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  1. AdamT

    Some Stuff For Sale

  2. AdamT

    Some Stuff For Sale

    Bump new prices before it hits fleabay
  3. AdamT

    Some Stuff For Sale

    (2) Control4 HC-200-E-B - $20 each (1) Control4 HC-300-C-E-B - $20 (2) SR-250 Remotes $100 each (1) Card Access Security Sensor Bridge $75 (4) Control4 LOZ-5D1-W Outlet Dimmers - SOLD (6) Control4 Dim-1z-x Dimmers. All have ivory buttons. All used but work. No faceplates. - SOLD (2) Control4 KP2-Z-N 2 button keypads (no buttons, no face, used but work) - SOLD
  4. Clearing out the basement again. I have 8 of these. Never opened or installed. $75 each ($150 new) or if you want all 8 I will sell them all for $400 Liberty AV part DL-HDCAT-WP-R https://secure.libertycable.com/product_details.php?pitem=DL-HDCAT-WP-R *NOTE- You will still need the DL-HDCAT-S or similar transmitter.
  5. AdamT

    Software Upgrade Cost

    There is a difference between "passionate" and just outright being a constant jerk. I do understand how hard it is to stop being a dick all the time and thinking you are right as I used to live that way. Changed the way I live and life is so much better. You are constantly here acting like C4 has wronged you personally. If they (or any of us) had the means to make C4 work the way WAPPINGHIGH wants it we would have done that just to get you to pipe down BUT I also assume that even if it was made to be perfect for you then you would complain about something else. A friend broke it down to me like this and it sounds perfect in your case. "A guy like you can win $1,000,000 and complain that it wasnt $1,250,000." Enjoy.
  6. Nothing yet....
  7. REASONABLE offers considered. Daddy bought way to many toys, needs to sell some. (2) Control4 HC200 Controllers HC300B Controller Card Access Contact Sensor (2 with internal antennas 1 with external antenna) (3) Control4 LOZ-5D1-W White outlet dimmers Philips Hue Lighting. 3 of the A19 bulbs, the original bridge, the tabletop lamp and the lightstrip. The lightstrip will need new sticky on the back. Denon AVR-S900W - Shipped to the lower 48 states. Upgraded mine and have this one. This one just came back from a heat sink upgrade and is still in the plastic that Denon Service put it in. https://usa.denon.com/us/product/hometheater/receivers/avrs900w BNIB (2) Sets (Boxed in Pairs) Proficient AW525 Indoor/Outdoor Speakers BNIB Proficient CC400 Center Channel BNIB (2 sets) Vanco EVEX2004 Blauns (HDMI Over Coax up to 400ft) BNIB Vanco EVSW1040 - 4x1 selector switch for HDMI. Can take a tv/projector and split screen into up to 4 images with various patterns. Good for bars, restaurants, command centers or sports nuts Luxul XWR-3100 Router - DUAL-BAND WIRELESS AC3100 GIGABIT ROUTER - https://www.luxul.com/routers/wireless-routers/xwr-3100.aspx Luxul XFS-1816P Smart Switch – 18 Port/16POE+/2 Gig Uplink ports - https://www.luxul.com/switches/poe-switches/xfs-1816p.aspx Luxul XWC-1000 Wireless Controller- https://www.luxul.com/wireless/wireless-controllers/xwc-1000.aspx No box, used at my place for 3 months to test. (2) Luxul AC1900 Dual Band AP (work with the XWC-1000 or directly with the XWR-3100) https://www.luxul.com/wireless/controller-compatible-ap/xap-1510.aspx No box, used at my place for 3 months to test. Luxul XBR-4400 Commercial Grade Multi Wan Router - https://www.luxul.com/routers/wired-routers/xbr-4400.aspx No box, used at my place for 3 months to test. BNIB NVT (Network Video Technologies) NV-EC-10 EC10 – 10 port ethernet over coax switch (pretty awesome) basically you can send ethernet for CCTV, Access Points, or any IP source up to 2000 feet across coax. I have the main switch and two of the endpoint connectors. You can have up to 4 devices on each endpoint. http://www.nvtphybridge.com/ec10-promo/ Dahua Camera Tester - tests just about everything under the sun. https://www.amazon.com/Dahua-TESTER-PFM900-recording-playback-flashlight/dp/B0716FRVJX/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_421_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=81523XDFTRYZWJYRKJBH
  8. AdamT

    Upgrade Time

    Errr.....Maybe your the newbie as they re-did the Fourm about 6 months ago and that reset a lot. Mitch (and I) have been here many years. I have worked for dealers for many years. Neither of us are newbies and neither of us go around pissing in someones Wheaties here. So be care, your already stepping on many peoples nuts here and that will not only get you ZERO answers but it will also get you a whole lot of smart ass answers. Good luck boss.......
  9. AdamT

    Upgrade Time

    Neat, another guy that wants to poo on Mitch without knowing the facts. Mitch doesn't have to comment on everything, but it helps having someone that is so in tune with the inner workings of the system and having them be able to answer questions. And for the record, Buddy may be a way of showing affection in Australia but in the states its kind of ripping on someone. Your entire post makes you look like another guy that will eventually fade off here. Enjoy being the equivalent of a chocolate starfish here, buddy.
  10. AdamT

    FS: SOLD

    I have a C4-8AMP1-B 4 Zone Matrix Amp for sale. $250 plus you pay shipping.
  11. Not sure if anyone is interested but I figured I would toss it here. Tried to move over to Android and couldn't do it so I am selling my Pixel 2. Details:>Pixel 2 64GB "Just Black" color.>Original box, cord, charging block, Micro usb to USB adapter, Headphone adapter>Zagg Glass Shield installed as soon as the phone left the box>Originally had put the Tech 21 rubber case on it for protection>Put phone in Otterbox Defender as soon as that case came out, so its had a case its whole life>I will also throw in a 6ft USB C extra charging cable>Was on Verizon network when purchased but its now unlocked and ready to tollNot a scratch on the phone, not a flaw, defect or issue. Just prefer IOS over Android. Free shipping to the lower 48.
  12. AdamT

    Vista 20P 4232cbm Honeywell

    Not sure, that was something I quoted from someone else in the group.
  13. AdamT

    ISO: Card Access Zigbee Remotes

    I have two I would sell you for $150 shipped so long as I am shipping them to the lower 48. One is brand new and one isnt.
  14. AdamT


    Wap is there anything in your life that is good or are you just lurking around a bunch of forums to complain about things? Oh, ahhhh, asking for a friend.