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  1. WTB - Legacy keypad buttons

    @koxkp I have the ones you need plus a bunch of others you may be interested in. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3rrgyi9t63w5gzp/keypad buttons.jpg?dl=0
  2. (FS) C4 Demo Equipment

    I can ship to Canada. Standard warranty is 2 yrs however there is about 1 YR left. I also have a new retrofit wall box and new poe injector for the touch screen. Pm me if interested
  3. Garage door sensor setup?

    Boolean true/false. Eg: When garage door opens (variable name)=true When garage door closes (Variable name)=false When (variable name) changes If (variable name)=true (Add notification programming or announcement here) If (variable name)=false (Add programming here)
  4. Garage door sensor setup?

    I used variables for open and close status and programmed notifications off that. it fixed the problem but I haven't checked for a driver update yet
  5. Door Station Mini

    Yes. Add the 2N Helios camera
  6. driver remote help

    I'm usually available 7 days a week to my clients for programming or drivers (I work too much) but I will be away this weekend to celebrate my 40th b-day with some friends. If you have not been taken care of by Sunday evening, please let me know. I should be available by then.
  7. thats some impressive MI network reconnaissance
  8. Weird HUE light Issue

    Try creating a new variable for the tv power status. Make it true when it powers on and false when off. Program the led to turn on or off in the new variable using IF statements
  9. Do you have a pneumatic pellet gun, dark clothes, and safety glasses?
  10. To get a status of the temperature, make a new Float variable. Call it Wunderground Temperature or something that makes sense. Add the following programming to the Wunderground driver: When Weather station changes temperature Set Variables-->Wunderground Temperature to value of Weather Station-->Temperature_C You should be able to see the temperature in the new Variable. You can now use your above programming in the new variable when that number (temperature) changes.
  11. hosts file on controller

    You have a habit of asking some really good hard questions.... keep it up
  12. variables

    ... slaps forehead
  13. Remote dealer needed

    With little bias, I completely agree with @msgreenf and also recommend his advice as a forum ambassador and driver creator
  14. Speaker Points

    I have no idea what you've tried... If I logged in remotely or had a copy of your project then I would have a better idea
  15. Speaker Points

    Try Un checking Local Amp Mode. Refresh Navigators.