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  1. LollerAgent

    recommended C4 controlled PDU

    You'll need a SnapAV reseller. You may also check eBay.
  2. Got the part# of the full face hidden shelf? Good idea!
  3. LollerAgent

    recommended C4 controlled PDU

    Wattbox from SnapAV.
  4. Ugh - I bought one of their "signature series" racks for myself, and it got delivered only to find out the vertical PDU's (or vertical lace bars) aren't compatible with them. Pretty pissed about it, really. Horizontal PDUs in racks sucks - it eats up horizontal space and isn't great for cable management.
  5. LollerAgent

    Araknis Routers don't have wifi?

    Cool - I believe you, just don't have that issue here. Some older wifi clients can be pesky. I have also never used Araknis or Packedge (we typically use Unifi).
  6. LollerAgent

    Araknis Routers don't have wifi?

    I never use unique SSID's for 2.4/5ghz and I never have any issues (with or without band steering).
  7. LollerAgent

    Araknis Routers don't have wifi?

    Yeah - I think you have another issue. In your study, are your devices connecting using 2.4ghz or 5ghz? Try forcing one or the other to see if it gets better. You may have interference issues. I would ask your dealer to verify that your AP's are on the proper channels (clean ones) and also ask him to verify that devices in your study aren't trying to connect to an AP that is further away for some reason.
  8. Yep - you are on the right track! Using one Wattbox for UPS-powered devices and another one for things that do not need UPS is a good idea.
  9. LollerAgent

    Araknis Routers don't have wifi?

    If your study is close to your bedroom and the Wifi is spotty in the study - then something sounds a little iffy. When you say flaky, what exactly do you mean? The signal completely drops, it's slow, etc? Are there large solid walls in between your master and study? What is the RSSI (signal level) in your study (you can use a free app to determine this)?. I wonder if your laptops and other devices in the study are somehow connecting to a WAP that is further away? I don't know anything about Apple's router, but if you could turn it into "access point" or "bridge mode" only then you could possibly just use it as another AP. The best solution is to figure out why the range on your other WAP's are so poor (if it is actually as close as it sounds and you have "normal" walls, etc). Beyond that, I would look into adding another WAP of the same brand if you really end up needing additional coverage.
  10. The primary usage for a Wattbox IP controlled device is to allow you and your integrator to remotely reboot devices. If devices are not connected directly to an IP controlled Wattbox, you do not have the ability to reboot them remotely. Plugging the Wattbox into a UPS does not remove the ability to reboot devices remotely.
  11. You can plug a Wattbox directly into your UPS (it likely SHOULD be). Just measure/monitor your load accordingly.
  12. LollerAgent

    22 TV's

    Yeah - no Samsung for me. Too many failures.
  13. LollerAgent

    Unifi APs - difference in 2 models

    The nanoHD is the newest model. It's smaller than the AC PRO (it's the size of the AC-Lite). The nanoHD is 4x4 MIMO as well, compared to the AC Pro which is 3x3. Of course, you'll have to have capable clients to take advantage of this. My advice is to use the nanoHD's - especially since they are smaller.
  14. LollerAgent

    22 TV's

    Have you looked at any of the higher end Vizios - P and P-Quantum? If so, what are your thoughts? They are consistently highly rated by rtings.com.
  15. LollerAgent

    Missing Anything????

    Can you comment on how the LTS NVR (looking at the LTN8708K-P8) compares to Luma in terms of NVR local/mobile interface and C4 integration? If it's comparable, it looks like a good alternative.. it's smaller (1U vs 2U) and it costs much less. Ring Pro/Elite over Doorbird?