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  1. thegizzard

    Amcrest Driver Relased

    Checking in. ETA on this fix?
  2. thegizzard

    Doorbell Ideas

    I have a motion sensor on the porch that plays a chime over speakers. The doorbell plays the chime in the house with the mechanical doorbell. It's good enough for now.
  3. thegizzard

    Clare/ Hikvision Doorbell

    Is an NVR needed so that you can get an HDMI out for your TV or Matrix? The doorbell doesn't have MJPEG so it's can't be viewed on the older navigators natively.
  4. thegizzard

    Clare Video Doorbell V1 and V2

    Can you tell me what the difference is between these two doorbells?
  5. thegizzard

    Tapatalk iOS login issue

    The issue is with C4Forums. I contacted Tapatalk support and this is the response I got. I see the problem... That forum updated to the latest software version, but they need to update their Tapatalk plugin as well in order to be compatible. Once that is done, your problems will be no more. An email notification has been sent to the forum owner about this. Chris Tapatalk Support
  6. How about iPhone and Android App navigators? Can they use the H264 stream?
  7. I have Amcrest cameras that have both H264 and MJPEG streams which work fine. I have a new doorbell cam that only has a H264 stream. Can this work with Control4?
  8. thegizzard

    Amcrest Driver Relased

    Great thanks!
  9. thegizzard

    Amcrest Driver Relased

    Any luck fixing motion detection?
  10. too bad Navigation agent doesnt work on tablets....
  11. thegizzard

    2.10.1 Released

    In OS 2.10.1 the cameras are small on the infinity edge touch screens. Is that right?
  12. thegizzard

    Tapatalk iOS login issue

    Same here on Android. Its annoying.
  13. thegizzard

    2.10.1 Released

    No Global Cache Wifi2ir. http://a.co/iIxNmT1
  14. Is it possible to trigger an even based on the contents of a shared folder changing? I am trying to trigger an event based on zoneminder dropping camera jpegs in a shared folder. If there is a more simple way to tie into zoneminder events I can also try that.
  15. thegizzard

    2.10.1 Released

    All good. I found a couple of unused Wifi2IRs that will do the trick.