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  1. LollerAgent

    FS: Kwikset & Yale Deadbolts

    Model on the Yale?
  2. IIRC, C4 only supports SMB1. Are you using SMB2?
  3. LollerAgent

    Spotify Connect playlist shuffle

    This is unfortunate. Hopefully C4 fixes this, otherwise the feature is pretty useless for me.
  4. LollerAgent

    Smoke Detectors

    The downfall with Nest is the price. It would have cost ~$1700 to put Nest detectors throughout my home. Instead, I opted for the DSC smoke's which integrate with both my DSC panel and C4 as a result. The downfall with DSC is that they are.. uggggly. Nest definitely wins there.
  5. LollerAgent

    Remoting into Director

    Meaning you have them disabled? Make sure you have it in bridge mode so you don't have any double NAT or other weirdness happening.
  6. LollerAgent

    Would you do it all over again?

    This actually made me laugh. No offense, but I wouldn't even consider doing business with someone who made this statement.
  7. LollerAgent

    Convert DS2 to Mini?

    Nothing functions exactly like the DS2 with the Intercom Anywhere app.
  8. LollerAgent


    The EA-1 PoE looks useful.
  9. LollerAgent

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    Does the Doorbird have to rely on cloud services? Can't it record locally to a NAS/NVR? What does it depend on cloud services for?
  10. LollerAgent

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    Which driver are you using?
  11. LollerAgent

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    Can we throw Doorbird in here too?
  12. Sorry to hijack - but how does one adjust the EQ of the newer Triad AMS matrixes?
  13. LollerAgent

    Smoke Detectors

    Guessing these would work for you: https://www.alarmsystemstore.com/products/dsc-fsa-410bt-smoke-detector-with-heat-detector
  14. LollerAgent

    2u Rack Fans

  15. LollerAgent

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Do I need a DS2 to take full advantage? What can I do with a Doorbird?