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  1. How about iPhone and Android App navigators? Can they use the H264 stream?
  2. I have Amcrest cameras that have both H264 and MJPEG streams which work fine. I have a new doorbell cam that only has a H264 stream. Can this work with Control4?
  3. thegizzard

    Amcrest Driver Relased

    Great thanks!
  4. thegizzard

    Amcrest Driver Relased

    Any luck fixing motion detection?
  5. too bad Navigation agent doesnt work on tablets....
  6. thegizzard

    2.10.1 Released

    In OS 2.10.1 the cameras are small on the infinity edge touch screens. Is that right?
  7. thegizzard

    Tapatalk iOS login issue

    Same here on Android. Its annoying.
  8. thegizzard

    2.10.1 Released

    No Global Cache Wifi2ir. http://a.co/iIxNmT1
  9. Is it possible to trigger an even based on the contents of a shared folder changing? I am trying to trigger an event based on zoneminder dropping camera jpegs in a shared folder. If there is a more simple way to tie into zoneminder events I can also try that.
  10. thegizzard

    2.10.1 Released

    All good. I found a couple of unused Wifi2IRs that will do the trick.
  11. thegizzard

    2.10.1 Released

    Question. I know HC-200s block the 2.10 upgrade. But can they be added back in after the upgrade for IR control only?
  12. thegizzard

    Spotify Connect in 2.10

    Does Spotify Connect work with an HC800 on 2.91? Nevermind.. i see it does not.
  13. I am using Annoucements to send a Doorbell Camera Snapshot to my Navigators. Is there a reason why the image is only taking up 1/4 of the screen? Can someone tell me how to show the full screen snapshot? Otherwise, can anyone assist on how I can switch to a camera feed in programming?
  14. thegizzard

    Recommendation: Door Bell / Camera

    Just an update of what I have working now. I have a Hikvision Doorbell Cam (RCA Variant). It connects to the mechanical chime, so all good. I also have a GE Motion Detector by the Door. So I just created an announcement which plays a chime when someone is on the front port (motion detector range). I am also running ZoneMinder so it was pretty easy to grab a jpg snapshot via URL from the doorbell cam and add it to the announcement. So now Sonos mutes if playing, the announcement (chime) goes off in all rooms, snapshot pops up on all navigators, and sonos resumes if it was playing. Pretty sweet. All this because I wanted to avoid paying ring $3 or $10 / month to see doorbell history videos. I am much happier. Also, there is no lag on the videos. And no "having trouble connecting to Ring" message 50% of the time.