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Denon Video Input Switching to CD

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TL;DR My Denon receivers are changing to the wrong input whenever I try to watch video.


Ever since my system upgraded to 3.4, I have been having an odd issue in all three video zones which have Denon receivers. For reference, A/V for the zone is set up as Roku/Comcast/etc. -> AVPro Axion 4 video matrix -> Denon CBL/SAT input -> TV; Denon CBL/SAT -> speakers. Audio-only (not video) sources for the zone are set up as EA5/Axion 4 stereo audio/etc. -> Triad AMS16 -> Denon CD input -> speakers.

When the TV turns on, the Denon goes to the correct input for the video matrix (CBL/SAT). After about two seconds, the Denon switches to the CD input, which is used only for audio and doesn't actually have a video connection. Likewise, if I use a Roku mini app to change from one streaming service to another (e.g., Netflix -> YouTube TV), the Denon switches to the CD input, even if it was already on the correct CBL/SAT input. It is the same behavior when switching from one Watch source to another. Basically, whenever the video source changes, the Denon switches to the CD input, and I have to manually change it back to CBL/SAT in order to watch video. It is the same case for all of the video zones.

I have looked everywhere I could think of in Composer HE and can find no programming that would cause this. I seem to remember many years ago a previous dealer added programming to change the audio input to CD when listening to music through C4, but that was only on one of the three zones, and I believe that programming has been deleted because I can't find it either.

The only way to prevent this problem is to have the dealer remove the CD input in Composer Pro, but this means that I can't listen to audio-only sources in that zone.



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You need to fix your pathing/bindings because you have multiple paths for the audio to get there.  Surprised that this is just now showing up.  What version were you on before the upgrade?

And or get the AV Path Setter driver installed for each of these rooms.

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He was on 3.3.3 before I upgraded to 3.4.  Shouldn't control4 choose the digital (hdmi) path over analog? I don't believe you should have to use the path setter driver for this scenario because it should (and did before 3.4) choose the hdmi path over a secondary analog path. 

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Quick check.
Change the receiver to blu ray or something else. Turn the room off.
Select the Watch Netflix, monitor the receiver, if it goes to the proper cable/sat input and then jumps to CD, there's some programming somewhere else causing it as Control4 won't do 2 input changes on it's own for one event.

Likely it's on Room Control driver or Room Level programming - when source changes if it's xyz then change to CD.

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It does happen that stray progarmming survives. Rare, but not impossible, after deleting.

C4 tech can clean a project if needed, alternatively, you can have Ari re-create the theatre room, copy any connections and drivers as well as programming 'manually' (ie don't drag them over, add them fresh) and once done delete the old room.

How involved that is will vary of course....

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100% this is routing logic issue introduced with 3.4. I have had the same issue on multiple projects with AVRs. You can use AV path setter drivers to fix the issue or tell the AVR to switch to the correct input when a video source is selected. Either way it is annoying to deal with.

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