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  1. so typical ….. Apple Music on Echo in Canada? Not So Fast… While users in the United States are getting this Apple Music feature, Canadians won’t be seeing it anytime soon. bummer
  2. Does anyone have a control4 driver for a Hikvision tribrid DVR (my model is DS-7316 HUI-K4). The hikvision NVR IP driver will not work with this model. I’m looking for any driver to control it (IP/RS-232/IR). Thx
  3. Excellent. Finally! This looks like it might be worth a look as well since I find the sound quality from the echo dot’s analogue output is somewhat lacking. The Echo Link -- while not an amplifier -- is made to connect to an existing high-end stereo system via the amplifier or power speakers and deliver quality audio. It'll ship later this year for $199. This option lets you keep your glowing tubes or 1970's solid state amp while still being able to jam to the library of music available to Amazon Prime members ..... (& soon Apple Music). There is also an Echo Link Amp for $299. These both have both Digital Coax and Toslink outputs.
  4. Does this finally mean i’ll Have Apple Music somewhat integrated with Control4. For instance if I have an echo in my rack connected to my C4 matrix and one in my kitchen, will I be able to ask the kitchen echo to play “xyz” on the rack echo on the kitchen speakers?
  5. Thx, what would you recommend as an alternative to the stick for my non-android tv’s (keeping cost in mind)?
  6. Hoping those more familiar with video-storm can help me out on this. Currently I have an 8x8 component matrix and would like to upgrade the video portion of my system. I've looked at video-storm and decided to do a "test" on my system to see if my network could handle it. I purchased Uray h.264 1080p encoder, an amazon fire stick (basic edition - this is the only one available in Canada - no alexa on it), the OTG adapter and wired network hub (listed on the video-storm website to use with the fire stick). Uray h.264 is set at 1920x1080 @30fps, high profile, vbr, 20000 bitrate(kbit) using an RTSP URL- as recommended on the video storm website I am using VLC to test the stream on various devices: Results: No issues streaming to a intel i7 computer & sony android tv (xbr850) using vlc However, when using the fire stick (with the vlc app on it), it will not stream the 1080p smoothly, major pixels and stuttering, no picture at times, problems with audio as well. Tried the Fire stick on a Samsung LCD and also tried it on the Sony android tv (the same tv that was able to stream no problems with android vlc). So my question: does the Fire Stick just not have enough horsepower to decode the 1080p stream? the video-storm website lists it as one of the decoders you can use. Is it an issue with the Fire Stick VLC app? Would a Fire Stick stream 1080p smoothly using the Video Storm app? Thx in advance.
  7. Currently I’m using a component 8x8 matrix switch for all my video needs. I’d like to change service providers for my cable and all the new cable boxes only have HDMI out. I’m thinking of going with the NetPlay product. I use control4. I have two dedicated home theatres each with their own multichannel amp. The rest of may audio is distributed via the C4 matrix/amps and in ceiling speakers. I understand with the Netplay product I will need to use their CMX1616A2 [AV 16x16 matrix switch with full DSP audio] to correct for any lip sync issues/delays. Is there any point in adding their NAB100 [NetPlay expansion board] to the matrix for streaming services since I already have control4? Any benefits that i may not be aware of. I’d rather not spend money on unnecessary things. For those of you using Netplay, have you been satisfied with the product. All my cabling is cat5e. Is this sufficient? Adding new cat6 is not an option for me. Thx in advance.
  8. ee999

    sonos question

    The only thing I can do through control4 is play the sonos favorites I have. For everything else I use the sonos app on my iPhone to select my streaming services. Really wish control4 had native support for apple music.
  9. I'm currently on 2.9.1 and we use sonos (extra vegetables driver 7.5.7) to listen to apple music playlists. on the touchscreen or iPhone app under sonos there is a "music queue" option with a submenu of "clear queue" & "save queue" . is there anyway to program a keypad button to activate the "clear queue" option through composer. I've looked under sonos driver in programming and can't find anything like that. any help would be appreciated.
  10. Hi all, I saw the following post and had a few questions. "Logenex makes a doorbell system called teledoor. The door station ties into you phone lines and rings the phone and you can talk to the people at the door. The main teledoor control module has multiple relay outputs that can hook up to the contact inputs on the control4 controller to trigger events or the chime in your home. They have a unit that has an analogue camera that you could tie in with the axis ip camera server. The logenex system is not all that expensive either. One really cool feature is the call forwarding. if you are away from home you can have the door bell forwarded to a cellphone." I have the logenex teledoorbell system and asked my dealer to hook into the control4 system to trigger an event. I have confirmed that the logenex controller relay is properly connected to the COM/NO on my HC800. The Relay driver has been added and the connection has been made between the relay driver and the HC800 relay. The relay driver is set to "Toggle Type". Programming is as follows: when relay is closed my security DVR is selected for my kitchen television. However, nothing is happening when the teledoorbell is activated. My control4 dealer is unsure why its not working. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  11. When my son is playing a Sonos Favorites (playlist) is there a way to program a keypad button to clear the music queue prior to turning of the room? Thanks
  12. ee999

    TuneIn Down?

    FYI I am on 2.9.1 and tune-in stopped working. I removed a HC300 & Speakerpoint (the only devices in my system that were not compatible with the Advanced Audio System (AAS)). Now with AAS enabled, TuneIn is working again. I had a spare HC250 which I replaced the HC300 with. My only issue now is that the speakerpoint was in my pool cabana (connected via Ethernet) and it ran the outdoor speakers by the pool. If I can no longer use the speakerpoint in my system, what are my options for running my pool speakers?
  13. ee999

    TuneIn Down?

    I am on 2.9.1. My TuneIn stopped working. I do not have Napster in my project. I can also confirm TuneIn does not work on 2.9.1 with the latest driver v.116. This is very frustrating.
  14. ee999

    TuneIn Down?

    Just checked TuneIn. I am on 2.9.1 and TuneIn no longer is working.