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  1. You could try an "experience button". The icon could be changed to look like a light but it wouldnt actually be a light. It could be programmed to turn on or off the led strip every time its pressed
  2. Telus doesn't have a separate lte apn so I don't fully understand why the rogers lte apn doesn't work with the C4 app. I don't know if this helps but try manually creating an apn with all of these rogers settings: Rogers LTE Settings for Android Name Rogers LTE APN ltemobile.apn Proxy Not set Port Not set Username Not set Password Not set Server Not set MMSC http://mms.gprs.rogers.com MMS proxy MMS port 80 MCC 302 MNC 720 Authentication type None APN type default,mms,supl APN protocol IPv4/IPv6 APN enable/disable APN enabled (checked) Bearer Unspecified
  3. I'm using telus and the lte settings work for me. Whats your rogers apn? Is your phone set to automatically find the best network within range? Sent from my C6906 using Tapatalk
  4. The ds2 does not include a camera that pans or tilts.
  5. Understood. All apologies if i responded inappropriately. We could go on and on about this topic but it is what it is. I'm a dealer but its besides the point. If linuxmce works for you and you have all hardware and loads of free time to do it, good on ya. I can't begin to imagine how much time you spent on your last sytem and to say it compares to a c4 sysyem. I get your point about wanting to be hands on. Its fun. If you spend time reading this forum and search for the features you want, you may be impressed and find what all the diy systems are lacking.
  6. No offence, but with all due respect, thats almost like saying you would replace a reliable truck in need of tuneup or (an engine overhaul) with a smart car while boasting the smart car can tow boats and campers because you have the "skills" to make it happen. You can spend all the time you have gearing a smart car to tow like a truck but you won't get anywhere fast. No one here really has a problem with your opinion of the dealer model. Some of us just aren't able to handle disagreeing with you. When you find a comparible solution to c4 (or better) for next to free (or your budget), and actually works flawlessly please pm me. I will join that forum and make lots of friends and get free or cheap advise and make fun of everyone from the forum that wasted their money on trucks or upgrading them. Sent from my C6906 using Tapatalk
  7. Many have asked the same question as you. Even though you are experienced in the field you're in, unfortunately for you, Control4 is a "dealer model" type of system. It is not a DIY system. You won't have access to change or add the components of your system, nor get technical or warranty support on your own merits. However, there are parts of the system that you can physically tackle yourself but as far as setting up the system to suit your equipment and needs is going to require hiring a local dealer or a "remote dealer" to help you get started. For a cost, there is a home version of Control4 software for the consumer (you) that enables you to do a lot of your own custom programming but you won't be able to add or remove devices. It is the dealer's job to do that and properly configure not only the system, but also the network. If your system is already "online", the account is transferred to you, and is for the most part working, then you can save yourself some money by hiring a remote dealer from this forum. I am one, as well as many others on this forum. If the majority of your system is literally in a box, then I would hire a local dealer. Control4 is a solid system if its set up properly, ESPECIALLY the networking gear. If you have really old equipment, it may not be worth the cost of a dealer to set it up and may require some upgrading. Send me a PM. I'd like to see a list of what was left behind.
  8. I meant the Android emulator. I've used bluestacks before. I'll try remix mini
  9. It depends how many of us have a go pro hero 3 or 4 just sitting around. It could be used as a temporary mobile camera, or even permanent if its powered and waterproofed for outdoor use. I can't seem to find the tiny cam desktop version. Wait.. I think I just figured out. Which is the best android emulator for pc?
  10. Any chance a go pro 3 or newer? It can be added to tinycam pro app.
  11. If you had to add another zone (only 1 or 2), you could consider a C4 wired or wireless speaker point. Its an amp too so you can connect speakers and add a source directly to it as well. Its convenient for a retrofit. If you're adding more than 2, less than 4, than you may a well get a C4 4 zone matrix amp. As for sirius XM, unfortunately you won't get it with C4 natively. You would need a C4 multi tuner with the optional XM tuner. There's other good equipment out there for streaming audio but C4 does a pretty good job with some of them natively. Regardless of what the C4 amp looks like, its a good piece of equipment.
  12. I don't think your DS2 is setup properly for your Touch Screen's. If you have T3's, it should work, but I think you have the older ones. If you have the older touch screens, you have to select "alternative camera" on the DS2 UI. Its a submenu of the DS2.
  13. I've used the nest thermostat in the past and was happy with it. Currently using the newer C4 thermostat. Its obviously does a great job but UI is a little plain, while the trim cover is actually sleek. It includes another remote temp sensor for monitoring another room but you either track the temp in the room locally or the other room. Not both. The newest ecobee is being promoted a lot these days. I like how several rooms (with extra sensors) can be monitored for temp. You can't beat the DS2 for quality and reliably. I've configured it to also call my cell phone (without an app) when I'm not home but that requires a sip account and proper setup. You can use a softphone app for remote video feed of the call too. All this works, but not right out of the box.
  14. If you want speed, C4 audio (matrix amp) with an echo device can further speed up the process via some custom programming. C4 matrix amp's, as well as audio inputs from EA series controllers, have an audio sensing feature which can be programmed to perform an action. If you had a prime music membership and an echo dot connected to a matrix amp, you can program a zone to turn on when it senses audio from the echo dot. You can program several zones to turn on when audio is sensed. Its fast and hands free. I haven't tried to program sonos to work like this but it can be done. You'd program a favorite station to play and wouldn't need to use audio sensing for that. I use the epic systems amazon echo driver to program all my audio requests. If you program a macro, just ask "Alexa" to TURN ON whatever you called the trigger (macro). No navigator is needed and no apps.
  15. Thanks. Couldn't have said it better myself...