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Set light level with on button


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I have a dimmer bound to keypad that controls a kitchen light. I want hit the on button (light or keypad) to turn on the light at 25%. Then if I hit the on button (light or keypad) again while the light is on, the light goes to 100%. My programming has lead to endless loops. Any suggestions?

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I wrote a blog post about doing exactly that kind of thing a while back: http://www.c4cookbook.com/recipes/2015/9/20/setting-lower-light-levels-at-night

The gist of it, for your purposes, is you set the preset level to what you want, then any time the light itself turns on, you change the preset level to 100%. When it turns off, you reset it to 25% (or whatever). Those changes are tied to the light on/off events, so that it doesn't matter how the light is turned on. I then combine that with variables for different levels at different times of day and get lights that always turn on at an appropriate level and can always be turned up to 100% with a second tap.

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Wow, Mr Donohoe, your C4 cook book article is amazing. I never would have programmed my lights so perfectly without your article. Nor would I have known that so much was possible; different levels based on time of day (kudos). Please add more recipes as your easy are another's (me) not even thought of. Thank you. What's your first name, I like to address friends as friends?


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Thanks for your kind words, Kevin. My first name is Brendan. I've got a short list of articles I've been planning to write since I wrote that first one. Just need to find the time!

One small note I need to add to that article: when the schedule runs to change the light levels between day/night mode, I check to see if the light is already on. If it is, I don't change the level. That leaves it set so the next tap will go to 100%, but turning the light off will still reset it to the lower level. It's a little thing, but it makes the behavior work the same 100% of the time.

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It is a very effective way. Most reliable. There is a few other ways to accomplish this.


1. Hire some to do it for you. (Easiest) (not cheapest) ;)


2. What complexity are you looking for? If it is completely the way described then this is the only way.



Happy Automating!

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