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  1. Both the EA3 and EA5 have audio sensing. Works well and very responsive.
  2. dcovach

    Weather Underground

    This old thread mentions some of the weather station options but its a little old....
  3. dcovach

    Weather Underground

    Chowmain has an internet weather driver. However, I thought I set you up with a weather underground driver? If not, let me know.
  4. dcovach

    WTB: Custom Engraved Buttons

    PM me. I've ordered for quite a few remote clients.
  5. dcovach

    WTB: Custom Engraved Buttons

    Its all up to who you deal with and how long it takes. If all 200 keypads are labeled exactly the way you like in your project, it will go quicker. Every dealer will have their price based on how much time they spend on it. There's not really any margin. Can range from $4-$10.
  6. dcovach

    C4-16AMP3-B Matrix Amp

    Ahhh. Thanks for the tip. Will have to play with that
  7. dcovach

    C4-16AMP3-B Matrix Amp

    To prepare the matrix for the network and controller, you can either give it a static ip address or set it to DHCP from the front panel using the buttons and the knob. The audio settings can also be set with those knobs but that can also be done with the dealer's software once the matrix is identified into the project.
  8. dcovach

    C4-16AMP3-B Matrix Amp

    No sir
  9. dcovach

    irrigation caddy

    Great idea! I was thinking about that too. Hah! How quick is the response? 5 seconds till friendly fire?
  10. dcovach

    C4-16AMP3-B Matrix Amp

    Its not a stand alone unit so it won't work (play audio) unless its part of a network and identified by a primary Control4 controller. A dealer needs to set that up along with sources and zone outputs. Without being connected to the network or a controller, you can adjust DHCP or static ip network settings as well as audio settings (tone/gain/etc) for each zone.
  11. dcovach

    irrigation caddy

    Also, in case your neighbor's dog routinely poops on your lawn and you happen to notice through the window at that very moment. You could fire that zone on via voice control. Mission accomplished. Also, I finally noticed this weekend that the updated amazon music app (Canada) accepts voice commands for not only prime music. It'll trigger devices in your house.
  12. Is your system registered to your new email address or the previous owner's email address? If not sure, contact the previous owner and get them to transfer their control4 account to you. There's a chance they had a site licence. Log in with their provided email and password, change all the details to your email, password, and address, etc. You would inherit that licence too. All you would have to do is register the HC800 to that account again (if not done already).
  13. The most recent controller released was the CA-1 and its used mostly for small entry level systems (builder's homes) not requiring any audio streaming or a navigator. I can't see there being a complete new line of controllers rolling out soon enough. Maybe a slight error was made in buying a non licenced HC800 but it is still usable or you could always sell it and try to find a licenced one until you're ready for an EA series. It always makes sense to me to start current if you're starting from scratch. If you have 3/4 of a system with legacy gear and it works fine for your needs, leave it alone. Replace gear as it breaks or as needed. Once you're down to just one usable controller but everything else is almost 10 years old, may as well start over. We all start over with a new-ish car at some point. No sense in replacing an old broken down car with a used engine and transmission when you can put money towards a newer and better handling car with better performance / features and potentially a warranty. Unless its a classic muscle car, that's a different story.
  14. I'm only making assumptions. A minimum phone os may be required for the app