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  1. I think I worked out what you did, and I've adjusted my setup accordingly. Should be less confusion from now on. It was 3-4 months ago now that I was looking at the setup, and I still swear there was an MSRP listing for other drivers, but maybe that's because I happened to be looking at YOUR drivers at the time. Mitch got me corrected.
  2. I've *always* said the price is MSRP. It's been my intent to have a lower price for dealers on the back-end... just trying to figure out the system, since I could have *sworn* there was a listed price for most drivers when I was looking on HL as an "end user"
  3. No arguments here. That's basically what I do in my software development business as well.
  4. And that's fine. If they take credit and charge a 3-4% up-charge, I see no issue at *all* for that. Nobody should lose money doing business, and I know the racket the credit cards are up to.
  5. I sort of get that. It's just not my personal philosophy is all, and I've been running various businesses since I was 18. I'm not saying anybody who DOES up-charge is evil or doesn't have the right to do so. I'm just saying that it's not something I would have thought to be standard practice. Obviously anybody selling anything at all can charge whatever price they can get and MSRP is "more a guideline than a rule". I'm also extremely financially conservative.... Going from $175 to $200 is a 15% rate hike on a sale that doesn't cost anything to procure, ship, store, or sell. Like I said... not going to fault someone for charging what they want to charge... just figuring out the lay of the land.
  6. Huh. Strange. It's not something I would have ever considered putting an up-charge on if I were in that business. Whatever. I'll go talk to HouseLogix and see if there's a way for me to separate MSRP listed on the website for end-user logins from the actual dealer's cost.
  7. So, I have a guy who's interested in getting my HomeKit setup. He talked to his dealer, and the dealer told him that he'd be charged $200 for my driver, because it's listed as $175 MSRP in HouseLogix, and that's what the dealer gets charged at checkout. So the dealer's tacking on a $25 up-charge. Keep in mind that this guy *already* has the driver installed. He only needs the HouseLogix license code. So the dealer's not charging for installation or setup or anything... the charge is just for forwarding the license email from HouseLogix. Is that customary? Do all you other folks up-charge your HouseLogix purchases to customers? I'm curious about what is considered "normal" before I go tell the dealer that I'm not going to give him a special coupon code, and go setup the guy directly.
  8. Varietas Software is pleased to announce our dealer program and showroom policy. We have partnered with HouseLogix to offer dealers one complimentary driver license for showroom/test purposes, and a 10% discount on driver licenses purchased together in quantities of larger than 5 units. The 10% discount will be automatically applied to your purchases if your shopping cart contains the appropriate quantity. Starting today, you can use the single-use coupon code HBSR100 at checkout to receive your complimentary showroom license. In addition, I offer a 10% discount on all hardware appliance purchases in quantities of larger than 5 units, and I would be pleased to provide a complimentary showroom/test *license* to my Raspberry Pi OS images, for those dealers than want to load up on their own hardware to test things out and showcase the capability. Please contact me directly for details on these. Warm regards, -Josh
  9. Correct. Although if you've been using the beta driver already, you likely have everything you need setup already and just need the released copy of the driver itself?
  10. There's all sorts of pressure activated contact-switch-style sensors out there. You could use any of those and wire them to a controller or wireless relay box.
  11. Fair enough... point being... I'm curious about making an actual experience button for something complex like HH:MM time, and might look into it at some point.
  12. I was thinking about an experience button for clock values just yesterday. Looking at the programming, I don't think there's anything really limiting that... it would just be a lot more complex and require more code instead of just images/xml changes.
  13. For me, it depends on what devices we're talking about. I use static allocations for fixed location devices. My router, TVs, controllers, anything else that's installed IN the house gets static IPs mapped. I also keep a list of MAC-assigned DHCP addresses for laptops and mobile devices. My static range usually runs .0.1 - .0.100. My MAC assigned DHCP range goes .0.101-.0.150. Then I leave .0.151-.0.254 as pure DHCP. That way I don't have to keep farting around with network settings on my laptops and mobile phones as I travel around, but most internal stuff stays solid.
  14. You don't usually *need* a bunch of drivers for these things. Folks around here seem to like the MyQ garage doors with C4 drivers, but any standard garage door can be integrated easily with C4 by using contact switches and relays. I got a $50 HC-500 from eBay and had it configured with 3 separate garage doors with no other drivers in a couple of hours, and most of that time was sweat equity getting the wiring run myself and stapling it all nice and pretty-like to the access hole I made to the garage attic where the HC500 lives. The Honeywell Vista drivers come built-into C4. You need to buy the security system home automation module, but that's not that expensive, and setup was pretty easy. Door locks that aren't C4 door locks won't work (there may be a few with drivers), but I'd recommend getting the actual C4-native door locks and then that's easy setup as well. The only one I don't have experience with is motorized blinds. Seriously... if you get Composer Home Edition, are decent with hardware and wiring yourself, and get setup with one of the remote dealers here, you'll likely be highly satisfied with the system. From what I've experienced, it holds itself together a lot more reliably than most of the "consumer-grade open systems" or DIY options.
  15. Yeah... if I move, I'm stripping all the switches and dimmers and I'll put all the "dumb" stuff back in as replacements, before I put it on the market, most likely. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll just use it as an excuse to upgrade to the latest hardware. Depends on what my wife will let me get away with. But at the moment, I'm hoping to retire in our current house, so it won't be an issue for a long while.