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  1. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    It’s listed in the driver properties on Composer.
  2. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    I haven’t really looked all that closely at this, but it’s possible Apache needs several processes to run. It’s also possible the node stuff under the hood is using Apache dependencies. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.
  3. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Yep. Most of that stuff is discrete audio. If you see a percentage in the volume display on C4, it should work ok.
  4. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Not quite. HomeKit makes the generic concept of a “speaker” available. Apple used that for volume control or the HomePod, but it fits for anything that provides discreet volume levels (can set to specific % and receive feedback on current level). If your room setup can only do “volume up” and “volume down” and doesn’t report current %, it probably won’t work. But for those of us with discrete room volume levels, it should work out nicely. Basically, there will be a new “device” in the room that represents the room’s volume level, and you can use that to turn it up and down.
  5. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Well... unfortunately, there’s a limit on how quickly new devices can come out. HomeKit has a limit on what’s natively supported and Apple only updates once per year. The “big change” this year was support for speakers, so I can add support for room volume control eventually. Unfortunately, my day job has been kicking my butt and I haven’t had time to play with that yet, after keeping up with normal support duties.
  6. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    You can actually update homebridge from the web UI just as easily. But I generally figure that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. If there’s something you need to correct, or some new feature you need, go for it. But mostly I tend to just leave it alone.
  7. HomeKit/Homebridge Driver Version 1.12

    I don’t know that I’d do it on a regular basis. But when I release a driver update or when you make changes to your project, yes. Shouldn’t hurt anything. The import does a merge of what you already have and what’s on the director.
  8. HomeKit/Homebridge Driver Version 1.12

    I’ve seen that happen a few times, where the auto-update driver doesn’t pick up a new version. That’s a HouseLogix thing. You may have to uninstall and then reinstall the latest copy from my website (or from HouseLogix)
  9. Realtime Event Webhook Driver

    I'm actually working on a project that would be that "better solution"....if I can ever find enough spare time to finish it.
  10. I know it's been a while since I released an update. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things on my projects again. I'm happy to announce the release of version 1.12 of my driver. It's now available for download via my website and on HouseLogix, and will also auto-update for those of you already using the HouseLogix system. Changes are: Version 1.12 Added support for fireplace switches Added support for radiant floors Added support for fountains Added support for pumps Added support for generic relays Added support for electronic gates Updated event registrations when appliance requests device list, so a manual "refresh devices" action is not required. You can still update registrations from the driver actions tab, however.
  11. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    No... it’s probably just a permissions or location issue. If you want a hand getting it installed, send me an email and I can get it installed for you and you can probably take it from there.
  12. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    You will need to edit the underlying homebridge configuration files to include the setup that the qmotion package requires. They should provide an example of what options are needed. Just be sure to leave the rest of the file formatting alone. If you get something super screwed up, I can always help out.
  13. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Yeah... unfortunately, not so much. I can pull C4 stuff into HomeKit, not the other way around (at least not yet)
  14. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Give it a try and let us know how it works! Worst case, it should be pretty easy to revert back out if you don't like how it behaves.
  15. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    No, there shouldn’t need to be. I saw this happen one other time when an upgrade went weird. Most times it just corrects itself and uses an accessible temp directory instead. If you’re having issues post-update, PM me and we can get you sorted out.