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  1. if they use the Camera Compatibility driver for an unsupported you can see live feed in composer.
  2. i only use them. no issue and work well. i also use the pico remotes for volume control in some rooms. Keep in mind there is a 50 device limit, also you will need the PRO hub to connect to control 4 not the one they sell at home depot.
  3. thank you. the ip driver is ok. i find that if you get to a cretin part of the settings menu its stops working
  4. when do you issues the command? on room power on/off?
  5. I'm looking for a dealer to purchase this driver. thank you
  6. I was thinking the same thing. Have it show an Android logo if using anything other than an fire tv
  7. they have a driver for it https://www.jtechdigital.com/media/blfa_files/control4.8x8._AVSwitch.c4i
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