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  1. I just used the Clipsal legacy light driver as a "virtual switch" in my project, and used programming to tie it to "wakeup alarm" variables. I have a "wakeup" variable for each of my kids, and for the master bedroom. If either kid has "wakeup" on, then the master bedroom "wakeup" automatically turns on. If both kids "wakeup" is off, then the parent's wakeup auto-sets false. Those variables are tied to a two-button keypad in the kid's bedrooms and are used as enable/disable controls for automatically ramping the room's lights and turning on wakeup music in those rooms. All in all, pretty sweet. Now I just need to figure out how to tie into the kid's school calendar, so the programming can automatically determine when the kids are off and have no school. Unfortunately, I doubt there's any centralized data format for that information, so I can't write a cute little generic driver for it... although I could write one just for my own kid's school system.
  2. Just posted version 1.0.2 of the appliance firmware. For those of you out there who are beta testing my devices, just login to the web portal and click the "Upgrade" button. This new version prevents you from manually entering duplicate device names, and also corrects an issue (noted above) with door lock support.
  3. FYI, folks, I'm still here. Had to travel to NYC for a business meeting at my day job, so have been out of touch for a couple of days. I'm back now, so will be working to drive the C4 driver over the finish line and get it posted to HouseLogix and will be working to finalize the last couple of glitches in the appliance firmware.
  4. PM me and we can work it out. I'm guessing it's a special character in the name I didn't account for.
  5. For those following along at home, the last beta driver is scheduled to expire the day after tomorrow (the 15th). I have put together an updated driver that is functional until April 1. Scary, but arbitrary date. This new version auto-detects the Clipsal drivers that some folks have used for "generic programming". It also should auto-detect a few new dimmers (as dimmers) and locks. Yes I still need to add thermostats and blinds. I also updated the driver so that it *will not* output duplicate names during configuration import. This was causing lots of confusion and the appliance to not be detected by HomeKit. I still need to update the firmware in the appliance to disallow duplicates, and your can still manually rename devices to be duplicates, but if you just import the config from the director, any duplicates in Composer will now be auto-renamed with "Device 2", "Device 3", etc. The latest driver is here ->
  6. It's still on my plate. I have a couple private contracts I *have* to get finished off in Feb, so I'm a tad distracted just now.
  7. It's fine with me, although since the purpose of a beta is to help iron out issues I can't possibly see using just my own setup, I'd really like to figure out what was blocking Eddy's setup if possible. If not, having the unit in the hands of someone else who wants it and who will give me feedback is a valuable thing for me.
  8. Eddy.. I've been waiting to hear from you. I was working with Vince on another thing and had an idea. You didn't happen to have duplicate device names in your imported devices, did you? Vince ran into that. It freaks HomeBridge out. Giving the devices unique names fixes the issue right up and the appliance is then discoverable. I'm working on a software update that disallows duplicate device names, but for now, just manually making sure they're unique should do it.
  9. They have a native Apple TV 4 app now that's really slick. That's how I'm using it. It lacks the "Direct Link" support to open directly to the Tablo app, but I like the look and feel of Apple TV better. YMMV.
  10. Yep. I have Tablo and I love it.
  11. So traditional "dumb" switches are basically just that. Electrically, they close a circuit when "on" and open the circuit when "off". The fireplaces you have are using 1 of the switches connected to a low-voltage relay. Basically, when the two sides of the relay terminal are "connected" the fireplace is on. You could achieve the same effect by shorting the terminals with a screw driver. The blower is likely running off of 110 AC (at least, if it's like mine). The "dumb" switch does the same thing... let the AC through if on, no power if not. It gets "weird" with "smart switches". Control4 switches are designed as "powered" devices. They require 110 AC to them to function, and they pass that 110 AC through to the "load" wire when they're "on". In order to replace your two fireplace switches with C4 devices, you'll need to make sure that you have a "hot" (110) line, ground, and neutral in the box. You can replace your blower switch with a standard C4 switch. BUT (and here's the kicker) since the "on/off" relay on your fireplace MUST only close a circuit, you can't use a C4 switch there. The C4 "fireplace switch" is basically like the standard switches, but instead of the "hot lead", you get two "relay" wires. They were basically switch-driven relays, and you can still buy them on eBay every now and again. An alternative approach would be to put a 2 button keypad in the place of your "on/off" switch, and run the wires from your fireplace relay to the back of a C4 controller, then program the keypad to toggle the relay states.
  12. I do Microsoft too, but try to avoid it. I like embedded systems and control systems the most, but iOS and Mac work is where I make most of my living. Well, you don't really *need* my image, but if you want the nifty web configuration console that makes everything super easy, it's a steal at $50. You can download the image for a Pi3 here -> Just make sure to run the raspberry-config command after you load it up to expand to the full size of your flash drive. That's a compressed image. When you boot it back up, it'll be at the address http://homebridge.local. PM me for the default user/pwd setup, and to purchase a license for the web console, if you want it. My setup reads everything straight out of my driver. No configuration required. Click "Import", then click "Restart Homebridge". Done (in most cases). You may need to adjust some things in the config, but that's easy to do from the web portal. I'm still going through a beta period right now, trying to make sure I have as much "fully baked and ready" as possible. I'm adding specific C4 devices as my beta users inform me of what they have, so that I can have the most robust auto-configuration possible, with the least amount of user input required.