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  1. Cartnj

    Dish Network vs DirecTV?

    I’m really liking dish so far. Stilll trying to figure out the commercial skips however. But I can say my cable tv optimum has commercial skip perfected. Just press skip and it skips the commercial only never running past the commercial. Other then the dish prime time auto skip is there a skip function on dish that perfectly skips the commercial without running past ?
  2. Cartnj

    Dish Network vs DirecTV?

    Thank you Codeman for the reply. About to order the Hopper3 now
  3. Cartnj

    Lutron Radio Ra 2 Items for Sale

    Almost all were backstabbed and cut off so just need to remove the wire. They are used and might have a little paint on some of them that can be cleaned
  4. Radio Ra 2 QTY4: RRD-H6BRL 6 button Keypad with up/dwn QTY3: RRD-6CL Dimmers QTY1: RRD-10D Dimmer supports 1000 watts QTY4: RDRD remote dimmer $520.00 includes ground shipping
  5. Cartnj

    Dish Network vs DirecTV?

    Bringing this back because I am trying to see if one integrates better over the other. Sports packages are not a concern and there will be no mini's connected since it will only be 1 DVR connected to an HDMI matrix Are the latest directv and dish equal in terms of reliability/feedback with control4? Thanks
  6. Cartnj

    For sale: KD120s, & APD120s

    Haha I like that response. I will help with the math if anyone is interested: 4 X KD120 X $180 = $720 8 X APD120 X $120 = $960 Total amount for all 12 = $1680
  7. I was told from C4 that its a setting under device setting on the ui but I don't see that on the TP or the TV nav
  8. Sorry, was talking about the EA controllers
  9. Can we change the TV navigator view circle to Grid from the TV ui? I know it can be done in UI config in composer
  10. Hello, Is there anyway to make the TV on screen navigator display for longer then the max screen saver timeout of 1 hour?
  11. Cartnj

    Matrix c4-lu682

    Did you try swapping cables around to see if a signal is pushing out of all outputs of the switcher ? test to see if the 1080 tv can see the signal on all outputs of the switcher. My guess is the connections are not correct.
  12. I used to have an AMX system and several in-wall AMX panels and they were connected to the video matrix to receive video of all of the sources. Its cool to show people but gets old real quick even on 12" panels
  13. Cartnj

    Multiple speakers in one zone

    Another way to do it is to use the global input on the triad amps. That is what I do for a large room. Just assign the 4 zones of speakers to the global input using the dip switch
  14. Hello Its just a room with audio and a keypad How can I program the "Music" button on the keypad to change when audio is playing in this room? Thanks