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Looking to create a visual indicator of whether or not an alarm is turned on and then enable individual to turn it on from that physical indicator.  Any ideas?  I was considering things like old school flip switches, buttons in the wall, etc..

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Find a place to put a color changing light, and then a keypad button to set.
I use a KASA strip in my garage that color changes and scheduled for garbage day as a reminder: green for trash, blue for recycling and trash. (we have blue recycling cans)

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2 hours ago, South Africa C4 user said:

I must say, my keypads are close to 10 years old and the LEDs and backlights on all of them still work great (as long as they are set up right).

I have it on record from C4 support that the current lighting equipment was updated circa 2014 I believe due to inconsistent backlighting on older models of the current gen devices.  It did not matter if you got new keycaps because they also changed that process in how they were made.  I have very ugly photos to prove it.

I've had 2-3 known dealers on this forum look at the settings and there is nothing wrong with them.  Other than the original DS1, this is my biggest gripe with C4 hardware to date.

5 hours ago, mtvanc said:

hmm how would I know?  it's about 6 years old

I want to say ~2014 a change was made in the hardware so you should have the newer ones


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