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  1. dcovach

    DSC NEO Integration

    Unfortunately you cannot set up the controller yourself but you can program what you desire after initial setup using the end user version of the software Composer Home Edition. The pro software is only available for dealers. If you plan on sourcing an older used controller, try to find an HC250-BL-1 or HC-800-BL-1. The model you mentioned (BL) does not have a "site licence" so you will not have access to a C4 mobile app, or PC/MAC app without it. Look for the BL-1. I offer remote mote programming/integration services if you decide that you need assistance with the next step.
  2. dcovach

    Weather integration

    That would be the one. Since it's beta, it won't be in the C4 driver database until finished.
  3. It's not the touch screen driver you're having issues with. It's either NVR/camera compatibility or configuration you're struggling with. Log into your dealer account and read all the KB articles related to Hikvision NVR's, cameras, and ip camera troubleshooting. You will find useful info there as to which NVR and cameras are known to work and which firmware (minimum) they were tested on, resolutions, fps, etc. Start there. Your other Hikvision driver options are from blackwiredesigns.com. No use in trying or buying any drivers until you've done some reading. It's a bit of a learning curve but this is what it takes to integrate Hikvision into C4.
  4. dcovach

    Quick help programming!

    I can help. Sent PM
  5. If your lighting devices can dim, another lighting affect that seems to impress is a quick ramp to 100% immediately followed by a slow ramp down to 70-80%. You still want your rooms bright so customize the 2nd action lower light level for bright/dark rooms.
  6. dcovach

    What’s your perfect XBMC streamer?

    Yes, true. OSMC as a stock OS and with included plugins tend to run just fine.
  7. dcovach

    What’s your perfect XBMC streamer?

    There are a lot of plugins that work but tend to break suddenly. Most people get confused into thinking there is either something wrong with the kodi box or the OS. It's most likely the plugins break and are at the mercy of the developer updating a fix.
  8. dcovach

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    I also had that problem at the beginning but I can't remember the magic ingredient. I'm sure someone will chime in before I can remember how I overcame that.
  9. dcovach

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    It's a pain but it works.
  10. dcovach

    2.10.6 released

    I'm still excited
  11. dcovach

    C4 driver for nVidia Shield

    Check this link out --> http://www.video-storm.com/downloads/irusb_faq.htm
  12. dcovach

    What’s your perfect XBMC streamer?

    I haven't had any issues to report, but there is a forum and the developer(s) does participate. Osmc seems to keep getting better. Its been running stable on rpi's ever since I started using it. Unfortunately a lot of things end up in a landfill but rpi's are still very popular and can be re-used for many other projects when one day your favourite os is no longer available. Don't expect kodi plugins to be reliable. Stick to streaming your own local library and you'll be happy. I've found that Apple airplay works well (music only) and casting youtube videos from a mobile. There are other good plugins that are solid but I haven't tested that many. You could literally spend weeks playing around with kodi plugins, no matter which box you have. There's too many. Osmc does a good job of being a media player without any plugins. Add the chowmain kodi lite, or kodi full, driver to your c4 system and you can have your media in the c4 database. You can program to auto turn on a room when you airplay music or cast youtube videos to it. It's one of my all time favourite drivers.
  13. dcovach

    What’s your perfect XBMC streamer?

    For just a kodi experience, there's no need for android boxes or expensive hardware. Along with libreelec, osmc runs really well too on cheap hardware. They sell nice piece of equipment called the vero 4k. Specs are good but an rpi2 or 3 runs well on it too. All depends on how cheap you went on the microsd card. Stay away from cheap knockoff microsd's and your box should run 24-7
  14. dcovach

    Weather integration

    I'm pretty sure those alerts will be one of the limitations at this point.
  15. dcovach

    Weather integration

    I'm pretty sure control4 will release a driver as an alternate option soon. If anything, there might be something in beta for now but with limitations. I can look into it if interested.