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  1. That’s fine. In a properly planned maintenance, replacing, revoking and/or changing certificate authorities should not cause this. Regardless of whether it is a root, intermediate or device/identity cert. Not being argumentative @msgreenf
  2. LOL, consumer electronics companies should not be in the IT business. They put an identity cert on their device without a way to push a new cert before it expired. This reminds me of another consumer electronics company who bastardized SIP (session initiation protocol) so badly it couldn't work with other SIP products that implemented that same protocol as it was written in the publicly available RFC (request for comments) documents. That company had to come out with new SIP products but still hasn't delivered what was promised long ago 😉 I think the product was called a door station. They should've sent us affected users new EA5 controllers ... hmmm
  3. I wouldn't count on Control4 verbally responding in way that the majority of their end users would be happy about. This is pretty sad. Most operating systems have a built in facility for updating certificates and new certs can be pushed via servers. Doing it via a patch is weird or is the patch a fix for another problem. Either way, updating SSL certificates is not rocket science, it should've been tested in a lab and there should've been a back out plan. They probably could even temporarily turn off certificate verification albeit this in not the best solution from a security perspective. This should never have impacted end users and most importantly, it SHOULD NOT FORCE END USERS TO UPGRADE THEIR SYSTEMS AT ANY COST. Though, I guess this probably killed a lot, if not all, of the illegitimate Composer Pro installs out in the wild. #silverbullet
  4. Ryan, You can't say that running different versions "may" work when Control4 has always said that HE and OS versions must match or you risk the possibility of corrupting your project. That is the reason why Control4 releases new OS, Pro and HE versions simultaneously, right? Notwithstanding the bug fixes, my project was running fine on 2.9.0. If I am being forced to update to 2.9.1. in order to use HE, who is paying for the related costs of this forced system update? If they knew they couldn't or wouldn't address all versions, they shouldn't have done anything to negatively affect versions earlier than 2.9.1. until they had the resources to do so in a way that is not at the detriment of endusers.
  5. So what do we do if our systems are running on 2.9.0. or earlier versions? Versions of the operating system and HE have to match, correct?
  6. Then, why am I seeing this on 2.9.0?
  7. Are you saying that customers on versions before 2.9.1 are being forced to update and pay for these updates?
  8. If you "hack" it (not really a hack), you can install other apps and functionality. The touchscreen is not as accurate as it should be when typing, but it works like any Android device running the Control4 app. The two switches are not connected to anything, but I'm guessing they integrate through your Wink driver just like any other compatible device. It took about 45 minutes from start to finish. I will test it for a while before I install it permanently. This YouTube video shows you how to get it ready to install 3rd party apps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRvV4tZxCxo
  9. *** Update - 4 months of use I've found that if you want to avoid any lag when turning on or changing sources, it is imperative that you turn off all power saving features on your set-top-boxes.
  10. I should also mention that the ability to answer the door station is a desirable feature ... however, no video capability is necessary
  11. Oh wow, that's good to hear. Thanks for the quick response!
  12. What are Control4 users doing for remote control in bathrooms where humidity is a potential issue? I'm guessing that touch panels are more susceptible to damage than remotes when exposed to humidity from hot showers. Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. rayk32

    Ring acquired by Amazon

    LOL, I guess my head has been in the sand. Sorry about the late post. Hey Kevin L, the JAP 1G kit you sold me back in 2010 is still going strong! It distributes video to my small 1080p TVs.
  14. http://flip.it/vj56z_
  15. I can't confidently answer this question because I don't own the 4x4 version.