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  1. Alarm Parts

    Does anyone need any alarm parts? I have a menagerie of sensors, panels, keypads, some brand new, some used but working. Mostly DSC Stuff. Just curious before typing a long ass list.
  2. Legrand/OnQ Stuff

    I think I put this here once but my brain is a bit mush at the moment. I am looking to get rid of/trade a pretty nice Legrand/OnQ Package I got while working at a Supply Shop. Won it as part of a giveaway at a training so price is negotiable but I don't want to sell it for dirt cheap. I am looking to upgrade some of my C4 stuff (controller and IO and some other stuff) so if you have anything interesting including cash, let me know. I did take the items out of the factory boxes and snapped them into the enclosure just to check them out but they have never been powered up. I have all original packaging, manuals, cords and so on. Included in the package are the following items (which I would like to sell/trade as a kit)...... ON-Q Plug-in Module Tru-Universal Plug In Lamp Module (LC2150) ON-Q Digital Audio Distribution Module (AU7000) On-Q AC1013 6Port Cat 6 Network Interface Module ON-Q Intuity Controller Module (HA7000) ON-Q Power Strips Enclosure Power Strip Module - Half Width (AC1031) ON-Q Lighting System Controllers Whole House Lighting Controller (LC7001) NuVo P100 Wireless Music System Zone Player, 40W Stereo Amplifier (NV-P100-NA) NuVo P200 Wireless Music System Zone Player, 120W Stereo Amplifier (NV-P200-NA) On-Q/Legrand ENP4250 Plastic Enclosure with Hinged Door, 42 Inch with cover. Originally it was something like $2500 BUT make an offer.
  3. Patch Panels

    You will be fine. Just use Cat6 rated jacks and connectors. Make sure you maintain the twist and all will be well.
  4. Garage door sensor setup?

    Well in that case.....plop a Card Access Contact senor between the two doors and run two short jumpers to two door contact sensors. All done.
  5. Garage door sensor setup?

    Wellllll Kind of depends on the door and the opener. More info is really needed. 1. What is your current opener? Make/Model 2. How old is the controller and the button? 3. Do you want a sensor to tell you if the door is closed, all the way open or someplace in between. 4. How many doors do you have? 5. Why "should you know this" but you dont? Are you a dealer or just a fan?
  6. For sale

    This is why I don't like to buy from people not known on the forum. I sell a bunch here (or try to) but I have references here. This guy has almost no name recognition here. Sorry to hear about the issues but hopefully PayPal will do their part.
  7. Yea I have put in about 50 in my time. The only real issue most of the time is how to get the wire to the post with the lock. I have also hidden unlock buttons in a bunch of places for the lock and timed it so when you hit unlock it unlocks right away for "X" time or unlocks after "X" time and then for "X" time. They are pretty click and solid as hell.
  8. Alright.......I have to make some moves. Need cash and wife is mad.....Next week. Ebay. ADDED SOME NEW STUFF TO THE BOTTOM.
  9. Recommend a Security Camera?

    I have a bunch of Dahua/Inaxsys cameras and NVR/DVRs for sale and Mitch has a great driver for them!
  10. So I really need to get rid of this stuff to make space and buy some new stuff. Make an offer on stuff and if its somewhat close ill take it.
  11. Switching channels on two TVs

    Is there a driver, similar to the Theater Display driver that handles more than two tvs? I got access to a bunch of decent tvs and in an effort to make an awesome tv/game area for my family (kid) I am going to end up with 5 or 8 tvs on one wall depending on how i mount them.
  12. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    The web kind of sucks when your on your phone......
  13. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    This kind of stinks. Any action on this?