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  1. Dimmer wiring question

    I'm not sure of the electrical codes in your area but if there are a bunch of white wires twisted together and tucked in the back of the switch box, those are most likely neutral and you can connect the white wire of the C4 dimmer (neutral) to those. The red wire from the C4 dimmer would connect to the load wire of the switch box (assuming the white wire in the switch box is the load wire). You need to test these wires with a volt meter. You won't really get a reading in any case when testing for a neutral wire. Good luck and be safe.
  2. Press vs Single tap

    I forgot to mention to have a remote ready for the Room Off command just in case
  3. Dimmer wiring question

    I recommend getting a volt meter. Hopefully you know how to use it. Find the HOT wire (120v without the existing switch having to be on). It most likely will be the black wire. Flip the switch on. If the white wire is 120v with the switch on and 0v with the switch off, thats your load wire. From the C4 switch, connect Black to Black of the switch box (assuming it is the HOT wire), red and white twisted together and connected to the white in the switch box (assuming it is the load wire), green to ground. Make sure the yellow wire (from c4 dimmer) is not exposed and connected to anything. That is only used for 3+ way and I'm not going to explain that one. If you had a neutral wire in the switch box , the white wire from the c4 dimmer would connect to the neutral at the switch box but that wire is rarely present (unless code in your jurisdiction) in a single gang switch box. You'll most likely see it in double, triple, and quadrouple gang boxes twisted together and tucked back deep into the switch box.
  4. Press vs Single tap

    yes.... but this example is for the end user and its free. Otherwise, houselogix is your next go to
  5. Press vs Single tap

    The volume control for the assigned keypad button (or top/bottom button of dimmer or switch) needs to be programmed within the room. My example is programming for volume control in my garage.
  6. Press vs Single tap

    Not that way. I'll send a snapshot. I gave you the paraphrased way of how to program it. Once programmed to a keypad button of your choice, press and hold the button and don't let go until you get to the desired volume level.
  7. Press vs Single tap

    Yes. That would be a way to "raise the roof" Sent from my C6906 using Tapatalk
  8. Press vs Single tap

    Programming a "press" would initiate programming attached immediately while a "single tap" would delay programming by 1 second to allow for a potential double or triple tap and any programming associated. Programming volume on a button to work like a remote is pretty simple but there's a cruicial 2nd part to it. You program a button PRESS to START volume up of that particular room. The cruicial part is to program a button RELEASE to STOP volume up in that room. If you forget that part, you may blow your speakers or blow the roof off your house (depending on amp and speakers). Volume down is similar but you program a START volume down on a PRESS and STOP volume down on RELEASE. Turning off an audio zone would depend on the source that's playing in that room. A Room off command doesn't turn off lights, just the tv (video media) and the audio. You may also consider adding another room (even though you're physically in the same room) for just audio sources so that the TV doesn't turn off when you turn off the new room designated just for audio.
  9. We are looking for programmers

    Sent pm
  10. IFTTT Alexa vs Google Home?

    Yes and no. "Play" is a word you can't use because the Echo device already uses that word for the built in music streaming services (prime music, tune in, spotify, amazon unlimited, etc.). Instead, I would actually shorten the trigger to "ESPN LIVING ROOM" so that you would only have to say "Alexa, TURN ON ESPN LIVING ROOM." Less words are better. Sometimes saying "ON" last works better than when saying it after "TURN". The "SET" command is for setting volume % (only if your audio device has discreet volume control) or light %. Its in the video.
  11. IFTTT Alexa vs Google Home?

    I thought the video was done well. The Epic driver gives you the ability to name a "trigger" whatever you want and custom program the desired action. The video mentions programming macros to use for the trigger programming. The basic limitations are amount of trigger words available and the words that are used for programming with the trigger Eg. ON, OFF, UP, DOWN, SET, etc... The video mentions extra words you can use or should not use when talking to the Echo Dot. Not a big deal. Other than that, you can create custom programming for voice control of anything connected to your C4 system. It's the same for audio. Create a macro for the desired audio to play in the desired room. The brains of the action/trigger are in the macro. Name the trigger whatever you want but keep it simple and intuitive. Program any one of the trigger's ON/OFF/UP/DOWN/SET to use the appropriate macro. This driver works well and is easy to work with once you get the hang of it. You really have to try it.
  12. There's also a talented gentleman@msgreenf who could potentially create a driver for the nvr or the cameras for display within control4. Blue iris is a very versatile nvr (byopc) but it does require a pc with decent hardware and a bunch of setup time. The learning curve isn't all that bad. If you have a mac, security spy is another software option comparable to blue iris. Sent from my C6906 using Tapatalk