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  1. Hi, Alan thanks for replying I can confirm the password field is blank. I presume KORE uses the same protocols as I installed KORE on my tablet and I can control it and I did not enter a username or password so that presumably confirms I have no password set?
  2. enzeder

    OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    There is a connection for DLNA video, and the first post says DLNA support is coming. Is this working (and if so how would it be set-up), and if not is there an ETA? I assume by DLNA we will be able play files direct rather than go manually through the network menu as I do at the moment?
  3. I have installed the alpha of KODI LEIA on one of my PCs and for some reason CONTROL4 cant connect in a control sense. It receives information on status of KODI so that part is working. I realise that its all alpha and so no support guaranteed but just wondering whether anyone has got LEIA working with this driver at the moment. Based on log file there seems to be some sort of authentication error - I have left the password in KODI blank 17/03/2018 09:11:56 - ROOM_ID 86 17/03/2018 09:11:56 - Sending Command: {"id":"1","jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"Input.Down"} 17/03/2018 09:11:56 - RECEIVED FROM JSON-HTTP: {"error":{"code":-32099,"message":"Bad client permission."},"id":"1","jsonrpc":"2.0"} 17/03/2018 09:12:01 - Received JSON data : {"id":"1","jsonrpc":"2.0","result":"pong"} 17/03/2018 09:12:06 - Sending Command: {"id":"1","method":"XBMC.GetInfoLabels","jsonrpc":"2.0","params":{"labels":["System.FriendlyName","System.BuildVersion","System.KernelVersion"]}} 17/03/2018 09:12:06 - Sending Command: {"id":"1","method":"XBMC.GetInfoLabels","jsonrpc":"2.0","params":{"labels":["System.CpuUsage","System.CPUTemperature","System.ScreenResolution","System.CpuFrequency","System.Memory(used.percent)","System.Uptime","System.TotalSpace","System.CurrentWindow"]}} 17/03/2018 09:12:06 - Received JSON data : {"id":"1","jsonrpc":"2.0","result":"pong"}
  4. The local C4 distributor is involved now so hopefully we all get sorted soon.
  5. Thanks everyone. I am told that Vodafone developed the box themselves but no doubt there is some standard hardware under it. Yes, its available in Portugal and also Spain I believe. Ill just see how the dealer goes, I have watched them using the driver wizard but something is not working right. When they learn the IR codes they all come through but they don't work. When they generated the code from the hex still no luck and the resulting code was about half as long as that learned from the remote. Ill just wait for my dealer to progress so I have no doubt there will be other users in NZ about to have same issues.
  6. I have recently got a new device (Vodafone TV in New Zealand), and we have tried to learn the IR codes but it does not work. Codes get recorded but the box does not respond, other than a couple of times i got the right arrow to react once or twice after about 20 clicks. Asked Vodafone for the IR codes and they gave them to me, see table below. Been discussing with my dealer and they have not had much success converting these codes into something which is control4, they are using a utility but it needs some other inputs. Does anyone have any advice or what I should try and ask Vodafone for? Many thanks Key Code Specified RCMM Key pressed code RCMM Key released code DEC HEX HEX HEX HEX Power 12 C 300026 0C 3000A6 0C "1" 1 1 300026 1 3000A6 1 "2" 2 2 300026 2 3000A6 2 "3" 3 3 300026 3 3000A6 3 "4" 4 4 300026 4 3000A6 4 "5" 5 5 300026 5 3000A6 5 "6" 6 6 300026 6 3000A6 6 "7" 7 7 300026 7 3000A6 7 "8" 8 8 300026 8 3000A6 8 "9" 9 9 300026 9 3000A6 9 "0" 0 0 300026 0 3000A6 0 Replay 77 4D 300026 4D 3000A6 4D Skip 76 4C 300026 4C 3000A6 4C REWIND 43 2B 300026 2B 3000A6 2B PLAY 51 33 300026 33 3000A6 33 FOWARD 42 2A 300026 2A 3000A6 2A MENÚ 84 54 300026 54 3000A6 54 INFO 60 3C 300026 3C 3000A6 3C ATRÁS 131 83 300026 83 3000A6 83 SALIR 85 55 300026 55 3000A6 55 Up 88 58 300026 58 3000A6 58 Left 90 5A 300026 5A 3000A6 5A Right 91 5B 300026 5B 3000A6 5B Down 89 59 300026 59 3000A6 59 OK 92 5C 300026 5C 3000A6 5C VOL + 16 10 300026 10 3000A6 10 VOL - 17 11 300026 11 3000A6 11 CHAN + 32 20 300026 20 3000A6 20 CHAN - 33 21 300026 21 3000A6 21 REC 55 37 300026 37 3000A6 37 Mute 13 D 300026 0D 3000A6 0D Source "" " " " " "" RED 109 6D 300026 6D 3000A6 6D GREEN 110 6E 300026 6E 3000A6 6E YELLOW 111 6F 300026 6F 3000A6 6F BLUE 112 70 300026 70 3000A6 70
  7. enzeder

    Press vs Single tap

    Just a quick note, you don't need the timer as you are doing it all with booleans. Timer would be useful if you want to retain a single click functionality, ie if timer running when you release then do this, if its not then do the other (in this case change LED color etc) Alternatively you could check the status of the LED color, is if not ff0080 then do xxxx, otherwise change LED and stop volume,
  8. enzeder

    Sony BRAVIA Apps

    Do you now have the ability set custom apps as well, or is it just the standard apps that are now showing, being Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Hulu, Google Play and You Tube?
  9. enzeder

    Press vs Single tap

    it just came back to me some more When you press the button set press and hold to true, and you don't need the timer at all. So on press Variables Press And Hold equals True Delay 3 seconds (or whatever time you use) If variables "Press and Hold" is true then Start increasing volume As an aside when testing this you might want to not use volume but something else so that if you get it wrong the volume does not go through the roof, maybe changing LED colors first and then add volume
  10. enzeder

    Press vs Single tap

    Hi, I may have confused with putting the two ideas up for you to consider - use a variable and timer (which is how I used to do it) or just use a timer As you have setup with a the boolean variable you want on release to be: if variable "press and hold" is true then stop volume increase change LED color if variable press and hold is false then do what you want for a tap the last assumes you are not using double or triple tap on the keypad
  11. enzeder

    Press vs Single tap

    I did this a while ago so going from memory - I used this to do the volume as you did but after a while I reverted to taps as had more control that way Create a boolean variable say "press and hold" When you press the keypad set the "press and hold" boolean to false reset a "press and hold" timer set for three seconds, with programming to set the "press and hold" boolean to be true at expiration of the timer delay three seconds "if press and hold is true" then change led color (optional, I did this so person knew the press and hold was active) start volume up For release programming: if press and hold is true then stop volume up (and change LED color back) if press and hold is not true then do your programming for not press and hold - eg toggle light Note for last step if you still want to use double click and triple click then need to put the programming on one click (otherwise your "click" programming will execute two or three times) and just check for press and hold not being true before running the code Don't need to do so for double and triple because by definition press and hold can't be true Upon reflection today another way to do might be to have the volume up programming for press and hold happen at the expiry of the timer then on the release programming if timer not running stop volume up if timer running stop timer do your click action - eg toggle light Means you need a timer for every instance but one advantage is there is never any risk of people trying to do press and hold in the house in two different places, which would cause the press and hold to fail in the first method
  12. enzeder

    Sony BRAVIA Apps

    None so far, tried again yesterday with no luck Sent from my SM-T700 using Tapatalk
  13. Bought a Sony 65AE1 (the NZ equivalent), have had it installed in my system and all working fine but am not having any luck with getting some custom mini apps installed, and unfortunately my dealer has not had any of the 2017 Sony TVs installed so is unsure as well. We have installed the driver, and the Bravia App Select, we "Build App URL Map" and under the LUA output all the apps are listed. . ACTION: ACTION_buildAppUriMap Application List: Play Store YouTube Album Music Programme Guide Recorded Title List Amazon Video Asphalt Nitro Play Music Play Games Play Movies & TV Netflix Internet Browser Video Photo Sharing Plus Screen mirroring Plex Kodi Emby 500px Activate Enhanced Features Unregister Device HSN ShopTV Tubi TV Slacker Radio DW for Smart TV OnNetworkReconnectTimerExpired: Attempting to reactivate network connection on Port 80 However when we GetAppListfromTV the App Selection box never populates in the BraviaAppSelection driver. Looking at the log above, I wonder if its related to the onnetwork error, does anyone know what this means? The default mini apps for youtube, netflix and google play all work fine.
  14. enzeder

    New Driver: Battery Agent

    Can we get the nyce contact sensor added? Model: NCZ-3041 Device File: DriverWorks_HA_Profile_MSensor.c4i Thanks
  15. enzeder

    New Driver: Battery Agent

    Yes I have that driver, but what I believe I am missing is a trigger from battery driver so I can then send a message over pushover to my phone using the notification suite Of course there could be trigger functionality in the battery driver already but it is not obvious to me