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19 hours ago, South Africa C4 user said:


It's a setting... As soon as you go over a certain number of posts (300 now, I think). You become a guru...

Welcome to the club!

Thanks glad to be on board, but if the club ever gets scored I guaranty you I'm the weakest link

13 hours ago, Gary Leeds UK said:

I`m trying to become Control4 Jedi !!!!!!

You can do it. Compared to me you're a Senior Jedi !!!!

12 hours ago, sally said:

I used to be a C4 Guru.  Now I'm just a humbled end user.  :wacko:

You are my idle

11 hours ago, Cyknight said:

14 more posts.

Maybe I can transfer 14 of my posts to sally and sally can become a Guru and I can be where I belong "a humbled end user"

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21 hours ago, Cyknight said:

Only 7 to go back down - as long as you quit posting :lol:

So if I make a deal with the devil and give away 7 I can never post again. Oh, after tonight will have to up the deal to 9

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