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  1. Agreed. On this very driver both v1.4 - Update HVAC state with new API changes v1.3 - Support for API changes Came as a result of my tickets and within 24 hours of bringing the issue to their attention.
  2. Inwall price drop to £400
  3. the best way I found to do this was with We-MO outlets ( or C4 outlets if in the US) hook up to the Tv power outlets Set up events in the schedule agent for bed time or home work time When --> home work time is triggered --> toggle outlet power to Off when --> home work time over is triggered --> toggle outlet to power On I found this the best to way total stop the customers kids from bypassing C4 and manually turning on Tvs
  4. Black 7" T3 touchscreen in as new condition 3 months old and replaced with a T3 10" Based in the UK RRP is £770, looking for £450 will also include free programming of the screen and any other small items you need doing. Thanks
  5. do you guys offer a trail on this driver? getting fed up of waiting for Uk official integration. Thanks
  6. avoid the x51 series or anything with a ARM cpu. I run a TVS-671 and that replaced a 651. Plex transcoding is very CPU intensive and a I3 is rely the minimum I would recommend based on previous experience.
  7. No Im rely not. While I have worked in AV a long time, I originally learned to program control4 using a moody copy of composer that a friendly dealer had given me. However, for ever user, like yourself, who is the kind of person who could easily work out composer will be 10 users who will tie themselves in a knot and then scream from the rooftops how rubbish control4 is.
  8. yes , hence the reason it is done by pro's. I have been to a few "takeover jobs" and been shocked at some of the programming done by other dealers. I remember doing my dealer tech 2 training and thinking wow I didn't know that, after previously considering myself a knowledgeable tech. The thought of a untrained person messing around with composer is a worrying one , even something as simple as setting up a zigbee mesh can cause all kinds of hell and totally destroy the user experience if not deployed correctly
  9. The point you all seem to be missing is a control4 system is only as good as the person who programmed it. lets say 10% of this forums users are having issues with their system caused by poor programming and they start moaning and bitching on this and other forums. then a prospective control4 customer starts doing some research on a system he is interested in and finds lots of negative info from users. control4 employee this dealer model not to rip of customers or protect dealers, but instead to control the quality of the user experience. control4 is not a harmony remote that means you cant turn on a tv when things go sour, these systems go sideways your whole house is offline.
  10. Matt Lowe was kind enough to set me up with a trial for this driver. Big thanks to him. I am using this driver on a O.S 2.0 Tv so it has the start up delay, However even with this limitation I have nothing but positive things to say about this driver. I am a control4 certified Tech and a end user and I can honestly say from both sides of the table this driver is so useful. I love the Instant app launching and the ability to recover one of my serial ports I was previously using. However my Favourite Feature of this driver, is the Toast notifications. Discrete little pop ups letting you know what is going on around your home from the comfort of the couch. I Have been messing about with door bell integration for the rooms that are out of range of the door chime. I will be contacting Matt to upgrade to a Full licence in the next few days. It rely is surprising how much extra features this driver can offer over the very dull on/off commands of the stock IR/Serial drivers.
  11. Touchscreens as a Zigbee Node would be perfect, we often fit a T3 on the wall for music and a Sr260 for TV duties.
  12. any dealers? still looking to buy a licence.