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  1. Looking to play with some Unifi Cameras. is there a generic driver in c4 that will work? or Does anyone have a copy of the free Generic Fixed IP Camera located at: http://www.yatundev.eu/drivers/generic-fixed-ip-camera. I am not a dealer but would like to get a copy of it. Thanks in advance
  2. c4Iona

    Directv Now and AppleTV

    Can you do it with Roku?
  3. I have been playing with DirecTv Now on my apple TV as an alternative to traditional DirecTv and am wondering something. Is there a way for control4 to tune into a channel on DirecTv now on an AppleTV? Today I have a process where CNBC turns on weekday mornings at 6:30am along with the lamps turning on. I don't see a way to do that with DirecTv Now. Does anyone have any insight on this or is there a DirecTv Now driver out there that can be added? Thanks in advance!!
  4. c4Iona


    OK, I'll ask what everyone is wondering? Did you RTFM?
  5. c4Iona

    Temperature Sensor?

    You can attach a sensor to a c4 thermostat.
  6. c4Iona

    Wifi Cameras

    Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HOMscbV6IA
  7. c4Iona

    Epic Alexa Issues

    I had the same issue yesterday and this morning. I rebooted the director and I still had the issue. I looked and noticed I was on ver 104 and 110 was available on the site. I pulled down 110 and updated the driver and everything was working again. I did not do a re-discovery, just updated the driver. I am thinking that something got whacked out yesterday when I updated a bunch of other drivers in the system.
  8. I have been messing around with When - Then tonight. I like that C4 thought to add the ability to put motion sensors in the when section but they forgot to add a timer for then. Just giving my thoughts. As I tested it, I realized that my wife would get really pissed at me if every time she walked in a room the lights turned off on her when she stopped moving. IMHO, it needs to be: When no motion -- then after 15 (vairiable) minutes turn the X lights off.
  9. c4Iona

    6 rooms and six echo devices

    Ok, I pulled it down and an cooking with gas now. A question comes to mind. Since I would essentially have the same skills defined, is there a way to export the defined skills and import them back in so as to not have to re-add them back in the next five rooms? Maybe I am just trying to be lazy.
  10. c4Iona

    6 rooms and six echo devices

    I have the epic driver though I think It's the original one. I will reach out and request the update.
  11. When the echo first came out, someone posted a fairly detailed post about how he/she configured the echo so that the voice commands were the same in every room thus not having to denote the room name in the voice command. Can anyone point me to that post? I am unable to find it. If not, does anyone have advice or a whitepaper reference on how to integrate the echo into a multiroom c4 environment? I really would like to be in the living room and just say: Alexa, turn the lights on or be in the kitchen and say the same command there and the lights come on in the kitchen. Appreciate your feedback in advance
  12. c4Iona

    Wifi Cameras

    Yes, Blue Iris works with the nest cameras and then using the BI driver in c4 you can see your nest cameras. Here's the thing, in order to get the rtmp string, you have to change the camera policy on the nest site to be publicly available, You still need to know the url but in my opinion it's a security issue.
  13. c4Iona

    Yale Lock issue

    So this seems to be isolated to one door. The back door works fine. I changed the batteries last week but have just changed them again and will reboot c4 in case it's a zigbee issue. more to follow.
  14. I seem to be having a curious problem. We have a code for our son and our maids. The codes are no longer working for those two users. I have deleted the users from the system via the touch screen and re-added them but they still don't work. I also tried from the c4 app on my phone and the users still don't work. I also went in and changed my code from the c4 app and the new code worked like a charm. Anyone have any thoughts here?
  15. Has anyone written a driver to integrate Nest Cams into C4? I understand you can add them to Blue Iris but I am wondering if there has been any movement for direct integration. Thanks in advance.