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  1. This driver doesn't pull HomeKit devices into C4. It pulls C4 devices into HomeKit. I support dimmers, lights, switches, contact sensors, garage doors, doors, windows, locks, thermostats, and security systems. You can also integrate other things using "dummy switches" and custom programming.
  2. In my particular case, the issue was diagnosed as a problem with having an HC-250 as the director. The Control4 employee who helped me indicated that running director on an HC-800 or any EA series controller would solve the issue. A secondary potential solution was to replace all older controllers (anything below an HC-250) with a 250 or better so that high-res audio would work and legacy audio would be disabled. I ended up upgrading to an EA3 as a director, and I haven't had any issues since. Sounds like you may be experiencing a similar problem, but not in the exact same scenario I was.
  3. I run Varietas Software and list my homebridge driver with them, but HL pretty much *never* provided support for my stuff, and I always maintain first-line support for my products when I can. It'd be nice to have a reasonably trained tier one service desk, but in my experience, there's nothing like the personal touch. If I'm flooded with support calls, that means I haven't done my primary job (delivering rock solid software). I try to make sure that *any* support call translates to improvements in the system so that further support for the same issue isn't needed. In the "real world" I know it doesn't always work that way, and there's always some level of support that's required.... but I feel I've done a fairly good job of keeping it to a minimum, in my case at least.
  4. Might be interested. How much you looking to get for it?
  5. I suppose they could introduce some stripped down features for Composer. I'm thinking licensing. I suppose if they made it available with a 4Sight subscription only then it would make sense. They sell Composer HE. They sell 4Sight. I don't see them doing something that would remove their ability to sell those products. On the other hand, they did away with that whole controller licensing model they originally had setup, so I could be pleasantly surprised. But I'd still wager that if they do allow this at some point, there will be some kind of charge attached to it, and the "real" Composer features will still somehow be limited to dealer only.
  6. I sincerely doubt it. It would go against Control4's basic business model.
  7. He's not kidding. His project is humongous. Thanks for bearing with me while I work out all the little device and driver issues. You've got a lot more in your system than I have to test with here, so your willingness to let me test things out with your stuff is quite appreciated.
  8. I put an explanation for this under another thread. Here's the summary: In iOS 10, Apple doesn't support stand-alone doorbells. Doorbells only function if a HomeKit compatible video camera is placed in the same room, or if the "doorbell" is a native video doorbell (like Doorbird). To get around that limitation, my driver includes a "non-working" video device in its configuration for the doorbell. The video camera doesn't work, but the doorbell does what it's supposed to. In iOS 11, the rumor mill says that Apple will be supporting stand-alone doorbells properly. At that point, you can tweak a setting in the setup to remove the camera, and it'll just show up as a regular old doorbell device.
  9. Very glad to hear that you're enjoying my work! For any of you out there that are happy with your setup and the capability it offers, I would greatly appreciate reviews on the HouseLogix listing for my driver. The more folks who give me positive reviews there, the more credibility I have that this is a working system. And of course, if any of you are out there and something isn't working right, please allow me the opportunity to get you fixed up. I support my systems 100%, and I'm sure I can turn your experience into a good one, if I have missed the mark somehow so far.
  10. Ok. That's definitely why, and easy to fix. I knew I'd done this for two folks, and I couldn't remember exactly what I'd set both of them to. My upgrade scripts handled the one setting I remembered installing, but looks like I missed yours. All the other devices out there will upgrade with no problems. Contact me via email and we can get your settings updated to match my release, and that'll be that. While we're at it, I can take a once over on the rest of your setup and make sure you're ship shape.
  11. Plenty of suggestions. 1) Validate communications - The new 1.6 driver has security in it. If you installed the new version, security should be disabled by default. Make sure it's turned off in both the driver and appliance to start with. If things are working, then you should see the Control4 driver version (1.6) listed in the web page. If you don't see that, it's not talking with the driver. Also, go to Composer and make sure that the driver license looks good and that the server status says "Running". 2) Verify setup on appliance - Unplug the appliance and plug it back in. Go to the web portal and see what it says. Refresh the page. The warning it's putting up there is because it's trying to adjust a web server configuration that needed changing to support larger numbers of Control4 devices. If you keep getting that message, then your internal config may have been adjusted already. Contact me directly via email and I can get that cleaned up for you. Most of my units shouldn't have this issue, but it's pretty easy to resolve.
  12. You'll also need a decent amount of low-voltage two-wire cable, as the leads in the contacts aren't too long, and you'll need to run wiring for the controller anyway.
  13. I'll post it here, as others might like them. Honeywell Ademco 958 Overhead Door Contacts These are what I used on my 3 door garage. They work great, and there's a few different ways you can mount them. I put mine on the top of the door, and ran the wire up along the ceiling through a whole to the attic, where the controller is. Our attic is insulated, so it's nice up there so no worries about heat problems. Then I ran wire from the garage door to the relays on the controller. From there a standard garage door driver linked to the relays/contacts on the controller does the job.
  14. I personally prefer good old fashioned sensors and either running wire to the controller or putting a spare (or cheaply purchased) controller in the garage. Bonus with the controller is you potentially get audio out in the garage too, if you ever do work out there. Simple garage door contact sensors are pretty cheap, and you can wire the relay on a controller directly to the same spot on the garage door unit that the wall button is wired to. Total cost for one door could be < $50 and it's directly integrated in Control4.
  15. Varietas Software is pleased to announce the release of version 1.6 of our Homebridge driver. This new version supports thermostats. In addition, for those folks using either our network appliance hardware or our appliance OS image, we now support secured connections between the driver and the appliance. This prevents unauthorized tinkering with your home by outside parties. Version 1.6 is available for download now, along with the updated appliance firmware and homebridge plugin.