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  1. Yes it works with any mqtt broker you need to configure zwavejs2mqtt on which broker it needs to connect
  2. Yes they are the same just depends on which platform you are installing it.
  3. I tried to force update the driver but its still on 1.12 where i can download fixed version?
  4. For Unraid i used the one that is in unraid app store just search zwavejs2mqtt, for home assistant there is addon developed by Home Assistant and its install from addons. Unraid https://unraid.net/community/apps/c/homeautomation?notTheDroidYoureLookingFor=d2JmamZlcHJ0bXZ1d3hzcGF5bWx1bGJvcXFlanJlamI%3D&q=Zwavejs#r home asistant https://github.com/hassio-addons/addon-zwavejs2mqtt
  5. I have one instance on Docker on unraid as a backup in case if i mess up my NUC or PI on which i run Home Assistant and diferent addons for my home, because i want to thinker with them
  6. I like to came up with the most complicated way to control my home zwave was connected to C4 via Vera but vera does not like the fibaro dimmers too much it is too slow if you control a scene, than i moved to native zwave on c4 for the dimmers but again the native zwave on c4 was slow and unreliable. In the meantime i used home assistant to translate some devices via http and mqtt to C4. Than i moved all my devices to zwavejs and i was amazed by the speed so now i’m using home assistant and node red to get states from zwavejs to c4 via C42WAY driver which accepts http commands in C4 and use generic tcp driver from chowmain to send http commands to Home Assistant. And just started to thinker with berto mqtt IoT gateway and etc drivers to see if i can simplify things. Back to your original question Home Assistant has a lousy ui and there is a lot of work to achive simple thing C4 has a great Ui that is why i’m using C4 plus i’m controling my AV via C4 p.s. I forgot i use home assistant also to expose all my devices to homekit
  7. It supports all kind of zwave devices and they are very fast, much faster than native zwave dongle of c4 with fibaro dimmer 2 and much faster than vera. At the moment on my zwave js network which i run with home assitant i have Fibaro Single Switch, fibaro Double Switch, Fibaro Dimmer, Aeotec Nano Dimmer, Aeotec Smart Switch 5 and 6, Aeotec Multi Sensor 6 and Trisensor, Remotec Zxt600 and 120 Ir transmiters for Split AC., Danalock Lock POPP Keypad, Qubino Single Relay, Heiman Temp and Humidity Sensor, Heiman Smoke Sensor, Zipato Bulb. I think that i didnt miss anything , beside mqtt there is also websocket api. https://github.com/zwave-js If you need someone for beta testing i’m available.
  8. Hello @david@berto.co.uk i’m using FGS-212 from Fibaro connected to a zwavejs2mqtt, the topic that this switch is using is z2m/Balcony/37/1/targetValue/set for control and z2m/Balcony/37/1/currentValue for feedback state. The payload is true and false only. So in mqttrelay driver im using z2m/Balcony/37/1/targetValue/set false and z2m/Balcony/37/1/targetValue/set true for control of the light and its working as expected. I tried http://www.chowmainsoft.com/relay-to-light connected to your mqtt relay and scenes - advanced lightning is working and the relay is controlled. But with your driver they are not controlled through scene - advanced lightning. best regards
  9. I’m using zwave switch connected via mqtt, the relay light is connected to mqtt relay, i can switch on and off the light manually but when input it on scene is not responding. If i manually activate the light the scene is reporting accoringly -active/inactive. best regards
  10. I”m device that is not supported by iot gateway and using mqtt relay connected to mqtt bridge to control the light.
  11. Sorry i was talking about this driver https://www.berto.co.uk/berto-relay-light not https://www.berto.co.uk/berto-iot-light
  12. Hello @david@berto.co.uk have you noticed that relay light driver is not working with advanced lightning scenes? When you put the light in a scene it is not controlled. one more thing, have you consider to develop an integration with zwavejs2mqtt? Since you already have zigbee2mqtt i believe it is not that much different. best regards
  13. The link for downloading IOT Gateway driver is not working. ..... Never mind i updated it through composer
  14. Most likely it will never happen.... the leader that is mentioned above is putting on the roadmap whatever you ask on the forum but i'm not confident that he understand what are people asking
  15. Also try to parse the TEMPERATURE_C to variable to see if its empty or if it gives a value, in the thermostata that i’m using the variable for current temperature is CURRENT_TEMP
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