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  1. If you wanted to get fancy and have a customized icon display in the navs the status of motion and no motion (add a timer to keep the motion icon on the nav display longer), program a UI scenario/experience button to follow it. A generic contact sensor driver could be used for motion status and program the UI button to follow the status of it. One icon could be created to display motion, and another could display no motion. Would take a little longer to create a set of icons but that same ui driver could be re-used again for other camera's.
  2. Does the bose have a setting that needs to be enabled for IR control? You could also just try pulsing volume up and down (with the unit on and the bose selected as an audio source in c4) while moving the ir bud around until the volume reacts.
  3. In 3 way (or more) circuits, the goal is to create a 2 way circuit between the C4 device and the light. All the other locations need to be wired so that the circuit is complete and no switch of any type is needed in the other locations. This will require a volt meter to test voltage or continuity across all wires. Some wires in the other locations may need to be twisted together and tucked away in order to complete the circuit for the C4 load controlling device. Aux keypads don't control a load. There will need to be a free dead wire available to connect the Aux to the C4 lighting device. Most electricians get confused with this "travellor" wire and want to wire it the same way as a standard 3 way circuit. An Aux keypad won't work like that. Aux keypads and 3rd gen lighting in 3 way circuits are great because it doesn't require any programming or connections and the controller doesn't have to be running. The older gen keypad buttons don't do anything if the controller is down. Same with programming 3rd gen lighting to work in 3 way to activate top and button presses instead of properly installing aux keypads.
  4. dcovach

    hc800 intercom license

    What kind of sorcery did you perform to make that happen
  5. dcovach

    hc800 intercom license

    Not every controller in the project needs to be licenced. Just the primary
  6. dcovach

    hc800 intercom license

    Did that work for you? AFAIK the primary controller still needs to have the licence. A site licence would work too but not worth buying because of the outrageous price.
  7. dcovach

    hc800 intercom license

    There's nothing wrong with that either. All depends on how many io you need and factoring the reason why an HC800 was considered in the first place. There's enough horsepower in an hc250 to do a good job but it won't compare to an hc800 when the project starts to get large.
  8. dcovach

    hc800 intercom license

    No licence on that one. BL-1 includes the licence. It's not worth buying a licence at this point. Put the money towards an EA3 or EA5.
  9. dcovach

    Remote Installer

    Is yours the wifi module? The free C4 driver is showing as a "V2" driver (version 2) and controlled by serial but I have to clarify whether it's also a network driver. The previous version may not have had network control 3 years ago. Whats the model of yours exactly?
  10. dcovach

    Looking For New Remote Integrator

    Sent PM
  11. dcovach

    Insufficient space

    This is the perfect job for tech support
  12. dcovach

    Insufficient space

    Is there a usb thumb or hdd connected to the hc800?
  13. dcovach

    Tapatalk iOS login issue

    Thanks @danlevine and all you do to keep this forum running. No complaints.
  14. dcovach

    Insufficient space

    @CrazyFire I've seen this happen on HC250's that end up having a bad microSD card inside. You also didn't mention which controller you're using.
  15. dcovach

    Pakedge RE-2 throttling network?

    Do you have access to dealer forums? While at the same time, the RK-1 would be the choice router.