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  1. ROBLOX is written in lua My kids have already started learning lua because of that. So for me that was really awesome... and for all the reasons Ryan already said
  2. Ah! sorry about that. Yes i can add that in tonight. Are there any others?
  3. You can only bind one serial device at a time. What are you trying to do? if you need to have many devices talk to one serial you will need to make a cloud driver and connect via bindings or another in bound function. Good luck!
  4. Note: Card access/Control4 wireless relay devices are line powered only. the contact sensor is battery powered. Thanks!
  5. Try this version. So, Control4 decided to change the c4z file name of the card access devices (from cardacess_ to control4_). I've updated this and added in Axxess. Let me know. Change log (has not been posted to houselogix server btw)  Version 1003 (5.2017) Added support for escaped characters in the name Added extra verification of 0 or nil value variable returns. Example: yale Doorlock initially transmits 0 level. Driver will now wait 5 minutes then ask again. If it’s still 0, driver will notify user of low battery state Added support for these devices axxess_contactsensor.c4i axxess_motionsensor_MS-C4ZB-11.c4i axxess_doorbell_DB-C4ZB-11.c4i cardaccess_sensorbridge_ZGB20.c4i contact_cabridge_water.c4i contact_cabridge_micro_dws.c4i control4_wirelesscontact.c4i Thanks! battery_agent.c4z
  6. What devices do you have that use batteries? I thought we captured all of them but may have missed some of them.
  7. I thought that was the case ;). You have to broadcast labels from an existing keypad to the it100 for it to know what the zone names are. (*8, installer code, *, 998, * to broadcast labels). The It100 is like a keypad in the system, the keypad needs know the labels for the Control4 system to 'know' the zone names. Hope that helps. Cheers!
  8. Hello, The driver is available via the houselogix store. Pricing is available there to registered dealers. Thanks!
  9. Zone names have to be downloaded into the driver for them to work
  10. ours does this already?
  11. It's added in the new versions already... also there is a custom trigger added in in case we missed a battery decice
  12. The other Dsc drivers do a bit more than the free one
  13. Yeah, we wrote it for a job we had 25 waters sensors. What a PITA to do all the emails correctly! This allowed our guys to setup battery notifications very very quickly. Thanks!
  14. Now available: Battery Agent! Automatically monitor all battery devices in a Control4 project with automatic emails! Installs in a little as 2 minutes! Features: Monitors battery levels of Sr250, Sr260, Sr150, Card Access Equipment, Nyce Equipment, Kwikset, Yale, Black&Decker, Control4 thermostat, QMotion Shades, C&S (Dammit) Water Sensors. Has 'smart-notification' algorithm that will only notify the customer either in the morning, afternoon or evening of any low battery events. No more 'late-night' texts or alerts. Handles all the communication and event monitoring. Sends separate emails or text messages to a Service department or Customer. Support for Critical and Low Battery events Supports Cinegration Trial and Showroom License. Enjoy!
  15. Savant HDMI and Audio Switch Drivers with 2 way feedback Allows full control with 2 way audio and video switching for the Savant HDBaseT and Audio matrix units. FEATURES: - Full integration with Control4 - Cinegration Showroom license support - Cinegration Trial license support - One license for both audio and video drivers - Status, source and output information and adjustment via Drivers properties REQUIREMENTS: Savant SLN-3220 or SLN-88BT Driver is provided by Cinegration LLC. All rights reserved.