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  1. C4 User

    iOS App Crashing

    Yes. Same thing.
  2. Everything is on UPS (everything in AV closet, all cameras, TP’s, shades, tv’s, etc.). Most items are plugged into Wattboxes and the Wattboxes are plugged into UPS’s. My music and av amps and pre-amps all shut down or lose power at 75% batter life, which is ok because generator will kick in before then. But all C4, cameras, shades, security would run for a long time on battery alone if it had too. The Wattbox has the ability to shutdown outlets based on remaining battery life. Each tv location in my house has a UPS outlet and those outlets run back to my AV closet and plug into a UPS. Make sure all power outlets in you AV closet are fed from the same leg in your breaker panel, and consider a 220v outlet for a larger UPS. Bottom line for me is nothing ever loses power or flashes.
  3. C4 User

    Missing Anything????

    With WIFI Calling on most phones these days, not sure why the need for Cellular Boost. And I know nothing about the Triad amps, but I have the AudioControl matrix amps and they are awesome. With these amps, you will not need a separate audio matrix switch. I also echo the call for more lighting. 10 years ago I installed C4 in a home theater. Within a few years, every switch in my house (over 150) were changed to C4. Current house is now all C4. It is amazing how comfortable you will get with automated lighting control, and from the size of your system, it looks like affordability is not an issue. So do it, and I guarantee you will not regret it. Enjoy!
  4. C4 User

    Small in ceiling speakers

    I have Origin Acoustic (D Series) speakers with two 16 channel AudioControl matrix amps. I love them. Sound is amazing at any level, whether background classical or blasting top 70’s and 80’s. But budget is well above the $150 price point. It comes down to listening preference.
  5. C4 User

    Shades again

    I have the zigbee Qmotion shades. No problems.
  6. C4 User

    TV ir dead

    Your new Apple TV issue is likely an IP issue. Make sure the Gen 4 has the same IP as the Gen 3 had.
  7. C4 User

    Qnap 251+

    If you by chance have an Apple TV in your system, I recommend you first try the InFuse app available for about $15 on the Apple TV. If you don’t have an Apple TV, you might consider it anyway. I was introduced to InFuse on this forum, and love it.
  8. C4 User

    Quote for audio set up....

    Really hard to tell. I put a lot more than this into speakers alone. I have Origin Acoustic speakers throughout, and love them; and AudioControl matrix amps. The matrix amps allow you to eliminate the audio matrix and put more money into the amps. The system is spectacular. My biggest recommendation, is to ensure enough speakers so that you have level or uniform listening throughout the house at background levels, which is how we use the system 90 percent of the time. Good luck.
  9. C4 User

    Weather station updates

    TexasBill, were you able to get an API or did you need one for weather underground? Thanks so much.
  10. C4 User

    Hunter Douglas Powerview

    Start by making sure the new hub has the same IP as the old hub.
  11. C4 User

    QMotion Shades

    I have the latest Qmotion Zigbee that are hardwired for power only. They have been reliable for over a year now. Just need to keep them on battery backup so they do not lose power and in turn lose upper / lower limit settings.
  12. Not sure what you mean by hold, if you mean Pause, my pause works.
  13. Mine works fine too. Play is play. Pause is pause.
  14. C4 User

    New Home - Framing

    Nice project and good input above. A few additional thoughts: - Conduit: instead of running lots of extra wires, I ran lots of 2” conduit from my server closet to each location I thought I might want to access at some point in the future. Truth is most I will never access again, but for a few thousand dollars, I have piece of mind know i can always add or upgrade my wiring to any location in my house. - Central Vac: not sure what brand of central vac you are going with, but we have hide-a-hose and love it. Just don’t skimp on the hose locations. We have garage, laundry room, master bath, and numerous thoughout house for easy access. - Server Closet Cooling: think about putting your server closet in an isolated area so you don’t hear it and adding it as a zone on your HVAC system. - HVAC: I just installed Carrier 5-speed heatpumps. They also have fully variable speed now, but my contractor talked me out of the variable speed. I love these units. Very quiet. Excellent temperature and humidity control. Very efficient. Most of time they run on stage 1 or 2. Rarely on stage 5. We have three units 7 zones. If I was doing over, I would put each bedroom and the master bath on their own zones.
  15. C4 User

    QMotion vs Somfy comparison

    So to be clear, the CAT does not run through the window frame itself. It runs through the rough-in window frame of the house that the window itself fits into. Hope this makes sense.