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Image files for different types of resources (buttons, icons, etc.) are located in the Theme .swf, and have to be edited.

There's no image for a particular *instance* of a driver. i.e. you can't have a different image for a Panasonic DVD player vs. a Sony DVD player.


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Reviving this old thread.


How then does the Wii have a different image than other "DVD Players"?


I want to create a "Chrome" logo for my ChromeCast devices.


I figured out the code to add to the driver, I just don't know where to deposit the image.

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I'm using TheoryAV's custom icons as well...does anyone know if he has custom icons for the bottom status bar?  In the sample icon names file, I didn't see any corresponding status bar icons for each of the custom icons (DirecTV for example).  Are they there and I'm just missing it?  Or does he only have that one status bar icon available?

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I didn't do the status bar icons for a few reasons.


The text was a better indicator of what was currently selected.


The base graphics for the status bar icon were next to non existent


So I picked the generic media playing icon..

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