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  1. Chowmain Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

    Excellent news. Would also like to highlight the great customer service Alan provides, Had a small Issue with setting up one of his drivers and received support within a few hours
  2. XBOX in Rack

    Yeh insite, its such a simple yet great device/driver
  3. XBOX in Rack

    A slight side note. I Wholeheartedly recommend using Alan chows driver combined with a WeMo for a games console, It is awesome being able to grab a game pad and launch my whole system simply by turning on the Xbox.
  4. Amazon Fire TV Stick - Slow IP control

    Use the houslogix driver, It is true IP and much faster. As I said earlier the control4 driver uses ADB and ADB is just slow.
  5. Amazon Fire TV Stick - Slow IP control

    The slow response has nothing to do with the device. The driver is not a true IP driver and is rely using ADB to send commands to the fire TV, ADB is slow by default.
  6. Door Station Mini

    Would you be kind enough to throw up some pictures when its done. I am thinking about this for my own home, but all our customers opt for the full size version.
  7. Notification - Alarm Trouble Codes

    If I understand you correctly, you want a push notification when the alarm goes off but you also want it to inform you on what zone was triggered? A work around could be used, Bind the sensors to sensor drivers and program like this: E.G When Motion is detected in the kitchen >If alarm system is in alarm > send push notification " alarm in kitchen"
  8. Wireless Puck

    Check you have the correct driver, search the model number. had a similar issue when I installed some at home. Puck_dimmer_gen3.c4i puck_switch_gen3.c4i
  9. or use the "lock zones" feature on the matrix amp for this very situation. effectively turns the matrix amp in to a straight power amp.
  10. Unofficial ShieldTV Driver

    Does this give the ability to wake the shield from sleep and turn off day dream? Been trying to find a work around for my shield for months.
  11. annex⁴ - FREE Driver Development Ideas

    happy to help with any testing, Spent my whole weekend watching the stream and was impressed.
  12. T3 Touchscreen

    Not without 2.10. 2.10 added Navigation Agent that does what you want, with far less programming.
  13. annex⁴ - Doorbird Driver - FREE

    Maybe, These guys rely do take customer relations seriously. The wizard spent the whole weekend live streaming making a free driver and was happy to answer many questions and interact with the customers. Looking forward to our next Door bird install to test this driver out.
  14. CEDIA 2017

    Spotify has been added, but only Spotify connect. Disappointed
  15. CEDIA 2017

    Pro 2.10 up in dealer portal