying to justify wasting $600. This remote sucks, and everyone knows it---most of all C4. Hopefully, that will mean that the product managers and developers at C4 responsible for Neeo will be disappointed by how shitty everyone thinks their product is, and perhaps be motivated to actually try next time to release a good product. And I have no doubt that the Neeo 2 will be great, and will come sooner rather than later given how crappy this product is. And please don't forget THAT THE BATTERY IS NOT REPLACEABLE. You pay $600, and need to throw it in the garbage can when the battery gets weak. And interestingly, of the very small number of trivial design tweaks C4 made to this remote from the original Neeo, one of them was modifying the case to disallow battery replacements. Let that sink in. C4 basically made no modifications to the original Neeo, except for specifically disallowing battery replacement. Talk about a cash grab...
  14. Don't forget it is $600 and doesn't have a replaceable battery. The original Neeo allowed for a replaceable battery. Control4 removed that feature. Just another cash grab.
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