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  1. Cartnj

    Matrix c4-lu682

    Did you try swapping cables around to see if a signal is pushing out of all outputs of the switcher ? test to see if the 1080 tv can see the signal on all outputs of the switcher. My guess is the connections are not correct.
  2. I used to have an AMX system and several in-wall AMX panels and they were connected to the video matrix to receive video of all of the sources. Its cool to show people but gets old real quick even on 12" panels
  3. Cartnj

    Multiple speakers in one zone

    Another way to do it is to use the global input on the triad amps. That is what I do for a large room. Just assign the 4 zones of speakers to the global input using the dip switch
  4. Hello Its just a room with audio and a keypad How can I program the "Music" button on the keypad to change when audio is playing in this room? Thanks
  5. $2500 for the Lot 16- 6CL dimmers 14- 8ans Switches 18- RD RD remote dimmers 6-RRD-1hn hybrid 4 button + 2 quick keypad 1-RRD-h6brl hybrid 6 button keypad dimmer 7 engraving certificates + temp stickers 1- RR-3pd-1 Dimmer module outlet 1-RRD-3ld lamp dimmer 5- PJ2-3brl-gwh-l01 Wireless pico dimmers 6-PJN-3brl-gwh-l01 Wireless pico dimmers with night light
  6. Could be only 1 hour or so before that happens. I do have the $4.99 paid account but I would think it should never time out. I use it for whole house background music and I might have to look at another streaming service
  7. Hi. Yes it’s a paid account In the last few months I never saw it at all. It has only been recently that I see it at least once or twice a day
  8. Cartnj

    HAI alarm integration

    You can do all hai programming via the keypad but it’s much easier using pc access. Yes control4 integrates nicely with the really expensive driver. And I tried the old upb lights and had much better success with radiora with hai.
  9. Cartnj

    Spotify Connect in 2.10

    I added in some delays so it gives us time to lower the Spotify phone volume. So now I start out at 60 then 3 second delays in increments up to 95
  10. When I try to play a pandora station my Touchscreens show "are you still listening" This has been happening alot lately. Anyone else with this message?
  11. The Connect Bridge is the Lutron Connect-BDG2-1 and its $165
  12. Cartnj

    Spotify Connect in 2.10

    Thanks Home Theater Advisor. It works, we just have to remember to make sure we put the spotify volume volume all the way low before we select "play on control4" otherwise it will do what just happened and started out at a really really loud level.
  13. How many 6cl dimmers do you need Gene ?
  14. Hello. Yes they are all white. I replaced with c4 lighting. Can get more functionality from c4 lighting with the double press and also can modify the multi room scenes from the touch panel with the c4 lighting.