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  1. wnpublic

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    Bummer. Home builds are frustrating enough, sorry you're dealing with all that.
  2. wnpublic

    Carrier Infinity with control4

    In that scenario, there is little/no purpose. One advantage of C4 is centralized control and management. The downsides are that the hardware has to be picked carefully to ensure compatibility, and that means picking from a smaller range of hardware (e.g., not Doorbird, not Schlage but Baldwin, Yale, or Kwikset and only specific models) and that the hardware can be more expensive. It's up to your builder and his C4 guy to make the right decisions. Sounds like they didn't. TL:DR - your builder screwed up/you.
  3. Happened to me. Haven't changed anything in the system, but the app will no longer receive calls from DS2 door station or any of the touch screens. Oddly, I can use the app to call in, and connect, but I'm no longer being notified when the DS2 is rung, and the touch screens cannot call the app. Anyone else experience this? Will
  4. wnpublic


    The loudness thing cracks me up. In my house, they are up or down maybe three times a day, tops. OH GOD THE NOISE! I guess we're all different.
  5. wnpublic


    For the person who noted the expense: Look for the discussion of Bali blinds in different threads. I averaged below 300 per blind, they have integrated Zwave radio. Get a cheap vera hub, get the free C4drivers installed and you're in business.
  6. wnpublic

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    DS2 picture quality is pretty junk.
  7. Agreed! If someone could share pics from their DS2 in high brightness and low light, I'd like to see if mine is defective. Thanks.
  8. I have been disappointed only by the image quality. Se these day and night views. Is anyone else having results as bad as this? My Luma cameras are much much better.
  9. Has to be said: App is pretty good. It seems to have one oddity: after i called the DS2 to watch the view of the front door just for kicks, a UPS guy showed up and rang the DS2 doorbell. That terminated the connection. d'oh! But: it connects quickly for me, and does what it says it will do. Good for C4. Now just need to improve the atrocious picture quality of my DS2 - everyone looks like a green zombie.
  10. yep, that worked. thanks!
  11. Can you share what you did? Software and drivers fully updated, rebooted controller, still getting the message that a software update is needed. Thanks, Will
  12. Dude, as i explained at length in the PM exchange we had, and others including Pounce have pointed out, every lo-vo blind is just expecting 12v along the wire running out of it. It doesn't know or care where it comes from (battery, wall wart, dedicated power supply in your closet) So your lo-vo guy will just snip one end of the wire and connect it to the 12v power source. done.
  13. wnpublic

    Z-Wave Lighting Options

    My Vera plus integration: lotsa Bali shades, a bunch of Aeotec leak detectors (bathrooms, hot water heater, sump), a bunch of various Zwave switches and outlets.
  14. Also broken for me, again. Annoying and possibly indicative of a larger issue with this company.