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  1. On the mobile side it really doesn't take away resources to work on those areas. We have developers working on all 3 of the areas mentioned by @wnpublic. Media wall does have an important place in the platform and has been highly requested feature allowing dealers more lines of revenue than they previously had before. This didn't come at a sacrifice to intercom or performance issues that are also being worked on. Those previously mentioned pain points each have their own unique challenges and problems to work through but are of high priority to the dev team to resolve. I hope that calms any fears about the focus of work.
  2. DatBear

    Speed is life

    Outside looking in it's easy to see that the point of view appears that there's just one group that makes everything work. Because there's just 1 app that allows us all to interface with our homes but in reality there's a dev group for drivers, one for core controller work, QT, OvrC, Cloud Services, Android and iOS to name a few. Sometimes we all have a piece of the pie and we implement things at different times base on priorities for the group. But rest assured we are all moving towards the same goals and that's the best customer experience we can provide. It really is our passion. Thanks for hanging in there with us as we improve with every release.
  3. DatBear

    Speed is life

    Just wanted to give an update to let you all know we hear your concerns and feel them too. Many of the developers at SnapOne/Control4 use the systems in their home and have 1 or more mobile devices we test our homes against (iOS and Android). There are some things we as developers on the platform can do in order to make the app as fast as possible in connecting to the controller, both locally and remote. There are some things we are doing within the app to improve this and some things out of our hands that involve overall infrastructure changes and support from other groups outside of the developer group to improve this. Things are in motion to get this all to happen and I am sure once it's done the results should be a great improvement. It is currently a top priority in the mobile dev group and a lot of engineering effort is going into this pain point. We want the app as fast as possible as well, and strive to make this a reality. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to bring a much faster experience to iOS (we have some catching up to do) and Android users.
  4. @jrdiandrea When you say most recent version are you speaking of the App store version? We have people who participate in beta releases and want to be clear if you're referring to TestFlight or App Store?
  5. For anyone still having a volume slider issue, or mute button issue can you please message me? I'd like to know what version of the iOS app you're using, what driver you are using and I will probably need your app log once you've reproduced the problem in the app.
  6. It is a constant connection but only while the app is open. This is necessary to listen to events, get state updates and such. However once the app is closed or sent to the background this is ended. If the app is draining the battery this would be abnormal behavior. What would be helpful is if you notice the drain after doing any specific things in the app, when you think it's occurring email the log from the app and we can see if anything abnormal is happening in the log. Hope this is helpful.
  7. This has been submitted to the iOS team as a bug: CI-17379 I'll update this post when it has been resolved by the developers and begins to make it through to the beta and release phases.
  8. James, send me an email and I'll see if we can figure this out. jbrown@control4.com or direct message me your email and I'll contact you. Either works for me. Thanks
  9. If you'd like to send me the logs and help troubleshoot this let me know. You can send me a direct message and attach the logs. Also are you on the latest App Store build? Do you know what version your C4 controller is running (director version).
  10. Lets do a direct message about this since I don't think the general community will benefit from your particular issue at this point and we need to probably troubleshoot some things that are unique to your project and setup. If the resolution proves to something more than configuration issues or you feel the community would benefit from your solution then we could do a post at that time. Generally when cameras fail they fail remotely but work locally. Sounds like yours doesn't even work locally. Which changes the things we need to troubleshoot because different things are going on behind the scenes. Send me a message and we'll dig in to the issues. What would be helpful to know is what version of Control4 is running on your controller and what version of the iOS app you are using. Thanks
  11. Am I correct in that you are viewing the cameras remotely when it fails? What version of the app are you using? Does everything work correctly locally? When you say they used to work but now don't do you know of any changes that occurred between when they did and didn't work? (Did you upgrade your home system, change network gear, did the app update? etc)
  12. I know this doesn't address the browser plugin issue but this is what I use to view my Luma NVR since all my browsers don't work with the plugin. Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/luma-surveillance/id999425761 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snapAV.iVMS&hl=en_US With that app you can view live streams and the NVR's recorded events. I only use it to see the recorded events and view the live cameras in the Control4 App.
  13. What do you mean by tablet? Are you referring to an Android device or iPad? What versions of the App are you using?
  14. I am not an expert at this kind of troubleshooting but what knowledge I do have about it is that it seems like that you have a bad driver. Depending on how much it's spamming the controller with bad arguments being sent can account for any delay in functionality too. Meaning if the controller gets flooded with a bunch of bad driver calls it has to take time processing all of them before it can do some other things in the system. I do know that many drivers did need to be updated to account for changes in the 2.x and 3.x OS handles things. Often this can be resolved by having the dealer check if the driver is out of date and needs to updated or track down or create an issue with the driver creator on the driver. Without more information this is just some suggestions that could be the problem but no one was responding to your post and I at least wanted to point you in the right direction if possible.
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