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  1. Hey @South Africa C4 user, If your controller's timezone is +1 day to the timezone set on your mobile device, this can cause issues with displaying history properly. This is something that will be fixed in the future. It may not be the issue you are having, but could still be worth checking. Thanks, Brady
  2. If you haven't done so already, I believe there is a "Disable WiFi Sleep" setting in Composer for the remote that would significantly reduce this happening. It does come at the cost of off the dock battery time.
  3. If you have locks and sensors visible in the Living Room, you can navigate there while in the living room, select the "All" filter in order to see your door lock, then favorite the lock to the Living Room home screen. If not, you'll need to make at least one lock or sensor visible in that room so that you can you can get to the "All" view.
  4. Is the Yee Driver and the lights fully compatible with 3.0?
  5. Hi @South Africa C4 user I am a member of the Control4 iOS development team and while I can't provide any information about future releases, I can provide some insight into the change in app versioning. As part of our initiative on the mobile development team, customers will be seeing more frequent updates to the app. Because of this our app versioning convention will be different than that of the OS releases.
  6. Hi @OceanDad, I am a member of the Control4 App Development team. We are looking to get some more information from you on this issue. Would you be able to gather the log from one of the devices showing this error and PM them to me? Also, what is your setup for these iPads? Are they all on WiFi? What is the strength of the WiFi connection like in the areas where these are located?
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