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  1. I'm having issues with 4K in the master bedroom. I can go through setup in the Directv menu for 4K and 4K works, but when I switch to another source and go back to the same 4K DTV box, it loses the EDID settings and 4K doesn't work. The TV is a Sony XBR and It stays on the same input, all the switching is done on the video matrix. What can I do to fix this issue? Do I need to dedicate the DTV 4K box to the master and connect it locally? Thank you.
  2. xc420

    Controlling Somfy Motors

    You need 3 relays for open, close, and stop.
  3. xc420

    Add On Box

    The Tivo OTA is pretty slick. They're now selling with lifetime service subscription (no monthly charges) and you can stream Netflix and Amazon prime. Plus you can control with IP.
  4. On the 3.5mm plug the bottom ring closest to the wire is ground. You might have to swap what is normally pins 2 and 3 on a DB9 connector around. That would be the wire on the tip and the one below it. For instance, if you cut the wire in half and strip it back you will see 3 wires - BLACK, RED, and WHITE(sometimes). If you use a multi-meter and determine the bottom ring is the black wire, connect the black wires back together. Then put the white wire to the red wire, and red wire to the white wire.
  5. xc420

    URTSI programming

    I have hard wired ILT2-ST30 Somfy shades but they use a RS232 to 485 adapter and send serial codes directly to the motors. It says to program 1 shade at a time, are you able to control at least 1 shade with the URTSI? When you verified operation by pushing up or down on the URTSI did it work?
  6. xc420

    I'm interested in buy 1 of your HC300's.  I live in Houston.

    1. SY3


      Sounds good.  Let me know what's your time frame since I haven't upgraded my system yet.  Hoping to get $60. Been using for over 2 years without any issues.  Let me know if you have any questions.

    2. xc420


      I'm going to a wedding on Saturday but I can work out any other time at your conveniece.  Can I pick it up locally? $60 is fair, I'm fine with that.

  7. xc420

    Anybody need a HC300 on 1.7.4?

    I'm running Crestron now but all the lights in my house are still on embernet. PM sent.
  8. xc420

    Connecting to director issue

    Not sure which version of Windows you are running. Go to Control Panel -- Network and Sharing Center -- Change adapter settings right click wifi, select properties, in the window scroll to the bottom, highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 - leave it checked in the box on the left select the properties button. Does it have 'Obtain DNS server address automatically' selected? If it doesn't, this might be the problem.
  9. xc420

    Connecting to director issue

    Obviously, I'm not 100% what your problem is connecting to the internet. But If you had the DNS manually entered before, it could be a reason why you are unable to connect to the internet even though you are connected to wifi. Since something has changed on your network, you might need to change your DNS to 'Obtain DNS server address automatically' in the network settings. I sent you a message.
  10. xc420

    Connecting to director issue

    Look at your DNS settings on the windows pc. Is it setup manually?
  11. xc420

    serial driver

    Mankan, how are you going to connect all those serial devices? If you could create a driver for this, it should make it a lot easier. It even has a broadcast mode. Push one button, turn on all bar TV's. http://www.digital-loggers.com/ss20.html
  12. It's possible to create a batch file to reboot the controller when necessary, assuming you have PuTTY installed (with plink). Here's what I'm using in a batch file to reboot my raspberry pi: plink -l root -pw openelec reboot But first you have to add a new path to your system environment variable. For Windows 8 select control panel, system, advanced system settings, advanced (tab at the top), Environment Variables. In System variables window scroll down and highlight path. Click on 'Edit' assuming you installed putty in C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY you would add ---> ;C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY\ at the end of your 'Variable value: ' Then open notepad and put this in with your correct IP address. plink -l root -pw t0talc0ntr0l4! reboot Then save as Control4Reboot.bat Now all you have to do is double click the batch file to reboot your C4 controller.
  13. xc420

    Control4 Stock "Rally"

    Julie Jacobson is waving her pom-poms again, that is all....pump and dump round 2?
  14. Uverse is flooding the network with UDP multicast packets. Plug the Uverse boxes directly into the Uverse Gateway. If you have too many cable boxes buy a seperate 5 port switch and use that for Uverse only. Get a different router and setup DMZ from the Uverse gateway to it. Plug all your other network gear into your own router. Uverse should be seperated from all your other network gear.