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  1. Ecobee Driver

    can i get a trial key please?
  2. FS: Blackwire designs Ecobee Driver Licenses

    Hi I'm interested pm more info please
  3. we installed a mini-split in a man cave the brand of the unit is Aux (rinnai brand is the same unit) it can be controlled with an app called ac freedom,,, is there any way to integrate it to control4?
  4. Where to Buy third party products

    What kind of gate motor do you have? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. For sale

    Do you still have the remote and the t3 ? I'm interested
  6. vera/MyQ garage door/composer

    Sorry nut right now the houselogix or the relay are the only options
  7. vera/MyQ garage door/composer

    You don't need the Vera there's 2 drivers for the myq to integrate it directly with c4
  8. Like this but I can replace it with whatever it needs
  9. Hi I have all my gates and doors integrated with c4 but I'm looking for a way to add a lock to a side door in my patio, any recommendations? Thanks
  10. I need 3 too color doesn't matter
  11. how much for the nest thermostats?
  12. do it have a trial ? i only saw the option of purchase in your website
  13. Pentair Pool

    any update with the intellibrite driver ??
  14. pool control

    But any specific model or it doesn't matter? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk