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  1. LollerAgent

    Keypad Dimmer

    So you would recommend just using the keypads without the dimmers in them since they are cheaper?
  2. LollerAgent

    iPad vs anything else

    What is your source for these?
  3. What did you replace the RA2 with? C4 lighting? Any particular reason why it was replaced?
  4. LollerAgent

    Pakedge vs other

    What is this supposed to mean? UBNT Unifi WAP's (recent generations) are rock solid. If they aren't, you are doing something wrong.
  5. LollerAgent

    C4 light switches over time

    Do you have Caseta integrated with C4? If so, there are associated programming costs with Caseta as well, right?
  6. LollerAgent

    C4 light switches over time

    RA2 Select can end up being cheaper because you can do the programming yourself (don't need to be trained, certified, have special software, etc). Of course you still need someone to do the C4 programming/integration. Last time I checked, RA2 dimmers were cheaper than C4 dimmers - but that could have changed, or I could just be wrong. I'm planning (at this point) to use RA2 Select in my new construction. It's easy to go RA2 Select -> RA2 down the road if necessary (just switch out the main repeater).
  7. LollerAgent

    C4 light switches over time

    Why was RA2 more expensive? Did you consider taking their course and doing the programming yourself (or using RA2 Select)?
  8. LollerAgent

    C4 Network

    Agreed. If you know what you are doing, and know how to properly isolate and configure routing (using L2 VLAN's, etc) - you can't really go wrong with Mikrotik (for routing, not L2 switching). It's affordable and can do nearly anything. For access, the Unifi switch+WAP combo is hard to beat as well. I may use a different brand of switch, but I won't ever use anything but Unifi WAP's these days.
  9. LollerAgent

    Analog RCA to coax out on EA5

    Which ones did you get?
  10. I was thinking the integration would actually be between C4 and the NVR, but it sounds like the integration is actually between the individual Pakedge IP cameras and C4?
  11. I guess these cameras would work with any NVR, though?
  12. Cameras, NVR or both as a package? Got a link?
  13. LollerAgent

    T3 with WallSmart or Not

    That looks good! What functionality do you gain with cameras using the C4 tablet over the iPad?
  14. LollerAgent

    Lutron RA2 Select

    Just an update here. According to Lutron [1], official RA2 Select drivers are now available for C4! [1] https://forums.lutron.com/showthread.php/3739-Ra2-Select-Control4-drivers?p=19927&posted=1#post19927
  15. LollerAgent

    T3 with WallSmart or Not

    Are you selling them? Do you have pics?