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  1. hank31980

    Migrating from EA-1 to HC-800?

    Thanks for advice. We will see what happens.
  2. hank31980

    Migrating from EA-1 to HC-800?

    Problem is that I was looking for an Onscreen display in the main TV room & in addition wanted an Audio feed from Control4 system also into the Surround Sound Amplifier in the same room. So I was thinking of HC-800 to replace the EA-1 for the whole house as it is still a good controller. Then reuse the EA-1 in the Main TV room, to supply Onscreen Navigator to the TV, Audio in for this Audio Zones Surround Receiver & local IR/Serial for devices. However, question is, would it be possible to use Migrate Wizard to do this from an EA-1? Or Does existing EA-1 project have to be downloaded to HC-800, then everything like IP & Zigbee etc have to be re-identified once again?
  3. As the EA-1 is a meant for a 1 controller project only, I was wondering whether it is ever possible to Migrate an EA-1 based project to something else, like a HC-800 or EA-3? The limitation I assume is that the second controller to be migrated to, cannot be added to the system, based on the fact that an EA-1 can be the only controller allowed on that system? Thoughts & advise please.
  4. So has anyone got any ideas?
  5. No change as I am aware. The options seem to be; Driver reprogramming from some clever person that can edit the existing 2n Helios driver to correct whatever is not functional for the 2n vario integration. Alternatively maybe add a new HTTP command driver to the existing C4 project & program the Open/Close commands (Relay ON/OFF) from Control4 system to 2n Vario device. Otherwise anyone who has this fixed please come forward with advice.
  6. hank31980

    2N Helios Door Station

    What do you mean by Online & Offline? Call active/inactive or Network status?
  7. hank31980

    Network connection for T3 Tabletop

    Did you get it sorted?
  8. hank31980

    HC-250 MicroSD card problem?

    HC-250 - Network Reset Unplug power Hold down Link\ID\Identify button Plug in either Mains cable or POE Network cable. Hold link\ID button until Data and Link lights come on solid together (they will only be in this state for a couple of seconds). Let go before those lights turn off. HC-250 - system recovery to the factory default image To restore the HC-250 for on Insert the end of a paper clip into the small pinhole at the back of the device;. Press and hold the Factory Restore button for about 5 to 7 seconds. When the Orange LED starts to blink at a faster rate the recovery process has started; then release the button. This action starts the recovery process. I guess from the fact that your is constantly Blinking Orange, then maybe your unit is stuck in this Factory Restore cycle.
  9. hank31980

    Control4 Intercom between Touchscreens Down?

    After accepting that the Upgrade to 2.10.1 had broken the Intercom, and just put it down to one of those things, collateral damage etc. Well now, as if by Magic, my Control4 Intercom is working again? I don't know what fixed it? Up to yesterday all the Ver2 Touchscreens were displaying "Intercom Initialising" in RED letters! The T3 Touchscreen saw everything else as OFFLINE, so nothing was talking? When I think of the things that I did recently, I did another Reboot again yesterday on both my HC-800 & the auxiliary HC-250 controllers. All Control4 Intercom appears to be working now, so not sure what has actually fixed it, but glad to have the functionality back?
  10. hank31980

    HC-250 MicroSD card problem?

    What is your issue Doug? There are various steps to take to try diagnose what is and isn't working & maybe get things going. First of all a couple of questions; Is the HC-250 connected to your network via Wifi or hardwired to the RJ-45 port with an Ethernet CAT5/6 type cable? Can you see the HC-250 anywhere on your network, is it visible on your router as a device? What indication LED's are lit up on the front of the Unit? There is a Factory Restore button at the back of the unit, but be aware all of your existing network, house configuration & configuration software would be lost in this action. Regards David
  11. I have recently updated from a stable 2.9.1 version of Director. I felt that my hand was forced into the upgrade, following the debacle with updates to the Napster driver & subsequent problems then using TuneIn. I am now running I was checking things over tonight & at some point I seem to have lost the internal intercom which i used to have between my Control4 Touchscreens. i have these dotted about the house. All worked well before this round of updates I think. All Touchscreens are still identified in the project & have the same IP addresses. Anyone figure what might have happened to my Control4 Intercom? Is it to do with this recent version update from 2.9.1 to 2.10.1?
  12. hank31980

    TuneIn Down?

    Its a pity that the update/patch cant be triggered from the Tune-in App on the Touchscreens etc. but it looks like its a dealer task to either fix it on 2.9.1or update you to 2.10.0.
  13. hank31980

    TuneIn Down?

    That's correct, for you with a HC-300 in the system 2.9.1 is the limit. Everything was fine with my system until yesterday when this Napster update happened. Now on 2.10.0 & all is working again. I'm not sure if it has to be done a Dealer or whether someone at Control4 Tech support can add this fix remotely to your system or what? Not even sure what the actually software patch involves. Good luck with it.
  14. hank31980

    TuneIn Down?

    Updated to 2.10.0 & issue has gone away. I guess for people on 2.8.2 or 2.9.0 or 2.9.1 it is something that needs a fix unfortunately.
  15. hank31980

    TuneIn Down?

    I have the same issue. I'm running the new Napster Driver, but I think since this was installed, the Native Tune-in has now Broke. Whats needed a new Napster version again or reinstall Tune-In driver? Currently the System is running 2.9.1. If I were on 2.10 would this not be an issue?