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  1. For sale

    This is why I don't like to buy from people not known on the forum. I sell a bunch here (or try to) but I have references here. This guy has almost no name recognition here. Sorry to hear about the issues but hopefully PayPal will do their part.
  2. Yea I have put in about 50 in my time. The only real issue most of the time is how to get the wire to the post with the lock. I have also hidden unlock buttons in a bunch of places for the lock and timed it so when you hit unlock it unlocks right away for "X" time or unlocks after "X" time and then for "X" time. They are pretty click and solid as hell.
  3. Alright.......I have to make some moves. Need cash and wife is mad.....Next week. Ebay. ADDED SOME NEW STUFF TO THE BOTTOM.
  4. Recommend a Security Camera?

    I have a bunch of Dahua/Inaxsys cameras and NVR/DVRs for sale and Mitch has a great driver for them!
  5. Switching channels on two TVs

    Is there a driver, similar to the Theater Display driver that handles more than two tvs? I got access to a bunch of decent tvs and in an effort to make an awesome tv/game area for my family (kid) I am going to end up with 5 or 8 tvs on one wall depending on how i mount them.
  6. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    The web kind of sucks when your on your phone......
  7. Tapatalk mis-configuration

    This kind of stinks. Any action on this?
  8. Add IP Camera and VPN DIY

    "I'm a pretty technical guy"....... I just couldn't use Google to tell me I cant add these things and I like dropping a list of open ports on the internet...... Sorry Kook, I couldn't resist. Oh also, if you VPN in, your ports don't need to be open......but you knew that.
  9. I made a 4232 integration document with photos a while back in the forums. Did you check that one out? There is some programming to be done on the C4 and the Alarm panel side to make things work,
  10. Worst app....4Sight

    Mine works 100% of the time, every time. Maybe you should check out your network?
  11. Cy, Also the United States government as a whole BANNED HIK not the world. Its not so much that they have access to it but the question should loom, why do they send it to them and back? Why not just let it bounce in our cloud. I worked for the other Chinese company and we went over this daily. Investigated it, checked sources, all that. Its actually a battle and marketing plan for my old company.
  12. Cy, actually your correct you can get up to 5MP over coax now. And the Chinese thing should only worry you if its a HIK or HIK white label brand. No other Chinese companies are owned and managed by the Chinese government