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  1. I have recently updated from a stable 2.9.1 version of Director. I felt that my hand was forced into the upgrade, following the debacle with updates to the Napster driver & subsequent problems then using TuneIn. I am now running I was checking things over tonight & at some point I seem to have lost the internal intercom which i used to have between my Control4 Touchscreens. i have these dotted about the house. All worked well before this round of updates I think. All Touchscreens are still identified in the project & have the same IP addresses. Anyone figure what might have happened to my Control4 Intercom? Is it to do with this recent version update from 2.9.1 to 2.10.1?
  2. TuneIn Down?

    Its a pity that the update/patch cant be triggered from the Tune-in App on the Touchscreens etc. but it looks like its a dealer task to either fix it on 2.9.1or update you to 2.10.0.
  3. TuneIn Down?

    That's correct, for you with a HC-300 in the system 2.9.1 is the limit. Everything was fine with my system until yesterday when this Napster update happened. Now on 2.10.0 & all is working again. I'm not sure if it has to be done a Dealer or whether someone at Control4 Tech support can add this fix remotely to your system or what? Not even sure what the actually software patch involves. Good luck with it.
  4. TuneIn Down?

    Updated to 2.10.0 & issue has gone away. I guess for people on 2.8.2 or 2.9.0 or 2.9.1 it is something that needs a fix unfortunately.
  5. TuneIn Down?

    I have the same issue. I'm running the new Napster Driver, but I think since this was installed, the Native Tune-in has now Broke. Whats needed a new Napster version again or reinstall Tune-In driver? Currently the System is running 2.9.1. If I were on 2.10 would this not be an issue?
  6. Help needed. I have a 3 Panasonic TV's in the house. Living Room One off Panasonic TX-50DX800B - This integrates perfectly with Control4 system and is the reason why I purchased the other two TV's for bedrooms as they shouold integrate just as well. For each of these TV's I have 2 Watch Options available; Panasonic TV (via Antenna) Panasonic TV Apps I can switch between these no problem via Control4 Watch menu. Bedroom1 & Bedroom 2 Two off Panasonic TX-40EX600B - By experience so far not as good with Control4 integration. Once again I have 2 Watch Options; Panasonic TV (via Antenna) Panasonic TV Apps So from a Room Off condition I can select either Watch Option 1 or 2 no problem. The TV comes on, Channel Change, Volume, Navigation around menus etc works perfectly. However from this point I cannot get the other Watch Option to work? I have found that I have to select Room Off and then start again, by selecting the required option. So if I just want to Watch the TV I select Watch Panasonic TV & hey presto it works. But if I then decide to change to now watch Panasonic TV Apps (to maybe watch Amazon TV) the Watch Option doesn't seem to work. I am forced to do a Room Off then select Panasonic TV Apps? Anybody have the same issues with the lesser Panasonic TX-40EX600B and the Control4 Driver?
  7. sonos play1

    If you were on tight budget then you could go for Control4 Speaker point (probably second hand from ebay) and then get it networked via a Plug in Home Plug type device. Not ideal or high end, but it does work. Ideally though you would take a network cable to the Amp which could be mounted near to the Wall or Ceiling speakers. Oh you would also need a Mains voltage supply for the Speaker Point power supply. Alternative is to somehow get Speaker cables all the way from a Control4 Amp or Control4 Matrixed amp. Otherwise, go with new triad devices as described above.
  8. sonos play1

    I don't have Sonos, but I think you need certain hardware to make this work. First of all you need a Sonos Connect (or Connect Amp) device at the Heart of your integration. This Sonos Connect would need to be hardwired Networked and would then act as the Gateway between Control4 & Sonos Play Speakers. Then you would add the Play Speakers, Soundbars or whatever Sonos products you have to the different rooms in the house & get this all added to your Control4 configuration. The Integration itself in Control4 works well I believe, but is quite limited, in that you are limited to simply activate up to 50 Favourites from your existing Sonos setup, where a favourite could be a Radio station, Playlist or whatever. Once playing in one Sonos Audio Zone you can easily Add different Sonos Zones to that choice of Audio via Touchscreen, iPhone, programmed pushbutton etc etc. However, not sure about adding to Control4 Amp zones? You would surely have to take an Analogue Output wired from Sonos directly to your Control4 controllers Analogue input or Control4 Audio Matrix or Matrix Amplifier for it to be played in Control4 Zones? To actually play the same Audio as could be coming out of your existing Control4 Amplifier, I assume that you need to be feeding an Analogue Stereo signal from the Control4 system into the Play device itself? Not sure if this helps, but they are my thoughts. Maybe other contributors can back me up on this or put me right...........probably the latter.
  9. I have integrated a Texecom Premier Elite 24 panel into my Control4 system. To the basic alarm panel, I have added a Texecom Com-Wifi module, to allow the Panel to connect to my Network. I reserved a fixed IP address on my router for this. I used the Texecom Premier driver, which was available on Control4 Composer to integrate this with my Control4 system. I added each Zone PIR as a Motion Sensor in the system, so that I can trigger events like activating lighting scenes etc. I can set my alarm from my Phone, or C4 Touchpanel etc. It works well, no problems so far.
  10. Wireless Music Bridge - Output Volume Question

    Speaking to a dealer friend it looks like its the Sharebridge Driver that has the capability to ignore Airplay stream volume, but I don't think WMB has that option available, so a software limit may be the only way to get around this.
  11. Wireless Music Bridge - Output Volume Question

    I think i will try & connect the WMB direct into the Amp. That way I guess I cut out the middle man which is the HC-250 to see if any different. Then as per your suggestion, I will look to try the WMB without the Volume control functionality. I cant see any setting available via the Web Interface for the WMB, just network stuff like Wireless SSID etc. I assume it is a setting in Composer that has to be ticked/selected? Thanks again for advice.
  12. Wireless Music Bridge - Output Volume Question

    So what is the best way around this? Does it help to set a default Volume for the room? Is it just that I need to start the Airplay stream from the iPad/iPhone, then set this devices output volume to say 40% or 50%, then after the stream starts, I would have to select the C4 App and from there select Listen/"Wireless Music Bridge" option to then control the Amplifiers Volume up or down from there?
  13. Wireless Music Bridge - Output Volume Question

    I assumed that was just to limit sound on the Earphone jack socket? Rather than messing around with this max volume level on several Airplay source devices, is it then best to limit the Output Volume of the WMB via Programming, i.e. If WMB Output Volume rises above 50% then Limit it to 50%?
  14. I have a Control4 HC-250 Audio Out connected to a Surround Sound Receiver and when streaming Napster & Tunein music services from the HC250 the sound is good. Adjusting Volume control from the Control4 App adjusts the volume control of the Receiver. No problems. However, there is also a Wireless Music Bridge as part of the system, who's Audio Output is connected directly to the HC-250 Audio Input. Streaming an Airplay a source to the WMB results in the Room's Audio automatically changing to the new Airplay stream. The problems start when I try and use volume levels on the source device over about 50%, things start to go wrong. The Sound Output from the Amplifier starts to sound distorted & overdriven. Is this a configuration issue on my system? Should I be able to set a Source volume of 100% and then just control the volume on the Amp? Any suggestions welcome.
  15. Control4 - Sonos - Seamless Integration?

    Thanks again for all of your answers. I agree, there are no obvious issues apart from the aforementioned limitations. Its an option now though, and for a small installation I can see it’s quite an attractive one. Next is to try and hook an Echo Dot to see what it can do.