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  1. wnpublic

    TV recs from these pictured?

    The TCL is junk, fine for a guest room as someone said, but acceptable viewing angle is very small, like 60 degrees.
  2. Perhaps while you wait for support you can tell us some more networking buzzwords.
  3. wnpublic

    Automated blinds

    Yes, it's exactly like a jet plane tqking off. They're not for you.
  4. wnpublic

    Automated blinds

    You've got it right, although once set up, you can pretty much forget about the Vera. You can also use the Control4 Vera drivers to bring a lot more Zwave devices into Control4. Many more than the C4 zwave dongle supports. I've got the Balis controlled with Control4 via Vera. The Lutron Serenas were nice, I just preferred to pay $3k for my blinds rather than 18k to get to the same result
  5. You missed the point in your eagerness to be right. It works natively with Control4 using free supplied drivers. They set her up with a lock that doesn't. You said that locks were not standard ‘out of the box’ things. In the world of control4, supported ones are.
  6. Agree with everything you said in the whole post, except locks. There is a set of locks from Baldwin, Yale and others that work right out of the box with C4. That's what I don't understand, her dealer (magnolia) should've been able to tell her what locks will work natively, which will require help.
  7. Sorry you are having these issues. It can be frustrating to discover what the system can and can't do. A knowledgeable dealer is great to have, to get a sense of options and cost. For your MyQ problem, there is a driver from Houselogix that we've had great success with. There are folks here who don't like it because there can be a few seconds delay in updating the "open"/"closed" status to control4, but it's always worked well for us. There's not really any instances where i need to know what it is now vs. 10 seconds ago.
  8. wnpublic

    Darth Vader Controls you....

    Just stop. There's now almost 5000 posts of the same sh*t.
  9. wnpublic

    Long live "merica..."

  10. wnpublic

    Motorized Shades

    Cindy, You can get what you want, with Control4 integration, much more cheaply than the Lutron stuff, by going with Bali Autoview Zwave motorized shades. There is a helpful thread here: In short, we went through the same thing with an absurd Lutron quote. The Balis, which you have to measure for yourself, were like 1/8th of the price. They use Somfy motors with a built in zwave radio. You can order from Costco or Lowes, it just depends on who is having a better sale ATM. They're called Autoview, can be ordered with a battery pack or plug. You then pair them with a Vera zwave hub ($90). There is a C4 driver for Vera and these will be recognized as blinds in Control 4, two way, blind position, blah blah blah. You can see pictures of mine in the linked thread.
  11. wnpublic

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Uh, ok. Good burn. i guess i should have said... "no sensible company," "no well-run company", or "no company with a good reputation beyond a core of fanboys" would do this....
  12. wnpublic

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    Nifty bits of doublespeak here, but it's not hard to see what's going on - no company would preannounce this app in September if the plan all along was to keep testing through February. Undoubtedly some big issues keeping it from being ready for primetime.
  13. wnpublic

    My apologies for the frustration

    I'm sympathetic, i would be frustrated too after all the $$ spent on it. My experience has been very different. There is missing functionality that's more available in the purported "low end" DIY portion of the market (ring, etc.), and some functionality is below par (i'm looking at you, door station camera quality). and the interface needs a refresh. But the system itself has been rock solid, never gone down.
  14. wnpublic

    Control4 Intercom Anywhere App

    bump. Anyone have any info about a possible release date for this app?
  15. Looks cool! For the URL driver, how functional is the browser? Have been looking for a way to view Google Calendar in the T3 touchscreens? Thanks.