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  1. Or are they selling the batteries? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Well maybe. If C4 were to start a trend. But do any other remotes have non-replaceable batteries? I actual don’t know the answer to that. I’m guessing not to many. And you can replace your battery in your iPhone for like $29 at the Apple store.
  3. The next big question is what happens when you need to replace the battery? Neeo’s battery is not replaceable.
  4. Yea. I know that. I appreciate his help too. Really. But man he can be incredibly condescending sometimes. So I met a dick response with a dick response.
  5. You're right. Forgive me. How could I forget that your vast experience of plugging-in ethernet cables and crimping RCA jacks makes you the authority on circuitry design.
  6. I assume that LOL is agreement with me. Because you can’t possibly be asserting that expanding the size of a flash chip and RAM is anything beyond trivial. But then again I actually have designed circuitry and hardware, so you know, I speak from actual experience.
  7. I just meant from an effort perspective. It’s trivial for C4 to update those. It’s just a change of chips.
  8. Further, the only changes according to RyanE were ram and flash size. That makes both versions pretty much the same in my mind. And certainly makes any changes C4 made as trivial. But I’m even dubious of that. Before NEEO was purchased they were close to releasing a “pro” version. I wonder whether the C4 NEEO is the same as that version. If it is, C4 made zero changes to anything NEEO had
  9. This has really been my point all along. There is no way C4 couldn't have anticipated this reaction. It's plainly a lazy product launch. Not only is it identical in almost every way to a failed product--Neeo. But the software isn't even as capable as a T3. No control of thermostats! No cameras. I'm sure there is more too. Wakeup agent perhaps? To be frank, I hope the developers and product managers at C4 look at all of this negative reaction (which is largely universal across all platforms of communication) and feel super disappointed. Now I don't pretend to understand the internal politics of C4, but in my opinion, but they should feel disappointed. There is no innovation here. That is undeniable. I can only hope that perhaps next time that will motivate them to do better. I have no doubt the V2 of this remote will be great.
  10. I should change my username to “C4 Oracle” I feel like my prediction post was eerily close the real thing. If only I could turn this into money....
  11. I figured you might And I actually agree with almost everything you said, except for obviously the "great" product part. I think it's at best going to be an ok product given the limitations I have already stated. I agree that design and development is a series of tradeoffs. And my point was that here C4 traded off having a truly great product with a fast go-to market strategy. That is a tradeoff for sure, just not the tradeoff I wish C4 made. But I guess that's why I don't work in the consumer product space. To me it's unclear whether any of this still doesn't mean it will be a success. The Neeo is impressive to hold--I'll give you that. And that might make it easy sell to consumers. But I think it will be a purchase they regret. I think the SR260 just has better usability. Why do I think that? First, I own a neeo and an SR260--so I have some ability to compare. Second, my portable T3 stays in the closet. Why? Although it looks cool, its a pain in the ass to use--I like the buttons (like most people). I suspect others on this forum would back me up on that point. But I guess we'll agree to disagree there. But with this. I'm done being negative about this. I'll reserve any further judgment until I see one in action. P.S. Ok. I can't help myself. I notice there s no comfort menu. Is that additional functionality that is missing? I can't adjust my thermostat?
  12. C4 knows damn well that people want more buttons and back-lighting. They know that makes a better product. All the excuses in the world won't change that. But here is the bottom line: C4 was behind on the remote control game. Instead, of coming up with their own product, the bought a company. Nothing wrong with that. But instead of fixing the obvious design flaws of the Neeo, C4 is hastily releasing it in an attempt to stop any bleeding to competitors. They could have waited. Released a great product. But they didn't wait. Instead, they will now likely release a better version in a year or two, fixing all of these problems (claiming they now listened to customer feedback), and then leave everyone who bought this shitty version high and dry. So my advice, wait. Don't buy it. Show C4 with our money that they should release well-designed products, instead of re-branded half-baked bullshit.
  13. Thank you for your response. Of course those hardware updates are surface level at best. But since it seems to be officially released, can you answer my question about video cameras? Does the C4 Neeo allow you to look at cameras?
  14. No. You have got it wrong (at least about me). The pricing isn't so much the issue. I have no problem paying premium dollars for innovative products. And overall I'm very happy with my C4 system. What I have a problem with is lazy engineering. C4 plainly just bought Neeo--made no modifications to the hardware--and released the same hardware with new software. The problem I have with that is that there are some serious flaws with the Neeo hardware--primarily the lack of backlighting and battery life. So yes. I think its a ripoff for C4 to charge more money for hardware that already has significant flaws and usability issues. My second problem comes with C4's lazy software development. They often seem to release incomplete products. The Neeo remote is basically a glorified T3. Except I strongly suspect it will be missing features that the T3 has. Primarily because none of the dealers (who I assume have access to beta versions) have corrected me yet.
  15. LOL. So we all now get the privilege of paying $200 more for the same hardware. Thanks C4. Correction: it depends when you bought it. Either $250 more or $130 more. Still--what a ripoff. Now comes the next part....What functionality is missing? Can you look at surveillance cameras?
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