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room or all rooms off

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Hi all,

In programming is there a programming function to turn all items in the room off and / or to turn all items in a house off all at once.

Incan manually do this but it can be a ball ache to do for many rooms and to maintain when new equipment comes in....

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Do This for multiple rooms-   


That functionality isn't built-in to the software, but, you can create a macro with what you like and then execute the macro where needed.  Also, if you add new equipment, make changes, etc, there's only one pace you have to go to change programming.





EDIT:  You can programmatically turn a single room off, ie: Turn Living room OFF, Turn Master Off, etc.   However, if there are sources in those rooms that are available to other rooms and are in use, they won't turn off until they aren't being used anymore.


Hopefully that makes sense.

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Room Off for a particular room will turn off all A/V sources.  For lighting, typically a lighting scene that turns off all lights in a room is your best option.


Then, as mentioned, for a 'turn off house' routine, you would normally create a macro, that calls all rooms' "room off", then fires an 'all lights off' lighting scene.



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Any reason why there is no simple way to turn off all lights in a room with one simple command?  Or can you write code that does something like this:


For each Light in MyProject

   If Room = "LivingRoom:

        Turn Light Off

    End If

End For


I guess this requires Arrays, Lists or Collections that are easy to wrok with in this manner.  Do they exist in C4's programming language?

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