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  1. Try this...cause i had some issues with the v103 driver and the only way to clear them up was this. Go to your network tab on composer, right click and disconnect the shield Go on the shield, go to settings and your apps, show system apps. Find the "Shield TV Rremote" app. Stop it, clear data and uninstall updates. Re-install "Shield TV remote" app/Update it Reboot Shield Once booted, go to connections on network tab in composer and drag the SDDP back onto your 'disconnected' shield device reboot the shield one more time I have 2 shields that stopped working with the v103 driver and this was the only way to clear it up
  2. II know this is old, I'm looking for a zxt30
  3. But control4 told you that up front. And if your av dealer didn't, that's his fault not control4s. You can't buy into a dealer controlled environment and then bitch about it being dealer controlled.
  4. so when launching kodi via the mini-app, it for some reason doesn't load it in the same 4k settings that i get when running it normal. any ideas?
  5. ha..i swear I tired that double tap..it does work! ---user error is there any extra documentation you have on irusb/shield/control4 as far as using other commands? other commands than qlaunch? can I set custom variables on my C4 system to code additional qlaunch commands? There are lots of other apps I'd like to quickly launch that aren't part of the stock commands and I only have 4 custom app settings on my c4. I have reached out to tablo regarding this as well. And yes, if I exit the tablo app using the home key, it does work, obviously just switches a bit slower. Trying to make it switch faster to switch between sporting events is the idea...
  6. Just got my irusb hooked up and working with my C4 system. Having an issue with a custom qlaunch command. The only app that has an issue is "tablo preview" app. If I manually start the tablo app and then press a pre-defined mini-app shortcut, everything works just fine. However, If i start the tablo app with via a shortcut (qlaunch) when I press another shortcut button, the tablo app keeps running in the background, the audio continues, the video does not. Then if i try to access the tablo again, I cannot. I ran the ADB and found the proper code to be "QLAUNCH android-app://com.nuvyyo.tablo#Intent;component=com.nuvyyo.tablo/.LaunchActivity;end\r:" not sure what the issue is, but would love some help. also, with IRUSB, how can you replicate the "double tap home button" command that you can do with the actual nvidia shield remote? accessing task manager would be nice thank you
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