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  1. Most likely it will never happen.... the leader that is mentioned above is putting on the roadmap whatever you ask on the forum but i'm not confident that he understand what are people asking
  2. Also try to parse the TEMPERATURE_C to variable to see if its empty or if it gives a value, in the thermostata that i’m using the variable for current temperature is CURRENT_TEMP
  3. Try Proxi id instead of device id
  4. You can use the following format ${DEVICE_ID::VARIABLE_LABEL}, it works i’m using it
  5. I’m interested for beta testing also
  6. I’m interested also, i run Unraid os.
  7. If device sends a value in some topic its possible, i’m doing this with zwave device. in programing chose when general message received set condition if topic is (topic on which value is sent) and pass the number value to a temperature display device. Maybe also you will need to play with variables to convert from number to float depending on what type of number temperature device is recieving. you will need to add the topic in properties in topics field and restart the mqtt bridge
  8. You need to add lock device from common devices menu and connect it to the zwave lock device from vera
  9. I dont have a lock in my system, can you post the code for the rest sensor from home asistant and also which variable are you pooling?
  10. You need to setup the rest sensor with scan interval... how often home assistant to query the value from control4. The driver is working on 3.2.1
  11. A little late but try this plugin in vera.... all of the virtual devices can be ported in Control4 https://github.com/toggledbits/Switchboard-Vera
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