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  1. I'm almost tempted.....but think volume control would be a real pain. At least on/off and flipping between tv/appletv should be simple enough.
  2. I wanted to jump in and agree! And it's not about customers...its about me! Joshua has helped above and beyond through beta and after. That said... Everyone go out and sell this driver! I've had C4 in my home for almost 10 years. This driver has brought new life to a system! Hopefully Joshua will master the challenge of finding a way to use my phone to automate the theater and I would never buy another C4 remote again...(hint hint)
  3. UPDATE.... oddly I got this working when I did the binding using express on my iPhone. Not sure what I missed. In the end, only I needed was the cable, no NULL needed.
  4. So I finally got some null modem adapters and no joy..... looking for any other ideas. Re-reading the manual can anyone verify if I can have 2 Serial AND 2 IR ports in use. thanks.
  5. I have not and don't have one handy. But what your saying would imply that being this is a direct replacement and working on the 300, that would mean 2/3 gets swapped between the 300 and 200 on the DB9. Or every time you move between a 200 and 300 a null modem is needed. Wish someone could confirm before I go get a null modem cable. thanks ... good thought.
  6. Hi Folk, I'm trying to set up an HC200 to replace a HC300 that went bad. I have 2 serial ports using the control4 3.5mm to DB9 serial cable on port 1 & 2 and two IR's on port 3 & 4. I can confirm the IR's work with no problems, but the serial ports are not working at all I've attached a screen on my connections.... outside of setting up something wrong, I'm stumped? thanks for any help.i
  7. Hi Josh, I've been using the Beta driver....love it! Just realized I have to move to the new driver and looking at my options.... Just to confirm, the device for $225 does NOT include the driver, correct? thanks
  8. I'm in the same boat, but have found my solution..... I run Plex on our Apple TVs. Easy for the wife, and she's real happy. I have our media on a NAS. Since Plex does need it's server too, I've had it run directly on the Synology NAS, but I ended up moving it to run on a Mac Pro and keep the storage on the NAS. The benefits to me with Plex is the capability to have everyone watch with any device (Apple TV, laptop, iPad, iPhone, etc) and from anywhere on the internet. Obviously, I have control 4 working all the tv's, and apple Tvs. good luck.
  9. I might be in the minority, but we like the Apple TV with Plex. We even threw the aTV in our backyard and stream plex over wifi. It's so simple to use, the kids don't spend a lot of time doing tech support with my wife.
  10. Why would he be skeptical on what I have? I'm 100% sure I have an infinity currently using a C4 thermostat. Yes it's possible. And yes you loose the features of a infinity thermostat
  11. Elvis, I have the "dumb" solution on my carrier infinity upstairs. it was installed that way. any idea if you can take the carrier thermostat and just replace with an ecobee? I was told its wired or theres some jumpers that needed to be set when using an non-career thermostat. thanks
  12. Waiting for someone else to confirm, but I didn't think ecobee will work with all features.
  13. FWIW, I run the UniFi wireless and gateway at home. No problems with C4. I'd use their switches, but got much better pricing on netgear. Not sure I'd see a difference.
  14. Any idea of the extra vegetables driver's name? I just read through the website several times ave couldnt find it. Thanks.
  15. Sarcasm.....cool! Yep, I do recommend the appliance, it wasn't straight forward setting up homebridge. And auto-running it, is probably something the average Mac user won't be able to do. Now being I have it installed - I hope you also have a driver-only version too. I do have a feature request. I think there's no real audio with HomeKit, but do you think there's any way to shut off a room - and I don't mean the lights but the audio/TV that might be playing? thanks again. and don't worry I won't say wonderful things anymore.