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  1. Looking at picking one up. Anyone know if there's an Ethernet driver? Or do I need to use some type of RF? thanks.
  2. ekohn00

    Apple Watch

    I used the homebridge driver so I can get control through Siri. Siri works great With my Apple Watch. So does the native Home app. I will caveate there's no native audio control in HomeKit...and I wouldn't use my watch to control the TV or change channels anyway.
  3. ekohn00

    Ideas for ISO movie player?

    Plex does not support the use of ISO, IMG, Video_TS, BDMV, or other “disk image” formats. If you wish to use those with Plex, you should convert them to a compatible format. That said, I use Plex. Someone mentioned infuse.....I'd second taking a look at that, though I hate searching if you have 100s of files.
  4. I have some of the 10 year old locks that haven't worked in a few years. I'm considering a change before my wife realizes they haven't worked for a few years. One of the biggest problems, when they worked, was the friction on the bold because of weather seal pushing on the door. So the question remains, which lock works best or has the "most torque"? thanks.
  5. Thanks for the info, but that sux. Somewhere I think I came across a setting for stream BW. Anyone know if this could affect the stops? I think XM uses a lot of BW.......????
  6. Just wanted to see if anyone found a solution to this problem. I tried to install the patch, but think it's for earlier versions than 2.10.2. thanks.
  7. @gcjacobdo you still have this problem? How did you resolve? I have the same problem for some time now. thanks.
  8. your router is doing NAT/PAT
  9. ekohn00

    Ideas for ISO movie player?

    Take a look at Plex. For me, I went from Kaleidescape (awesome, but expensive) to Plex, and haven't looked back. We use AppleTVs and haven't been happier. You can easily add the Plex server on your Windows Server.
  10. ekohn00

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    We have 2 zones, upstairs & down, 2 thermostats. Thankfully there's no multi-zone on each unit. I don't know if that's doable with ecobee. I still have variable speed. (its actually a multistage). The wiring is also in the manual. I can't remember the HVAC website I got most info, but I attached a couple of diagrams that should help get you going. PS....I think its worth the time and research to make the change. I sold my carrier thermostat on eBay, which covers the cost for 1+ ecobee. Now I can either use C4 to control the thermostat or my watch or HomeKit or Alexa..... love the flexibility. love the ecobee. From what my normal HVAC guy tells me the real loss is the hidden maintain type settings on the inifinti thermostat. he too made the change. Carrier Infinity Legacy Wiring.pdf Carrier Infinity Control Board.pdf
  11. ekohn00

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    I might get bashed for saying this, but I did the unthinkable...... I wanted an ecobee thermostat so with a little investigation I was able to connect it to my infinity system (yes the wiring is different and you need to set up some dip switches). Works great with the humidifier, too. Personally I am a lot happier that when I had the infinity thermostat, and the temp control is better than before. Not to mention the savings vs the Infinity route.
  12. ekohn00

    Kwikset Lock not showing in Composer

    How do you reset these? I tried top left 13, top right 4, top left 13... also tried bottom as 4- just in case. thanks.
  13. ekohn00


    I went with the ecobee...... I got board too. The sensors can be turned on and off, so you can test how well they might work for you, and test before you nail them to a wall.
  14. ekohn00

    Timer for Light

    edit.... never mind.... I just realized I do the actions on the timer not the trigger..... its been a while.
  15. ekohn00

    Timer for Light

    For some reason I'm not doing this right. I want to trigger a light and have it turn on for 5 minutes, then shut off. I created a timer. I reset, then star.... not sure how I turn it off. thanks.