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Had NO idea it was out yet! ;)











If you're system is stable and without issues- and you are very concerned about possible bugs - don't update! Has nothing to do with what version you're on, or what version is out.

I've not noticed or heard about specific issues as of yet though.


Beyond that, 'just' updating is really only going to give you a new blinds interface and some quicker app connections.

That said a lot of new features are added that may be of some minor interest to you, here's a quick 'highlight' selection:

-New Experience button drivers allowing a lot more flexibility in certain circumstances, including where they show.

-Native Alexa integration (US only officially supported at this time)

-ZWave support (EA controllers only, will require a module, only 13 devices right now, this is NOT a universal ZWave integration)

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I was having issues after upgrading to 2.9 due to a contact not reading the proper state.  My dealer spoke with C4 Tech support and was told:

2.8.2 they gave a contact sensor half a second before they measured if it was open or closed.. in 2.9..0.. they want 10 milli seconds..  and for most contact sensors, that is simply not enough. as a contact sensor makes contact.. you get tiny sparks across  until it fully makes contact.. this is called the Bounce of a switch or contact..

so my dealer had to make some changes to the bounce rate, but now it seems ok

Just something to keep an eye on and I'll monitor the contact state to make sure it stays in sync.

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22 minutes ago, South Africa C4 user said:

That is interesting... all of my sensors linked to contacts with an inverted setting are not working... I wonder if this could be related?

think so, my sensor was inverted too.  my sensor was a Water Cop auto water shut off directly hooked up to the HC800

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4 minutes ago, drmark12pa said:

Just found out there is an update already now for the 2.9 release just released within the past few days.... has anyone updated to this 2.9.x version and if so what are the updates?

yes, i have updated to it, there are 2-3 fixes around dimmer/switches and some intercom fixes.

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30 minutes ago, drmark12pa said:

I was hoping for better Alexa response and at least confirmation of response to a command as it currently says, "that device is not responding" then the device actually does turn on/off, etc

That would not be included in a minor upgrade like this one. Understand that this new release is one that fully replaces the previous version - it no longer should exists on the servers. It's a 'fix' not an enhancement release.

Fixes are brief enough:

1 Fixes an issues where the firmware for APD dimmers (and keypad dimmers) could make the device fail

2 In some cases the update could cause corrupt driver bindings to get deleted without warning

3 Intercom could fail to provide audio from DS2 to T3 screens after 253 doorbell presses

4 Composer could erroneously pop up a message that online service were not available


PLEASE note that if you had 2.9 installed BEFORE oct5th you should not only have your system updated but have your dealer ALSO apply a PATCH to prevent issues with APD devices.

Also note that the updated version/fix wasn't RELEASED on october 5th - C4 just actively prevented any systems updated from the 5th on to apply the problematic firmware.

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Probably - best to have the patch applied just in case (it's what downgrades the firmware) and that can be done remotely.


Understand that the APD/KD issue is something like a 1 in 1000 chance of an issues and failing - so assuming you're fine because nothing happened may not be wise.

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