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  1. If you'd like to send me the logs and help troubleshoot this let me know. You can send me a direct message and attach the logs. Also are you on the latest App Store build? Do you know what version your C4 controller is running (director version).
  2. Lets do a direct message about this since I don't think the general community will benefit from your particular issue at this point and we need to probably troubleshoot some things that are unique to your project and setup. If the resolution proves to something more than configuration issues or you feel the community would benefit from your solution then we could do a post at that time. Generally when cameras fail they fail remotely but work locally. Sounds like yours doesn't even work locally. Which changes the things we need to troubleshoot because different things are going on behind the sc
  3. Am I correct in that you are viewing the cameras remotely when it fails? What version of the app are you using? Does everything work correctly locally? When you say they used to work but now don't do you know of any changes that occurred between when they did and didn't work? (Did you upgrade your home system, change network gear, did the app update? etc)
  4. I know this doesn't address the browser plugin issue but this is what I use to view my Luma NVR since all my browsers don't work with the plugin. Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/luma-surveillance/id999425761 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snapAV.iVMS&hl=en_US With that app you can view live streams and the NVR's recorded events. I only use it to see the recorded events and view the live cameras in the Control4 App.
  5. What do you mean by tablet? Are you referring to an Android device or iPad? What versions of the App are you using?
  6. I am not an expert at this kind of troubleshooting but what knowledge I do have about it is that it seems like that you have a bad driver. Depending on how much it's spamming the controller with bad arguments being sent can account for any delay in functionality too. Meaning if the controller gets flooded with a bunch of bad driver calls it has to take time processing all of them before it can do some other things in the system. I do know that many drivers did need to be updated to account for changes in the 2.x and 3.x OS handles things. Often this can be resolved by having the dealer check i
  7. I've gotten more information on this fix. For anyone else that has this problem. Power cycle your controller Unregister your controller, then re-register it. This should resolve cert issues between the controller and mobile clients (Android/iOS)
  8. I just confirmed with the Android team as well. If you are on the latest release of the mobile app and provide me your controller's common name I can forward that to the team to push out an updated cert to your controller. DM me the info.
  9. I didn't see any mentions in the post about android and since I am an iOS developer I posted about the issues I knew directly about. However the fact is that a controller certificate change occurred on the controller which both android and iOS utilize for authentication. The android issue could be unrelated to the reported issues in this thread but to I'll forward this issue to the android team to get their opinion
  10. There were some changes that Apple made to how certificates are handled on iOS 13. It's a hand shaking issue between the mobile client and the controller. The certificate being used on the controller as part of this process needs to be updated. If you directly message me the common names of any of the controllers that are experiencing this behavior I will escalate the issue with our teams to push out new certificates to your controllers.
  11. I may have lost some of your details of your issue throughout this thread if so it might be best to message me directly. But if I understand the issue correctly, you're on OS 2.x and you are saying that you've lost features of searching for some or all of your services? But your last comment states an inability to go to OS3 because of the number of EA-controllers you have in your project. So your issue seems a little conflated between 2 different issues. I am not familiar with the code base for OS2.x because that predates my involvement with mobile at Control4. But I can say in regards to sea
  12. Ah I see I think 3.0 supports both Alexa and Google, I use both in my house, with a mix of Android and Apple for mobile. It's a bit more hodgepodge
  13. If you have a google mini or google home or any of those type of devices and you don't want to add a Raspberry Pi as a bridge you can let google be the bridge and download google assistant to you iPhone. It's a software work around to the problem if you already have the hardware in your home.
  14. Joel or a product manager would have to respond directly to this for anything to carry any weight. I believe there are some very small edge cases where an IP is needed to be set when using a controller in a what some people called "Cabin Mode" which is essentially the controller has no internet access and needs to operate as if it did, at least in terms of security and logging in. If that feature makes it's way into 3.0 I would imagine it would be to address that use case more than to allow access to your system via VPN without a 4sight license.
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