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  1. ekohn00

    Kwikset Lock not showing in Composer

    How do you reset these? I tried top left 13, top right 4, top left 13... also tried bottom as 4- just in case. thanks.
  2. ekohn00


    I went with the ecobee...... I got board too. The sensors can be turned on and off, so you can test how well they might work for you, and test before you nail them to a wall.
  3. ekohn00

    Timer for Light

    edit.... never mind.... I just realized I do the actions on the timer not the trigger..... its been a while.
  4. ekohn00

    Timer for Light

    For some reason I'm not doing this right. I want to trigger a light and have it turn on for 5 minutes, then shut off. I created a timer. I reset, then star.... not sure how I turn it off. thanks.
  5. ekohn00

    Ring and C4 wiring

    makes life a lot easier....thanks for the info.
  6. ekohn00

    Ring and C4 wiring

    Ok here's the part I might be missing..... does the BlackWire Driver pick up a contact sensor, or is it event drive via an internet connection? ie is there any physical connections between my Control4 gear and the ring? Another way to say what I'm thinking....does the black wire also work with a battery operated Ring?
  7. Hi Folks, I've been searching but didn't see any info on how the Ring door bell is wired to C4. I currently have my existing doorbell using a contact sensor to connect. I had thought I could tap into this, but somehow I got confused. Does anyone have a ring to c4 diagram to share? I read one description and I'd rather see a picture to get a better understand. And one stupid Ring question.... did I read right that you no longer use your normal house doorbell and must buy and use the ring Chime or C4 sound file? thanks for any help.
  8. ekohn00

    Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Just a good word on the Raspberry PI solution. I built one for $50 in a nice little case, used Joshua's drivers and have never looked back! Docker would have been nice since I already had a NAS, but now I don't worry about the NAS' overhead and my HomeKit PI has been super stable and easy to maintain.
  9. GreT thought, unfortunately after making sure they were not hidden, no joy.
  10. I used to have an airport feed an 8-Zone Amp. When I wanted to add a room to my stream I'd just select "+Add Room" and select any room. I now moved to using the ShairBridge (has anyone else noticed C4 spells Shair wrong) - the driver goes through an EA5 which is connected to the the 8-Zone amp. In order to add another room to a stream, I have to go to the room's menu and select music -> ShareBridge. It's not a very good way to do things if you have 10 rooms to add. thanks for any help.
  11. Hi All, We have the 7" InfinityEdge and 2.10 gives me a error when upgrading. 1. Kitchen->InfinityEdge 7” Touch Screen - Incompatible Driver Here’s the driver info on the InfinityEdge 7”
  12. The Mac is exactly what we're trying to get rid of. Any thoughts if this is doable?
  13. I'm a Mac user..... In my finder window in Mac as well as Control4 System Manager, there is a long name for controllers. Looks like EA1-"the Mac address" Is there a way to change the name of the controllers and touch pads so they don't include the MAC address? thanks.
  14. ekohn00

    Equipment for Sale

    Bump..... Hey folks, I still got the gear...been away for the summer and didn't really focus. Anyway, please don't send emails or posts to complain that you think costs are to hi. If your interested, make an offer. I'll work with you. thanks.
  15. ekohn00

    Equipment for Sale

    I'll get version numbers this weekend and post. Priced: HC800 - $400 HC250 - $190 HC200 - $85 HC300 - $100 Tuner - $150 Thermostat - (older) - $50 Take it all for $900 and I'll cover shipping (US Only). Otherwise lets talk. All items came out of my home. and work.