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  1. rayk32

    Shades again

    I've been happy with my Qmotion shades. I have the non-Zigbee version that requires the Qconnect interface. They are stable and the batteries last a long time. I raise and lower the shades about once a day.
  2. rayk32

    Turning off LEDs at night

    I think to do this you want to go into the "Programming" section. Once in "Programming" in the the "Actions" box select a switch. Actions will show up for the switch and this is where you can tell the LEDs what you want them to do. Once you've done that, you will tie it to a scheduling event.
  3. rayk32

    QMotion Shades

    We raise and lower the shades at least once a day and I haven't changed batteries this year.
  4. rayk32

    QMotion Shades

    I've heard the Zigbee version has problems, but I haven't experienced any problems with the QConnect shades (battery powered) I have installed in my house.
  5. rayk32

    Z-Wave Lighting Options

    Cool! Thanks for sharing. I have a Vera Plus with the Insteon dongle, but haven't been imaginative enough to come up with some good and interesting functionality to add to my project. I have set up geofencing though.
  6. rayk32

    Z-Wave Lighting Options

    What products (manufacturers) have you used with your Vera controller and what other integration have you added to Control4 through Vera? Thanks
  7. I just contacted No Hassle AV and they have two video tilers. They have an older 4x1 model for $1199 that is controlled by an IR remote or front panel. That probably wouldn't be ideal unless you're in the same room as the tiler. They also just introduced a 9x1 tiler for $1999 that is controlled by IR remote, front panel or app. I'm guessing the app would work in a similar way as you saw in the video that you posted. Their video tilers aren't listed on Amazon yet, but he said you can contact them at info@nohassleav.com or (888) 400-1215. After seeing that video, I'm thinking about getting one of the 9x1 tilers. I'm wondering if I would connect it to one of the inputs on my matrix or get a 70+ inch TV or projector and connect it directly ... hmmm.
  8. Talk to Kevin Luther at Blackwire Designs. He sells, programs and integrates Just Add Power products for Control4 solutions. https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/cat/just-add-power-cat/
  9. Just Add Power (JAP) and Savi Controls are mentioned at the end of the video. JAP has been a Control4 option for a long while. JAP makes tilers but I'm not sure how Savi Controls integrates.
  10. Currently, the version that does audio extraction is not HDR capable. The audio extraction version has the little black boxes you referred to. My model does HDR, but is not capable of audio extraction at this time.
  11. Absolutely! 18GBPS HDR 4K 60hz YUV444 as well as other resolutions.
  12. No, I made a mistake in my initial post. In my original post, I stated that I had a model that does audio extraction, the model I have does HDR but doesn't do audio extraction.
  13. So, two weeks ago I was lucky to receive an awesome offer from the folks at No Hassle AV to test their new 8x16 HDR 18GBPS HDbaseT 4K Matrix Switcher. Last week, I received the matrix and it is now integrated into my project. So far it has been as reliable and flawless as my original No Hassle AV matrix. It has all the same functions and features as my original matrix except that it includes 8 HDbaseT PoC Receivers (230ft Distance Range) that don't need any additional power. The matrix is said to be an 8x16 matrix because the 8 HDbaseT outputs have mirrored HDMI ports. I can attest that the mirrored ports work perfectly. I assume their tech support continues to be awesome to work with, but because the product is so “installer friendly”, there was no need to contact them. I don't work for No Hassle AV, I'm just letting you know the details of my customer experience with the company. This is the exact model they sent to me: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D7Y89T2/ Correction - Sorry, I have the unit that DOES NOT do audio extraction.
  14. That’s fine. In a properly planned maintenance, replacing, revoking and/or changing certificate authorities should not cause this. Regardless of whether it is a root, intermediate or device/identity cert. Not being argumentative @msgreenf