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  1. I ended going with the Dam-it flood sensors. I had Epic System Tech F/K/A Strongman Security install three of them one in the electric closet one in the boiler room and one in the bathroom in the basement. They integrated into the Control 4, and so far they have been working great. The only problem with them is they are battery operated with two AA batteries, so you have to check on them to make sure the battery is not dead. Another thing is once the sensor goes off, you have to pull the battery to stop the flood sensor light from blinking as that will drain the battery. I'm going the install the Duracell optima batteries in the sensors to get longer battery life. Please see the Dam-it flood sensor link below and Epic Systems Tech. http://www.candselectronics.com/products/zrg76barrfg5i293jg2riyk69cfbgb https://epicsystems.tech/
  2. Anyone get Kodi to work with Roku?
  3. I'm looking for a water defense leak system to integrate with Control4, so in case we have leak in the basement I will get a notification. I'm also looking to add another camera to the system and upgrade to OS3.
  4. So what Yale lock do I need to buy to work with control4? Do I have to get the lock from control4?
  5. If your zwave module can be removed, then you can purchase a zigbee module from Yale.
  6. What are the new features added to the driver?
  7. The cables are pulled and I have Atlona switch now https://atlona.com/product/at-uhd-h2h-88m/, but it does not support seamless switching. I 'm looking for a seamless switch with no blank screen/delay when switching between inputs.
  8. Can someone, please recommend a HDMI 8X8 seamless matrix switcher?
  9. Does your drive allow the video to show on the TV in picture in picture when the door bell is pressed?
  10. Has anyone had DoorBird pop on the TV in the picture in picture view when the door bell is rung?
  11. I'm an end user and would like to know if it's possible to do.
  12. Did anyone get this to work? So when the dB is pressed the picture will show in picture in picure on the TV?
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