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  1. LollerAgent

    Network Video Recorder

    I'm personally looking at the Luma NVRs from SnapAV.
  2. LollerAgent

    SnapAV MIOP system

    MSRP on the controller is $399, MSRP on the receiver and transmitter is $799/ea.
  3. LollerAgent

    Cable label machine?

    Happy with it overall?
  4. LollerAgent

    Cable label machine?

    @Pounce Which did you end up going with? Shopping for the same thing and it looks like either the Brady or the Brother (Brady slightly cheaper?).
  5. LollerAgent

    Switched outlets for lamps?

    I'm in the process of planning electrical for a new construction and I have a rather general question about putting outlets on switches. In the past, I have seen electricians wire one of the two plugs in a single outlet to a switch which allows for lamps and things like that to be controlled via a switch. Is this still a thing? My electrician tells me he doesn't really see much of this anymore. It makes sense to me that I have some of the outlets on switches so I can control table lamps, etc from a smart switch (C4, Lutron, whatever). Sure - I could use smart bulbs, but I don't really want to go down this path for most areas in my home. I generally prefer lamp lighting (vs overhead) for several areas in my home, so I would prefer that some outlets are on switches. How do you normally go about selecting which outlets are switched? Do you typically only switch one of the two plugs in a single outlet?
  6. Maybe a stupid question - but what shades are you using with the Rollease motors?
  7. LollerAgent

    Somfy vs Lutron

    More devices (200 over 50), keypads, fan control, more advanced programming, more repeaters, Maestro style switches - to name a few.
  8. LollerAgent

    Alexa C4 vs Epic Driver

    See this for more information: https://www.control4.com/docs/product/alexa/setup-guide/english/latest/alexa-setup-guide-rev-a.pdf
  9. LollerAgent

    WTB T3 Pre/new-construction brackets

    Is there any reason to only use the metal over the plastic? Do the plastic ones cause the screen to be unstable?
  10. Do they sell these separately or do they only come bundled with the T3? I need them for my pre-wire, but not quite ready to pull the trigger on the T3's just yet. C4-NWB7-P C4-NWB7-M
  11. LollerAgent

    QMotion vs Somfy comparison

    Ok - yeah, I was curious if it was common for you to have to drill THROUGH the window frame or not.
  12. LollerAgent

    QMotion vs Somfy comparison

    Would you by any chance be able to snap a picture of where the CAT6 comes out of the window/wall frame?
  13. LollerAgent

    Centralized AVR with local video source(s)

    So - I think I'll just wire for both. I'll wire the local 5.1 speakers to the cabinet under the TV - but then provide a loop down to my rack. So - I can choose to either put the AVR local or stick it my rack. I'll also have CAT6 behind the TV and in the cabinet below the TV that can be used for both HD-BASE-T and audio return if desired. This will allow me to make the decision (or change my mind) down the road.
  14. LollerAgent

    Centralized AVR with local video source(s)

    By "cabinet" do you mean the cabinet under the TV or the rack in my basement where all of my other gear is? This is a new-construction, so I am free to run whatever cables I need now (and for the future). I can run HDMI from the TV mount location to the "local" cabinet - no problem. I'm going to do this regardless of how this "zone" is configured for local sources like gaming consoles, etc. I can also run CAT6 for HD-BASE-T from the TV location to my rack in the basement. I could possibly just keep the AVR local as well - I was just trying to save some cabinet space for my wife If I do keep the AVR local, I can still pipe it into my WHA audio matrix in the rack using CAT6 and a balun.
  15. LollerAgent

    Centralized AVR with local video source(s)

    Why are you running HDMI down to the rack if your sources are local? Are you using HD-BASE-T? Yeah - it would be similar doing 5.1. I would just be wiring speakers and sources into an AVR and not the matrix directly. I could then connect my AVR's Z2 ouputs into the matrix if I wanted to utilize the 5.1 zone for WHA.