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  1. I know both but prefer python. More libs I can use to do cool things.
  2. +1 . Python would be my preference.
  3. bets on OS 3.0 vs OS 2.10 ?? I would guess save 3.0 for a really big UI / functional update. My bet is OS 2.10.
  4. Cleaning out some old equipment. PM me best offers. HC's are one 2.9.1 (happy to have them downgraded to 2.5.3 if requested). 1x HC1000 V2 (original power supply replace but it powered off on me the other day for no reason - might need a new one. will post pics of it) 2x HC200B ( with OS 2.0 license) 2x HC300C (with OS 2.0 license) 1x HTC (on OS 2.2.4) Will ship to US only. Prefer PayPal.
  5. +1 Am not going to become a dealer but would love to try my hand at writing drivers. Cant see the downside for C4 if more people are interested in furthering the platform.
  6. good dealer makes all the difference let us know how it works out.
  7. Anything in the logs ? ssh in, and look in /var/log/debug/ . Could at least point to why link light goes on and then turns off (believe that means director crashed).
  8. Two things I notice: - lights can now be dimmed by scrolling the Digital Crown (rather than just on/off) - maybe it's my first gen watch but this seems laggy and the lights dim but are delayed a bit - there is now a quick launch icon available on the watch face (which works well with watchOS 3 and the app loads faster)
  9. ah ok - if they are public id love to read them. On the customer portal - it shows ComposerHE with and without documentation (and the with documentation has release notes). Although since 2.7x they don't have an option for 'with documentation'.
  10. Are the release notes dealer only? Or is there a way to get them with Composer HE ?
  11. yayayayaya!!!
  12. That it comes out tonight or just an announcement?
  13. Any idea if the new OS will come out tonight? Or just announce the features and a launch date?
  14. Look what I found (with some crafty googling):"true"&fq=certified%3A"true"&fq=primaryProxy%3A"media_service"&q=&fq=manufacturer:"Control4" Supported OS Version: 2.9.0 and above
  15. Does anyone notice an issue with the IP driver when the controller reboots, the Apple TV doesn't wake up when selected (need to wake it up with IR or remote app) ? It seems to happen to one or two of mine whenever my hc-800 reboots, but not consistently to all of them. Latest software on everything (ATV 3rd gens, 2.8.2, latest IP driver). Speedy driver btw...way better than IR. Now if we could only get two way control with feedback (what's playing, ability to select TV shows from shared computers, etc) that would be awesome !