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  1. Garage Clean Out

    Bumped to change and add pieces
  2. Pioneer AVR and RS232

    Any Samsung driver should yield the same ON OFF and INPUTS.....
  3. Pioneer AVR and RS232

    OMG.. OMG why? Samsung codes have been the same forever.... just use an existing driver..... You are making it way harder than it should be....
  4. Pioneer AVR and RS232

    adaptor may be specific to control4. youll never know until you buy it test it and waste several dollars and hours. You need to know the pinout for the new piece and check against the pinout in the dealers knowledgebase. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Oh maybe that's it..... native C4 announcement.
  6. Mine continues the same song playing..... I do a conditional that says that when doorbell pressed, and if office is playing....wait 15sec (length of announcement) then issue a play command to my Sonos 1..... Doorbell rings, announcement plays, sonos pauses and then my music that im listening to continues.... same song and everything. You guys dont have the same luck....??
  7. Im on 2.10 still rocking Sonos 8.1.3 and Favorites 8.1.3 and I seem to have full control over everything with my Sonos Connect. Fingers crossed that is still works for a while....
  8. Garage Clean Out

    Cleaning out some extras. (1) Wirepath WPS-100 DVR 8 channel DVR $70 (2) EA1 processors $300 obo each (NIB) (1) HC250 processor $200 obo all plastic on unit, never powered up out of box, with all cables. SOLD (1) Control4 AMP108 8 zone amplifier NEW!!! Make an offer (1) Luxul XAP1230 (1) Brightsign XD1030 (1) Onkyo TXNR-414 AV Receiver (1) Sonic Wall NSA 220 Network Piece (2) Control4 Ipod dock 30pin connectors (1) Control4 Garage Door kit with 2 contact sensors and 2 relays SOLD https://dealer.control4.com/Images/Downloads/473d2ce1-9f8e-c0b4-3408-5570beb52ee5.pdf Various Control4 SR250 remotes for parts. (1) Adcom 5802 amp (this is a heavy solid awesome beast) Selling on Ebay also $800 (1) Elan Z300-301 amplifier (1) Niles AC3 Brand new (1) Niles MSU440Z IR controller Shipping to be paid by purchaser. Thx
  9. Try these: Smart Hub 08 22 0d 00 00 8C 3D Netflix 08 22 0d 00 00 F3 D6 Amazon 08 22 0d 00 00 F4 D5 Art Mode On 08 22 0b 0b 0e 01 b1 Art Mode OFF 08 22 0b 0b 0e 00 b2
  10. C4 gear...a variety of items

    So how much for 2 (6) buttons black/white 1(2) button and the speaker point.
  11. C4 gear...a variety of items

    Old style or new style, can you PM me some prices....could use a 2/6 button and maybe the speaker point for a Halloween decoration add on...
  12. Power Outage and Lighting

    12volt power supply hooked through the contact closure plugged into a non battery backup outlet... Power out, contact closure shows open, check if time of day is between 7pm and 3 am if so then turn landscape lights on Seems like a lot of tinkering to have lights out for 1 night, but thats only my 2 cents.