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  1. Sorry guys, forgot to put models in there. Added now.
  2. Wow, so you guys will help me for FREEEEE if I am a forum user? Ziba, do the right thing and pay the man. You admitting that you understand what a valuable member of the forum he is, and then skipping out on payment is a dick move to say the least. And why should anyone's time be free? Ill admit, I try to HELP people here sometimes but a lot of the time people mistake a gesture of kindness as a form of weakness and then take advantage of it/you. Now as Matt has said you will make it harder for him to trust anyone here and have scarred him on business transactions. Then for you to say "the devil is in the details" tells me that you deliberately scammed him. You didn't just assume it was free, you had your "excuse guns loaded" and planned on taking advantage of him. I would say you are lucky Matt is as nice as he is. I would have already found someone local to you to handle the business at hand. Now you admittied you made a bad call, so man up and pay Matt, and in my opinion overpay him with a tip for making collecting a pain in the ass man. I also think the Moderators of this forum should ban you until payment is made, and maybe even after that. You basically scammed a good person, in the open, on a forum meant to HELP PEOPLE. I say, away with you.
  3. *Photos on request** (1) Luxul XWR-3100 Router (1) Luxul XWC-1000 Wireless Controller (2) Luxul AC1900 Access Points (1) Luxul XMS-2624P 26 Port/24 Port POE+ Gigabit Managed Switch All less than 6 month old, used at home to test. Now onto bigger items! (2) C4 CCZ-T1-W Thermostats - $50 each includes shipping to the lower 48. Kwikset lock with zigbee chip. $75 includes shipping to the lower 48 states Denon AVR-S930H - $450 shipped to the lower 48 states. bought for a customer and they flaked out. Never opened. (4) Nest Cams - NC2100ES - Brand new, still shrink wrapped. Same customer as above I bought them and he flaked out. $140 each shipped to the us. All 4 for $500
  4. So the CD8080, the HSIM and the Houselogix driver and I should be good? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. So I used to be a Honeywell guy but my new shop sells DSC. I have asked our rep but he thinks this connect be done.........I say given the talent in this room I should have no issue making it work. I have gotten DSC Neo HS32-119CP01 panel and he threw in a cd8080vz to communicate to via verizon. Can I also add a TL280 for Control4 connection?
  6. I have two. The price is above.
  7. I have two used ones for sale and more.
  8. Did you try going incognetio and going to I found it pretty quick but will not use a Hik on my network so I cannot verify if it is a working C4 compatible firmware.
  9. I have two CCZ-T1-W thermostats. One should be running 2.8 and one is 2.9. Both in great shape and I think I have the box for one of them. $50 EACH + Shipping to you.
  10. Hey bud, hate to burst your bubble but at those prices, Youll be here a while. Just my 2 cents
  11. Anyone interested? Won in a work contest. New in box, never installed. $50plus shipping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. So you want remotes and Charging Cradle or just the cradle, battery and cable?
  13. But the question is, can just anyone afford the Mercedes and if they both have equal features would you spend all that extra on the Mercedes when it will just sit in the garage and never be seen? The C4 is a nice unit but in all the places I have done, no one has ever chosen the C4 over the others. They all essentially do the same thing but one is priced higher for no other reason than the logo. That said if I could have my rack full of all C4 branded merch I would do it, but I cannot justify it. I hope he sells it I just think for the money you could but a nice effective matrix and have money left for light switches.......
  14. Actually I think I am the one that commented on your FB post. The C4 ones are overpriced. Not sure why. Its just how it is. You can get a Binary 8x8 4K for less than that. Just saying.