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  1. check to see if the device is still the ip. maybe it got reset to dhcp
  2. i could not get it to work also. i just downgraded the os and back to using the classic interface. How to downgrade. you will loose recordings! 1.) Go into Menu- Help- Reset to Defaults- Repeat Guided Setup- Select 2.) Press Thumbs Down 2 times (NOT 3!), now press Rewind 2 times, Now press Select (not Enter) 3.) Tivo will immediately go to that right arrow screen, then screen blank, then you'll get a message letting you know that the rollback process has begun
  3. your ip is wrong in the screen shot. and your pinging
  4. its a normal sata drive. i can no confirm if it has to be the same size drive. i have replaced the sd card on a hc250 with a larger one with no issue. pm me your email so i can send you the img.
  5. i think its a 16 GB ssd. look at the label on the ssd to the right of the cmos battery. i made an img my hc800 SSD if you need a copy.
  6. the new version is missing the send discovery button is this normal?
  7. Set and scheduled event to start the Roomba and turn on a lighting scene. Then set a second one to turn off the lights when done. I sent mine to turn the light off after an hour as it takes about 50 min for my clean cycle to finish.
  8. if they use the Camera Compatibility driver for an unsupported you can see live feed in composer.
  9. i only use them. no issue and work well. i also use the pico remotes for volume control in some rooms. Keep in mind there is a 50 device limit, also you will need the PRO hub to connect to control 4 not the one they sell at home depot.
  10. thank you. the ip driver is ok. i find that if you get to a cretin part of the settings menu its stops working
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