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Using a fake room/lights to track and toggle modes


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Has anybody created/used fake lights to track and toggle modes?

What I am wondering is if I can ask my dealer to setup a room maybe called "Modes" and create on/off lights in that room that would correspond with certain modes we use (ex. Vacation, Guest, Entertainment, etc). Those modes track different binary variables I have setup. I already have custom bottoms created to turn certain modes on or off easily from iDevices, touchscreens etc. But so far I haven't figured out a way to determine if a mode is already on or off. I'd like to use a navigator or iDevice and see that the Vaction "light" in the Mode "room" is on or off. And then I could also turn a light/mode on or off from this screen and have it toggle the variable accordingly.

Does anybody have something like this working? If not, I would still be interested in your input...sounds like a _______ (fill in the blank: good/hairbrained/etc) idea.


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The 'traditional' way to track and trigger modes such as this would be with a 2/3/6-button keypad.

You certainly could use lights, but you'd need a light device driver that works without a device.

There may be one, but I can't think of one off the top of my head. Most Light drivers won't show an 'on' state until the light has actually turned on and returned status that the light is on.


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Thanks Ryan. Given that you are a pretty credible resource (understatement of the year!), I'm not too optimistic about being able to do what I want to do. For the record, I do use LED colors on 2/6 keypads to monitor/track all sorts of things. This whole crazy fake light idea is more to manage things when we aren't at home or in a room that has an associated LED.

No surprising, but what you said makes complete sense. Of course that is one of the selling points of C4/Zpro is that the system won't show an "on" statement until the light/device reports back that it is on. Duh! I may still be living in my X10 days.

I just had an idea for future development...it would be nice if Composer would let you create the custom buttons with a button color that could be managed by event programming.

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IF you still haven't found a solution to this. You may be able to set up a fake room with fake tv Devices and have each labeled as your lightning scene. You could then access that fake room and see which device is currently active and would substitute for that particular lightning scene

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And jump into an outdated thread ;)

But Hi!


If you have a spare relay on a controller, just bind a generic relay of choice to that relay and program that to be open/closed. These just show on any interface, and are discreet and tracked.

ie use a door open for home, closed for vacation and so on and so forth.


Everthing above is over complicated. Get an i/o extender if you have to just to do this ;)

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