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  1. I may have lost some of your details of your issue throughout this thread if so it might be best to message me directly. But if I understand the issue correctly, you're on OS 2.x and you are saying that you've lost features of searching for some or all of your services? But your last comment states an inability to go to OS3 because of the number of EA-controllers you have in your project. So your issue seems a little conflated between 2 different issues. I am not familiar with the code base for OS2.x because that predates my involvement with mobile at Control4. But I can say in regards to searching on OS3 drivers being up to date play a big role in what's displayed per service. When in comes to this version the driver-UI interaction was redesigned and the audio/video drivers control the UI and the app's capabilities for the service. The iOS version shouldn't be a factor with search appearing or not. If you do update to OS3.0 and are dealing with a major driver (ie. Deezer, TuneIn, Pandora, iHeart Radio...etc) any search issues you are having should go away as long as the drivers are the latest. If my comments don't address the issue you are having or need further explanation message me directly so we can discuss further. Thanks!
  2. Ah I see I think 3.0 supports both Alexa and Google, I use both in my house, with a mix of Android and Apple for mobile. It's a bit more hodgepodge
  3. If you have a google mini or google home or any of those type of devices and you don't want to add a Raspberry Pi as a bridge you can let google be the bridge and download google assistant to you iPhone. It's a software work around to the problem if you already have the hardware in your home.
  4. Joel or a product manager would have to respond directly to this for anything to carry any weight. I believe there are some very small edge cases where an IP is needed to be set when using a controller in a what some people called "Cabin Mode" which is essentially the controller has no internet access and needs to operate as if it did, at least in terms of security and logging in. If that feature makes it's way into 3.0 I would imagine it would be to address that use case more than to allow access to your system via VPN without a 4sight license.
  5. This is correct. The poster is Joel and I can confirm he is the manager of mobile development. I knew there was a feature in 2.x like he mentioned and I was allowing you to put the IP of the controller in but that it wasn't a supported use for it with VPN. I hope this clears up this question or at least the current state of the question.
  6. Not aware of a specific issue with VPN but I can look into it. What app version are you referring to? Is it specific to iOS or Android? I can try and setup a controller without 4sight and then I'll test it to see what happens.
  7. I found out who he was just yesterday. He's certainly an asset to C4Forums and will have much greater knowledge when it comes to drivers and such. Funny thing is he sits like 2 rows over from me I just didn't connect his display name with his actual name.
  8. I've already seen a positive response to your suggestions and discussion about prioritization into upcoming releases. That being said we don't pre-announce future work since that's often such a moving target. I included this post link in my communication so they are aware of who you are and if they need more information or want you to beta test a build for us you'll be contacted directly. Your suggestions were valuable and most likely will help steer the direction of future releases.
  9. I will see if something changed in your version of Control4. The screenshot you posted looks like you are referring to OS 2.x. Can you post which version you are using? Another potential problem could be if your drivers for the given music services are up-to-date or not. That is something you can look into on your end. If you need help or assistance doing that might be where your dealer needs to check that the drivers are up to date or not.
  10. I have forwarded your suggestions to the Product Manager and UX Manager to evaluate and prioritize your suggestion. Thanks for providing it.
  11. Haha, not sure who that is but just here to lend a hand and help find solutions to problems where I can.
  12. Believe it or not I don't actually have a lot of insight into this. There's a lot of devices I actually don't get to experience first hand. Sonos is one of those devices. Since there's so many devices Control4 communicates with it's really difficult for all the devs to have access to systems that have everything that we can control. We have a lot of virtual systems and devices that we utilize to reproduce the functionality of real systems. I have only used the Nest Thermostat with Control4 System at my home. I use Google Home/Assistant to control certain devices in my house that have been exposed to it from our latest integration with Google. I know we'd like to see this kind of integration make it's way to Siri and Homekit as well but until it does I have made do with various work arounds to do so. Other than that I don't have a lot of insight into future road maps for these products. So really your guess is as good as mine Thanks Jonathan
  13. When it comes to programing for these various devices for Apple it's not as simple as one might think. You have to be given access from Apple in order to develop for these types of devices and it involves a lot of behind the scenes work between interested parties before we can move forward with programming for it. With Control 4 we integrate with a lot of devices that on their own are pretty simple in regards to the kind of data that is needed to send commands to control and integrate with them. However when it comes to certain experiences. Streaming music services for example there's an exchange of data that is more personal to a user (usernames and passwords, etc). When one a company wishes to integrate with these types of services there's a lot of compliance and requirements that often need to be worked out and met in order to be granted integration and follow guidelines that company wants to enforce. Same goes for companies like Apple and Google. Until those kinds of terms are worked out between Control4 and integration services are complete there's not much that can be done from a development perspective. Hope that makes sense. Jonathan
  14. In response to your first question there was a design change made after the initial release to instead of displaying the rooms the sessions are playing in just show the transports since that's something you can immediately take action on when coming to this view. What rooms were playing in is considered more secondary information that could be collapsed by default to preserve space per session. As for your second question the media source not going to now playing when clicking on it is intentional. Since a session playing can represent multiple rooms that can all be controlled differently for the same session (ie muted/volume level differences), it's a more complicated visual problem to come up with an intuitive experience for the user while showing all the details we currently show for the now playing view to also bring in the various controls and states for each room that session is streaming to. We opted for solving that issue, for now, by just making the now playing room based when you want to go to the currently streaming session that the given room is participating in. We would be interested in feedback you have about this experience. If you preferred how it was before, what did you like about it? How did you use that information to accomplish what you were trying to do? I can then forward your feedback to the product manager over this to give future input over design. Thanks
  15. Thanks! It's part of a broader initiative we have to make the best experience possible for Control4 users. Other developers will start becoming more active on this forum as time goes on as well.
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