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  1. @alanchow I know you talked of a Full and Light version. I was wondering if its possible to Poll the sky box for a response, We have lots of problems with these boxes locking up and triggering a service call. It would be awesome if it was possible to ping the box and if no response is received to trigger you're Wemo driver to reboot the box. I have no idea if this is even possible but would be attractive to dealers to avoid in warranty service calls to pull the plug on a sat box.
  2. Flawless. The Chanel import is worth the cost alone
  3. a full and lite version is ideal. Its shocking the amount of service calls you have simple because a IR bug has fallen off.
  4. In for more info on this driver. like gary i have been waiting years for a RS232/IP driver for sky
  5. The best way out of this situation would be a Control4 Zigbee to IR kit, Sits behind the Tv and is powered by a 5V usb. Another option is these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Neet®-HDMI-Injector-Updated-location/dp/B00HR7LE4A/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1487966230&sr=8-5&keywords=ir+over+hdmi Have used them a few times and most of the time they have been perfect ( avoid the £10 bay kits)
  6. I was talking about a Matrix http://hdanywhere.co.uk/mhub-4k-4x4-matrix.html
  7. Installed a 4x4 4k HDanywhere Switch today. comes in at a RRP of £1000 and was a pain free install. Worth a look
  8. Its more about a route in to the network. Granted my knowledge or browsing habits are of little interested to China, however many people including stock brokers and big wigs of major companies could well be a different story.
  9. Agreed. On this very driver both v1.4 - Update HVAC state with new API changes v1.3 - Support for API changes Came as a result of my tickets and within 24 hours of bringing the issue to their attention.
  10. Inwall price drop to £400
  11. the best way I found to do this was with We-MO outlets ( or C4 outlets if in the US) hook up to the Tv power outlets Set up events in the schedule agent for bed time or home work time When --> home work time is triggered --> toggle outlet power to Off when --> home work time over is triggered --> toggle outlet to power On I found this the best to way total stop the customers kids from bypassing C4 and manually turning on Tvs
  12. Black 7" T3 touchscreen in as new condition 3 months old and replaced with a T3 10" Based in the UK RRP is £770, looking for £450 will also include free programming of the screen and any other small items you need doing. Thanks