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  1. nawty

    Garage Clean Out

    Added some switches, and updated prices.
  2. nawty

    Control4 clear out.

    Fan controls, outlet dimmers, newer style dimmers
  3. If you have heos players in each room. no need for zone matrix amplifier if you want Heos Links for each source into the zone matrix for the rooms thats good too. that would allow you to pick which player played in what room or combinations of rooms Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Only the X3400H and above can stream audio from all inputs (HDMI, optical, coaxial, and analog) to other HEOS devices.... below that only analog will pass to other HEOS.
  5. Just got my new HEOS to replace my SONOS connects.... added all drivers, and when I added the select HEOS drivers I lose skip function on Pandora. When I select HEOS Player, which I didnt hide yet, I can select HEOS/PANDORA/A-Z and select my play choice... and then I get it.... but from the Pandora(Heos) which I labeled it.... I can select what I want to play and see (By Date A-Z and New Station) at the bottom when im done.... What is the best way to add this to my system? If I select HEOS Endpoint, I can walk through the whole thing.... Arrrrghhhh help please!
  6. Have your dealer long in remotely and find the IP address in driver, that he put in to control the TIVO. Then you can go into your Tivo in the Network settings and change it on your own to match what he put in. Depending on how you knowledge of networking is, this may be quite easy. https://support.tivo.com/articles/Features_Use/How-to-Configure-Network-Settings-on-your-TiVo-Device Pay attention to your subnet and default gateway when you go into it, when its on DHCP. It will be something like this for example Ip address: subnet: and default gateway at (or could be a or others) Change your IP to something high up like and keep the subnet & gateway the same. Good luck.... IMHO it should have been static in the first place.
  7. nawty

    WTB: Used HC250 or EA1

    PM sent
  8. nawty

    Garage Clean Out

    no it doesn't have a remote
  9. nawty

    IR always on

    And is your IR going through the balun? That is how mine are and the naughty power supply that acts up introduces noise into the balun and makes my IR buds light up. when I power cycle the balun it goes away. I was checking to see if yours were wired the same....
  10. nawty

    IR always on

    Do you have baluns in the system? and are you sending IR through those?
  11. nawty

    IR always on

    It could be a bad power supply on another piece in your system. I have it happen with my HC800 also.... it rotates to different IR ports and comes through baluns to the TV's... usually unplugging the balun and plugging it back in rectifies the situation. Do you have a matrix? mine has two power supplies, and this is what is causing my flashers to stay lit. I need to get it RMA'd one of these days.
  12. nawty

    2.10.1 Released

    I agree on this.... I do clean up work on so many dealers and somehow get results that they don't get. Example... customer had a bad processor and it was replaced with an EA5 by dealer X. I show up from a referral from one of my good customers, look over the system and see that they didn't even have Pandora or Tune-In installed and the audio outputs weren't even plugged in to the back of it...I do some quick changes and now the customer has music.... They were on the fence about liking their system to now loving their system and using it daily. Get a dealer who is excited to help you, and is enthusiastic about it.
  13. nawty

    Garage Clean Out

    If you dont buy that matrix amp that your looking at, let me know..... Its brand new...
  14. nawty

    Voice Scene driver "PROHIBITED SCENES"?

    Long day. Apologies sir... 🤪
  15. nawty

    Voice Scene driver "PROHIBITED SCENES"?

    I didnt say it was, Ryan did. I think it used to be, otherwise I wouldnt have done it this way.... its been on there for a while.