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  1. And I like to turn off all screen savers on all tv’s and all touch panels. Just to show the cool interface. Also i set up everything return to home in 3 minutes
  2. Just sold a home I have a 2 button keypad at Front door and Garage entry door and just reprogrammed the "Welcome" and "Goodbye" scene. Also set up a custom button on all touch panels labeled "Realtor"- Welcome and Goodbye Welcome, turned on all TV's and displayed the TV navigator Sent a Smooth jazz playlist to the entire house (correct background volume levels) Adjusted every light in the house to mostly 100% Turn on the fireplace Turned off the screen savers on all touch panels and TV's
  3. Cartnj

    Roku - Channels- mini-app

    He would like the Roku news12 app. Not only is it live streaming the Channel but you can pick other news stories and play them back as well. Dad will be frozen to the screen like me
  4. Cartnj

    Roku - Channels- mini-app

    OK brother thanks. Hopefully something comes up. For now, its just another step.
  5. Cartnj

    Roku - Channels- mini-app

    I am a dealer and I talked to control4 support 2 different techs told me not possible.
  6. Cartnj

    Roku - Channels- mini-app

    I am told this can't be done unless there is a News12 universal Mini app. I was hoping that we had the option to add any Roku channel directly to the watch menu in navigator Please share if you have an another way to accomplish this Thanks
  7. Cartnj

    Roku - Channels- mini-app

    Looks like universal mini apps is the answer
  8. Cartnj

    Roku - Channels- mini-app

    Thanks MSgreen! I was talking about the Full Plex driver by Chowmain. But ok not needed since your saying we can create a "Roku Channel" as a mini app or placed directly under "watch" Is just a connection in composer?
  9. Is there a way to place a Roku Channel (news12) directly under the "watch" section. Currently, I have to go to "WATCH" "ROKU CHANNELS" then select News12. I can do it for Netflix, Youtube, etc using mini apps but is there a way to have direct access to any of the "Roku channels" ? Will the chowmain driver allow that?
  10. Cartnj

    Fireplace control

    Does the fireplace have a switch to turn it on and off now ?
  11. wow snapav told me today that visualint cameras only work with the visualint NVR... but I see that post above showing otherwise They also told me that the visualint has more automation type features compatible with control4 then the 510 series.
  12. I sent a PM to NJtechguy
  13. I have the QRS Pnomation III (that is the latest) I have the audio output sent to my matrix for a source in the whole house audio. Its cool but would be nice to be able to browse from the nearby Touch panels. I do have a dedicated Ipad that just sits on the Piano to select titles to play. Can also just quickly use your phone . QRS gave me a 2 year unlimited subscription for free also when my upgrade got messed up
  14. That sounds like what happened. Some rack wiring was changed
  15. Thanks for the reply. Yes I was talking about the MAC address on the hopper. I agree doesn't make sense. When it was first configured it was picked up as an available SDDP device in composer as a different MAC address as it shows now. Something happened after the dish tech added a Joey but as I understand, the hopper provides the required network connection for the Joey and its not connected to the home network directly.