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How can I read the outside temerature and use it in a program?


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I'm wanting to build a higher level of smart into how I manage the HVAC system in my theater.


Currently, when I turn on the theater, my program blindly checks to see if the room is above 75 degrees and if so, assumes it's summer (and hot), and activates the C4 thermostat AC with a setting of 71 degrees.  Pretty lame.


What I'd like to do it make a decision based on the real time outside temperature, so if its 75 in the theater, and 73 outside, I don't really need to turn on the AC.


When I use the C4 PC app, it shows the outside temp, and to my eye, it's accurate enough.


Is this temperature usable in programming, and if so, where do I find in in Composer HE?

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There is so much programming you can do using a weather station actually at your site, for example I close the garage doors automatically, but I do it sooner if it is really hot or cold, raining, or the wind is above x.  Closest internet readings to me are many miles away.  It is a little work to get setup and a cheap weather station is not super reliable (YMMV but I'm a little over two years in on mine and it is great except it doesn't detect rain currently).  But its something to seriously consider.

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Can you integrate Weather Underground's API into this?  I bought a relatively cheap weather station and it is hooked up to Wunderground.  So I can make calls and get JSON formatted weather data for the station, or any other station once you have an API key.  How would you integrate this into C4?


My station also reads Solar Radiation so you could use that to take actions based on the strength of the sun - like closing blinds.

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