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  1. Dash buttons on sale for Prime Day

    Here's a button template in Photoshop, with a layer mask. If you're familiar with Photoshop, you can just apply whatever you want in a top layer to setup your button, then merge the top layers down into the mask. Choose "preserve" when asked, and it'll auto-mask the button template against whatever layers were above it. There may be a simpler way to do this, but this works for me. button.psd
  2. Dash buttons on sale for Prime Day

    My Google-foo is strong. Here's another one -> You'll have to slog through a bit of German, but the download links are clearly labeled.
  3. Dash buttons on sale for Prime Day

    There's at least one here -> Download it here I've found a few others lying around, but I'd have to dig them up again. This one is a PDF, so it'd take some pretty hefty editing to make your own from it. I may make my own template at some point for folks to use.
  4. Dash buttons on sale for Prime Day

    There's plenty of templates out there. Most people just design their own using one of the templates and then print it on a glossy label paper using an inkjet printer. But if you want to go all-out, you could make your own template that has a whole ton of buttons on an 8.5x11 page and have a professional print shop print it out on glossy labels, which would look more like the quality that comes on the buttons themselves.
  5. Dash buttons are on sale today for $0.99 for Prime day. Combined with my soon-to-be-released Dash Button Bridge, these things are effectively $0.99 stickup buttons that can be programmed to do anything you want in Control4.
  6. Amazon Dash Buttons?

    I'm preparing a driver and just such a "productized" server appliance now. Nearly done with it. The driver will receive inputs from any number of named dash buttons, and you can program whatever action you want for them. The server is based off of my homebridge appliance. I already have all the components of the system working, and I'm just finishing up the web configuration portal (to make setup/management super easy). After some thought, the driver itself will be free. If you already have my homebridge appliance, the update that includes dash buttons will be free. You can either buy my homebridge appliance (which also lets you use it for HomeKit) for $225, or a stripped down Dash Button only version for $100. I also allow you to license the entire OS image of either for $50.
  7. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Right. The problem is that there are too many "options" that exist in the abstract concept of a "blind". It looks like the Control4 stuff "might" support "target position", for instance, but I can't see any way to control/set it in programming. In HomeKit, you can set any position from closed to open and in between (represented by 0-100), so I was looking for a way to check target and current position. It looks like most relay-based blinds only know about "up" and "down" and the C4 driver figures that out based on timing, which seems fraught with potential issues.
  8. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    I took a brief look at it yesterday. It looks like the C4 system only supports the "up" and "down" position for shades/blinds, and doesn't handle tilt/rotation at all? Is that right? If we're talking about the most basic shade function (traveling up and down), I might be able to get that in relatively shortly.
  9. Buttons, buttons, and more buttons!

    Also of interest... the setup I'll be using will support *any* dash button, not just the IoT buttons. So if you don't mind having a "Huggies" label that you need to put a sticker over, you can get buttons for $5 from Amazon and repurpose them, rather than waiting 1-2 months (IoT buttons are backordered) and paying $25 for the IoT version.
  10. Buttons, buttons, and more buttons!

    So, I've seen several posts and had a few private discussions about Amazon's Dash Buttons. As has been noted previously, the "out of the box" IoT button is not suitable, because it only works through Amazon Web Services (extra charges) and since it posts data outside the home network, there's no good way to post those events back INTO the network (outside of IFTTT). I have started looking, and I believe it's feasible to hijack Dash button presses with my homebridge network appliance, and route those events directly into a Control4 driver. No external network required. Just stickable button goodness. I will be offering this feature as a free add-on to my appliance firmware. The "Dash Button" driver will be $100 MSRP, under my current thinking, and will support an unlimited number of Dash buttons.
  11. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    You can kind of do that now, it's just not as elegant as a truly native HomeKit solution would be. The basic idea is that you create a HomeKit room that represents your AV system and then add a bunch of virtual switches to it, using something like the Clipsal Legacy Relay Light driver. Then you use programming on the C4 side to set the switch states appropriately and react to HomeKit changes. Because it relies on C4 programming and lots of virtual drivers to represent system states and remote buttons, it's a lot more work to setup and maintain than I'd like, and I don't recommend it to the general public, but it is possible. I continue to hope that future releases of HomeKit will actually include AV capability, beyond just the "speaker" representation added in iOS 11 (which only allows volume control).
  12. WTB: C4 Compatible Deadbolt

    Looking to purchase a C4-integrated deadbolt. Anybody have something lying around they want to get rid of?
  13. Apple iPad Pro 9.7", WiFi + cellular 128GB, Space Gray

    I'm potentially interested. Price?