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  1. a lot more work, but I was able to get this working using Alexa Routines and a lot more trigger entries in the Alexa Driver
  2. When I do the debug I never see the Set trigger actually log. Should I be saying it differently? If I do Alexa Set TV to 10 it recognizes that, but for that I am using SET Value Number instead of Set Value String
  3. Still trying to actually get this to work however. Still can't get the Alexa Driver to swap inputs like I want. It will say I don't know how to set TV Cable Box 1 to that setting, when I tell it Alexa Set TV to Cable Box 1.
  4. And I just figured it out. Have to drag it to right on the ?
  5. Hey everyone, Been trying to play around with the Amazon Echo Driver from Epic Systems. Im trying to use the set command to basically choose the input for a tv. For example Alexa set TV to Xbox, or Alexa set TV to Cable 1. I created a listing of all the commands with a condition for each command, however it doesn't appear to be setting the command as a sub to the condition. See attached image. Im new to programming in C4, so if someone can give me a pointer that would be great. Wondering if I am either doing this in the wrong place, or if I am just missing a check box or something. Ive been able to get simple things working like Alexa Turn (On/Off) Lights. Thanks!
  6. Mitch was great and pricing was great. Definitely a good contact to hold on to for programming needs.
  7. I got someone to reprogram it for me. Once I dropped down the two baylens my installer put in to just the single c4 baylen that goes with the Leaf Matrix, everything worked perfectly. They stated they didn’t do that before because the c4 baylen kept overheating when placed inside the sunbrite tv protected cover. So I just placed it inside the ceiling instead.
  8. Topfox

    Renaming Devices

    which drivrer is that?
  9. Is the dealer the only way you can rename things? I have Composer HE, but it doesn't seem to let me rename things. Really annoying to have to get in contact with a dealer every time they spell something wrong and I don't catch it originally or I change my mind on how I want a device labeled.
  10. Topfox

    FS: Leaf 6x6 4k Matrix

    Hey everyone. This device has been sold. Thanks for the interest!
  11. Hey everyone, Looking to see if there is someone who can help me out. Basically my installer installed one of my TVs to a HDMI port on my LU862 instead of a Balen port. Then they used 2 balens to hook up the tv. One at the LU862 and one at the TV. This resulted in the image going black ever 2 minutes, and of course now I can't get my dealer to acknowledge me at all. Is there someone out there who can remap this TV to one of my open balen ports on my LU862? I already have the wiring done and ready to go, and then do a recalibration on my LU862? Thanks
  12. Hey everyone, Recently upgraded to a Lu862, and added a new sunbrite tv to my system. However when I watch TV on the sunbrite, every couple of minutes the screen goes black (audio never stops) and then after a few seconds the image comes back. Doesn’t seem specific to an input, does it will all inputs. I noticed my installer used two Altona baylens that plug into a power source for this TV. One at the LU862 and one at the TV. I’m not sure why they didn’t use the LU1E, as I do have one. I’m guessing the issue is being caused by these Altona baylen boxes. Anyone else have any thoughts? Thanks
  13. Topfox

    FS: Leaf 6x6 4k Matrix

    Still available.
  14. Hey everyone, Just had some sat speakers installed and the poles are 18in in length. Them being so tall makes them a little flimsy. The specs say the pole is adjustable, but it looks like a solid pole to me. Does adjustable just mean you can bury it deeper? I’d like to drop them from 18in to more like 10in. Dealers never leave behind manuals..... Thanks Joe