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  1. This is an excerpt from a document on the Grandstream site. It doesn't say whether it is running SIP or if there is an API. All of their phones and PBX's are running SIP. Our GDS3710 HD IP Video Door System allows you to protect, manage and track access to any facility, and makes this easier than ever before. Integrate the GDS3710 with your communication and/or security solution to fully manage access to any business, apartment, hotel, or commercial facility. Use our GXV series of IP Video Phones and GXP series of IP Phones to view live video audio feeds and let visitors in, record all comings and goings through your IP network using our GVR series of Network Video Recorders, and use our UCM series of IP PBXs, which supports video, to anchor the entire communication platform. http://www.grandstream.com/sites/default/files/Resources/gds_use_cases.pdf
  2. Sounds like a very nice setup. So are the PC's running Plex Home Theater connected to your video matrix and distributed to your TV's or are directly connected to your TV's? I run Plex, but my players are Rokus and they distributed via my JAP matrix. I also use the Chowmain Plex driver. Thanks for your response.
  3. I'm definitely interested in hearing any ideas for using Raspberry Pi's other than as streaming devices. badjesus - what do you use for streaming in your project?
  4. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    Oh man, this driver is awesome! I purchased a 55UH8500 last night on sale from Best Buy and mounted it in place of my failed Samsung. Matthew Lowe was extra responsive as usual and was able to get the driver installed. I may be compelled to replace all of my TV's with LG just because of the driver. Great job Annex4!
  5. https://www.plex.tv/cloud/#cloud-form The question is, can it be integrated using the Plex driver?
  6. Control4 Significant Shortfalls

    My input was only to reflect my disappointment that my HC800 was left out of the Z-wave HCL.
  7. Control4 Significant Shortfalls

    No one is deflecting anything. I just responded to him. Cyknight, you are entitled to opinions but don't try to denigrate other peoples' opinions. If that is your purpose here, it doesn't help anyone.
  8. Control4 Significant Shortfalls

    My name is actually Ray Knight. That's me dunking on kid from Brown University back in the 80's and me as a freshman at Georgetown University, me on the cover of a book about my alma mater's basketball history and me with some of my awesome Georgetown Hoya teammates.
  9. Control4 Significant Shortfalls

    Awesome! But, without the back story, anyone seeing that would think you're a zealot for eggs. Just saying.
  10. Control4 Significant Shortfalls

    Correct. It became apparent after 2.0 and a couple of software releases that the controllers needed new hardware. Zigbee Pro probably contributed to that revelation as well. If I remember correctly, Zigbee Pro was around 1.7 or 1.8.
  11. Control4 Significant Shortfalls

    This entire thread is called "Control4 Significant Shortfalls". These posts are all within the scope of the topic.
  12. Control4 Significant Shortfalls

    egg ZLOT - I corrected it to say it was referenced. "If you read the thread, you would have seen that I acknowledged that it was clear the controllers needed to be updated when the OS got to version 2.0. This was around the same time that the HC250 and HC800 were released. You can infer from my statement that the HC300 is probably not capable of handling this additional burden." Sorry, I posted that on Control4's Facebook page, not this site. I did not talk about that in this thread.
  13. Control4 Significant Shortfalls

    The comparison is the mentality, not the products. Earlier in the thread, I acknowledged that there are 3rd party ways to integrate Z-wave and further stated that the existence of this capability should not be used as a valid excuse to leave the HC250/HC800 out of the HCL. Read thoroughly and understand thoroughly before you criticize. No one said that they don't like the product. Every time someone on this forum questions Control4's practices, we see this same response ... "if you don't like it, go away". If you can explain how this mentality helps anyone or anything make a positive progression, we'd all gladly entertain it. I would also suggest that if we acted like that about everything, we'd be running away from every challenge and hurdle we encounter. forum - a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. Based on the above-referenced definition and the name of this website "C4FORUMS.COM" your opinion is diametrically opposed to and does everything to usurp the spirit and intended purpose of this website. Oh, you have a reference to the word ZEALOT in your user name.
  14. Control4 Significant Shortfalls

    This is not about "you versus me". It is about trying to find a voice so that as Control4 goes through the next development phase, they deeply remember the last time they screwed us. I can't afford to buy the company and I'm not a shareholder, so other than sending them emails and posting on their social media, this is the best place to find people with common interests. The purpose is that our posts might affect our dealers so that they influence Control4 to make better home automation decisions for us.