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  1. Upgrade Time

    Errr.....Maybe your the newbie as they re-did the Fourm about 6 months ago and that reset a lot. Mitch (and I) have been here many years. I have worked for dealers for many years. Neither of us are newbies and neither of us go around pissing in someones Wheaties here. So be care, your already stepping on many peoples nuts here and that will not only get you ZERO answers but it will also get you a whole lot of smart ass answers. Good luck boss.......
  2. Upgrade Time

    Neat, another guy that wants to poo on Mitch without knowing the facts. Mitch doesn't have to comment on everything, but it helps having someone that is so in tune with the inner workings of the system and having them be able to answer questions. And for the record, Buddy may be a way of showing affection in Australia but in the states its kind of ripping on someone. Your entire post makes you look like another guy that will eventually fade off here. Enjoy being the equivalent of a chocolate starfish here, buddy.
  3. FS: SOLD

    I have a C4-8AMP1-B 4 Zone Matrix Amp for sale. $250 plus you pay shipping.
  4. Not sure if anyone is interested but I figured I would toss it here. Tried to move over to Android and couldn't do it so I am selling my Pixel 2. Details:>Pixel 2 64GB "Just Black" color.>Original box, cord, charging block, Micro usb to USB adapter, Headphone adapter>Zagg Glass Shield installed as soon as the phone left the box>Originally had put the Tech 21 rubber case on it for protection>Put phone in Otterbox Defender as soon as that case came out, so its had a case its whole life>I will also throw in a 6ft USB C extra charging cable>Was on Verizon network when purchased but its now unlocked and ready to tollNot a scratch on the phone, not a flaw, defect or issue. Just prefer IOS over Android. Free shipping to the lower 48.
  5. Vista 20P 4232cbm Honeywell

    Not sure, that was something I quoted from someone else in the group.
  6. ISO: Card Access Zigbee Remotes

    I have two I would sell you for $150 shipped so long as I am shipping them to the lower 48. One is brand new and one isnt.
  7. Seriously???

    Wap is there anything in your life that is good or are you just lurking around a bunch of forums to complain about things? Oh, ahhhh, asking for a friend.
  8. Anyone used a Reolink Security NVR?

    I have a nice Inaxsys (brand new) system for sale, Mitch makes a driver that works with C4! Just saying...
  9. Wattbox WTF

    Should. Your dealer should help. It cost me $20 in Ups labels. SNAP have been great about this. Sweet, Thanks, I will contact them! Adam
  10. Wattbox WTF

    Oh, great. And now that I dont work for a dealer.......I wonder if they will warranty mine.
  11. So has anyone seen this issue? It has now popped up at one site and my place. At my house I have the WB-600-IPVCE-12 and at the site I have the 2 outlet version. About two weeks ago I got a call from the site with the 2 outlet unit. The devices plugged into the outlets are off. Checked the outlets, no power. Rebooted, did all standard troubleshooting and nothing. Web interface says the outlets are on, but they are not. Firmware seems current. Today wife called, mad. Lots of stuff not working. My device has the same issue. The 8 controllable outlets are off. The 4 always on outlets are on and the green LED shows that. The 8 controllable are out and the LED is out. The Web interface again says its on. Anyone else see this?
  12. I have a fully functioning C4-8AMP1-B 4 Zone Matrix Amp for sale. Its in great shape and hardly used. $350 plus you pay shipping. Remember,,,,,,these are heavy.
  13. Cell Phones

  14. Alarm Parts

    So if anyone is interested here is what I have..... 1 DSC NEO HS2064NKCP01 New in box, never opened. 1 DSC NEO HS2064NKCP01 with an IT100 Automation Module, TL280G communicator, DSC 8080VZ Communicator, DSC PK5501ENG Keypad attached to the front of the unit for simplifity. These are the only open items. I have attached a photo of what I did to make it more understandable. With the dual communicator you can do alarm.com and C4 without issue. 1 DSC PG9916 Wireless Smoke and Heat 1 DSC PG9985 Wireless Flood Detector 2 DSC PG9975 Window and Door Contact 4 EV-DW4917 Recessed Door Sensor 1 DSC PG9904P Wireless Motion 1 DSC SD 15W-ULF Siren Would like to sell it as a lot. Make offer. I have a number in my head. Get close and win.
  15. Alarm Parts

    Does anyone need any alarm parts? I have a menagerie of sensors, panels, keypads, some brand new, some used but working. Mostly DSC Stuff. Just curious before typing a long ass list.