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  1. Topfox

    FS: Leaf 6x6 4k Matrix

    Hey everyone. This device has been sold. Thanks for the interest!
  2. Hey everyone, Looking to see if there is someone who can help me out. Basically my installer installed one of my TVs to a HDMI port on my LU862 instead of a Balen port. Then they used 2 balens to hook up the tv. One at the LU862 and one at the TV. This resulted in the image going black ever 2 minutes, and of course now I can't get my dealer to acknowledge me at all. Is there someone out there who can remap this TV to one of my open balen ports on my LU862? I already have the wiring done and ready to go, and then do a recalibration on my LU862? Thanks
  3. Hey everyone, Recently upgraded to a Lu862, and added a new sunbrite tv to my system. However when I watch TV on the sunbrite, every couple of minutes the screen goes black (audio never stops) and then after a few seconds the image comes back. Doesn’t seem specific to an input, does it will all inputs. I noticed my installer used two Altona baylens that plug into a power source for this TV. One at the LU862 and one at the TV. I’m not sure why they didn’t use the LU1E, as I do have one. I’m guessing the issue is being caused by these Altona baylen boxes. Anyone else have any thoughts? Thanks
  4. Topfox

    FS: Leaf 6x6 4k Matrix

    Still available.
  5. Hey everyone, Just had some sat speakers installed and the poles are 18in in length. Them being so tall makes them a little flimsy. The specs say the pole is adjustable, but it looks like a solid pole to me. Does adjustable just mean you can bury it deeper? I’d like to drop them from 18in to more like 10in. Dealers never leave behind manuals..... Thanks Joe
  6. Topfox

    FS: Leaf 6x6 4k Matrix

    Hey everyone, Just upgraded my matrix to a new 8x8 matrix, and have my 6x6 now sitting on the shelf. Anyone interested? It would not include any balens. It is the LU642. I’d like to get 2500 for it. Thanks
  7. All, My dealer just swapped out my leaf 6x6 4k matrix for a 8x8 4k matrix. Unfortunately since the swap out input switches take about 10 secs of blank screen, before bringing up the new video source. With my 6x6 it was maybe 1-2 secs. Has anyone seen this before? My installer did call support and they really didn't have any ideas. Its definitely super annoying, and Id really like to see it get resolved. Thanks!
  8. I have an EA3 Controller and the LU642 matrix currently. The LU642 needs 4 LU1E receivers, as four of the outputs are Ethernet (receivers will convert Ethernet to HDMI), and then it has 2 direct HDMI outputs. I have 6 devices inputting into the matrix (4 Cable boxes, 2 Xbox One S). The EA3 Controller is basically the brains of the automation if I understand correctly, so Im pretty sure you will need on of those or a EA of some version. (Im a home user not a dealer.) For my home network, I just upgraded to GB. I don't run my own firewall, other than what is available on the FIOS router. The router I then have plugged into a Netgear 16 port GB switch, which then chains into a Netgear 32 port GB switch. The 4 receivers have straight Ethernet lines between them and the Matrix. They don't pass through a switch. The rest of my gear that requires internet access I have plugged into the Netgear switches. That's about it.
  9. Forgot to mention Im no longer looking for the 8x8. I was able to find one for a price I was willing to pay.
  10. I would be willing to sale mine once my 8x8 gets installed. Probably going to happen within the next 6-8 weeks once construction is done. Let me know if you want to make an offer on it. It would not include the 4 lu1e balen units though as I plan to reuse those with my 8x8.
  11. All, Currently have a LU642 and am looking to upgrade to the LU862 with downward mixing. Thanks
  12. My dealer is looking into mine. I let them know about the auto update driver as well. Thanks for everyones input!
  13. Topfox

    Video Wall Driver

    Dont know what they did, but shot a note to c4 customer support email and they logged into my system and fixed it up. Definitely like this driver. Perfect for my setup.
  14. yep just sent him a note and asked him to potentially look into that also