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  1. Looking to purchase (2) Axxess Contact Sensors. Color doesnt matter Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  2. In my case this contact sensor has no issue reaching the controller because I have multiple C4 light switches in a room that exits to the backyard, and is in close proximity to that gate. As for this Contact Sensors outdoor IP rating... I think in my case, the fact that the sensor is buried in the fence and is not directly exposed to the elements, I've had no issues over the two years it's been installed. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  3. I used this one: https://www.axxind.com/smarthome/contact-sensor/ The toast popup is handled via the Annex4 LG driver. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  4. I have this working with our backyard gate using a Contact Sensor from Axxess. In my case my fence is Vinyl so it was easy to insert the components inside the post making it pretty invisible unless you're looking for it. As for programming... A simple open and close with a toast popup appearing on the TV's and an E-mail sent for good measure. If the gate stays open for more than five minutes, the light switches colors are changed to red just for good measure. Although the gate auto closes, I decided to go the extra mile just to make sure our dogs don't get out by mistake. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  5. The problem, and im using the term "problem" loosely here, is that I have three boys who over the years we've acquired a number of consoles consisting of: (1) PS3 , (1) PS4, (1) PS2, (2) Nintendo Switches, (3) Xbox 360, (1) Xbox 1s, and (1) Nintendo Wii U. It was so much easier when the twins shared a room but that went out the window a couple of years ago. It would be great to centrally locate the community consoles and just switch it to the room who wants to play it. The alternative would be to either puchase additional consoles ( not a fan of), or for the kids to go and get the console and set it up in their room every time they want to play it. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  6. I'm a fan of both the Nvidia shield and video storm but I'm not sure the solution as characterized makes total sense. For instance, if I'm using the nvidia shield as a decoder for Video Storm, it's more than likely that I'll have one at every TV. If I then have an Nvidia Shield at every TV, therenis no reason to switch that stream because Gforce now, and / or Stadia would be local. Also... Lets keep in mind that Stadia is not slated to work on this generation of Shield hardware, so we are really just talking about; Steam, Gforce Now, and Epic, from the nVidia Shield as it stands today. Now...if someone can figure out the console matrix switching with the controller distance, most likely via a wired connection in order to get the input latency down and the correct correlation with the correct console, then I would be eternally greatful. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  7. My last post got tide to the wrong response. I would like to investigate the experience button. It sounds easier Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  8. Very true. However... It depends on what you want to achieve. By putting an arbitrary timer you run the risk of prematurely shutting the fan off before it has properly vented the bathroom. Or... In some cases, like in my home, someone is showering during the day and doesn't put the fan on. But like you said, it saves you 200.00 but you loose functionality. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  9. If you have the occupancy sensor with Humidity option you can check the Humidity when someone comes into the room. Check the status of the Light / Fan. Check the occupancy of the room. Check humidity when the value changes setting a threshold as you trigger for on verses off. You can use occupancy Plus humidity value to decidewhen to turn the fan on / off. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  10. Usually any camera adhering to the ONVIF standard. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  11. Thats a great point. I failed to mention that piece... In my case, I have the VideoStorm Netplay app running on the Nvidia Shields which allows for the PIP or multi-Screen or whatever your heart desires to be seen. In actuality, if you wanted, you could actually add the individual cameras as sources instead of the NVR. But thats a personal preference. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  12. I currently have this working in my home using Blue Iris as my NVR and Video Storm for the source (IP Camera) switching to Nvidia Shields, which I use at every TV as my Tuner (HDHomeRun), Netflix, Amazon, Kodi, etc... This setup minimizes input switching, allowing for Picture in Picture with no interruption to what is currently being watched. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  13. One thing you can look into is the Hikvision driver offered by Annex4. It looks like it offers direct camera control, as well as indirect via the NVR. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  14. Looking to purchase: (2) axxess contact sensor - White Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
  15. I just ordered from Titathink a tt526pw which is a 1080p water proof security camera to augment my other camera's around the house. The tt526pw is super small and supports RSTP and onvif. In my case I will integrate with C4 using Blue Iris as my NVR video storm matrix for the switching. And because I use the Nvidia Shield PIP with Netplay TV works great. In my house every TV has an Nvidia Shield running Netflix, HDHomerun, Amazon, kodi, etc... So Picture in Picture, and any Toast Pop-ups via Annex4 LG driver never interrupts what we're watching. And... Using Blue Iris for all of my camers; with zone triggers setup, if someone goes from the street to the driveway to the walkway, Blue Iris will send Control4 (Ryan's HTTP driver) a command which I then use to switch the camera of my choosing, in this case the door Camera, to any TV that is on. Cool thing about this is that you dont have to wait until someone rings the doorbell. Because of the blue iris trigger essentially you've been watching them walk up well before hand. Sent from my LM-V350 using Tapatalk
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