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  1. annex⁴ - FREE Driver Development Ideas

    happy to help with any testing, Spent my whole weekend watching the stream and was impressed.
  2. T3 Touchscreen

    Not without 2.10. 2.10 added Navigation Agent that does what you want, with far less programming.
  3. annex⁴ - Doorbird Driver - FREE

    Maybe, These guys rely do take customer relations seriously. The wizard spent the whole weekend live streaming making a free driver and was happy to answer many questions and interact with the customers. Looking forward to our next Door bird install to test this driver out.
  4. CEDIA 2017

    Spotify has been added, but only Spotify connect. Disappointed
  5. CEDIA 2017

    Pro 2.10 up in dealer portal
  6. CEDIA 2017

    So far I can see, All on T3 New Communication Proxy display New Security Cam grid view
  7. CEDIA 2017

    OS 2.10 is live, Updating via Composer Express as we speak. Only info I have so far is HC300 is end of support and must be removed. Will update when I'm installed and have more info.
  8. annex⁴ - FREE Driver Development Ideas

    Any news on when the driver will be up for us to have a play with Thanks
  9. Wizard. Thank you for taking the time to do this, it was a great and very insightful. It was nice to see a Dev interacting with customers, both dealers and end users, Cant wait to have a play with the driver when it is released, based on what I watched on the stream I see revenues from the rival driver dropping. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and again thank you for your hard work and time.
  10. @alanchow I know you talked of a Full and Light version. I was wondering if its possible to Poll the sky box for a response, We have lots of problems with these boxes locking up and triggering a service call. It would be awesome if it was possible to ping the box and if no response is received to trigger you're Wemo driver to reboot the box. I have no idea if this is even possible but would be attractive to dealers to avoid in warranty service calls to pull the plug on a sat box.
  11. Flawless. The Chanel import is worth the cost alone
  12. SKY Q Driver?

    a full and lite version is ideal. Its shocking the amount of service calls you have simple because a IR bug has fallen off.
  13. SKY Q Driver?

    In for more info on this driver. like gary i have been waiting years for a RS232/IP driver for sky
  14. Use Coax cable to extend IR bud?

    The best way out of this situation would be a Control4 Zigbee to IR kit, Sits behind the Tv and is powered by a 5V usb. Another option is these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Neet®-HDMI-Injector-Updated-location/dp/B00HR7LE4A/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1487966230&sr=8-5&keywords=ir+over+hdmi Have used them a few times and most of the time they have been perfect ( avoid the £10 bay kits)