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  1. Since no control4 lighting is being used, the EA1's may be needed for zap's, other wise, the EA5 navigator distributed through a video matrix works well.
  2. Are you in contact with a local Control4 dealer? You will not be able to set up/program the Control4 system even if you have equipment. Your dealer will most likely not want to touch anything used as there is no guarantee any of it will work and that could potentially waste a lot of everyone's time and money.
  3. C4-RWB57C-P

    I have a few extra. Sent PM.
  4. SiriusXM

    The native SiriusXM Control4 driver was released today. Requires OS 2.10
  5. C4-RWB57C-P

    If you google that part number, you should be able to find it quite easily.
  6. Controversial Topic

    @Larry, why don't you find a local dealer and apply for a job? You would be a huge asset!
  7. Best Door Station

    The DS2 can be brought into Blue Iris as well
  8. Yes, I was talking about Rogers cable. A lot of people still watch live tv
  9. IR control of a cable box won't be lightning fast but it is certainly bearable. I'm not holding my breath but I heard a rumor about a year ago that the cable company in my area may allow ip control of some of their cable boxes (with a RJ45 input). So far there isn't an ip driver yet. That would improve navigation speeds and could potentially open the door to programming a DVR schedule from within C4 Composer software.
  10. I'm using a SR-260 remote on an EA5 controller running on OS 2.10. I would say the response time is quick but you be the judge when comparing to URC. Here's a link to a video I quickly made. Sorry for the low quality res. I'm not a professional youtuber yet...
  11. Try installing 2.9 first, then 2.9.1 after. Hopefully adobe air is up to date.
  12. (FS) C4 Demo Equipment

    Updating a demo room. The following are lightly used AND NEW items for sale. Will update this list periodically as more items become available. Some may still have warranty. Will be shipped in original boxes. If you can find a better deal on ebay, I wish you the best of luck with your purchase. I will guarantee everything on the list is working perfectly. Can assist with install as I offer remote services. PM for purchase. Touch Screen(s) with camera on OS 2.9.1 (can source a retrofit box for a fee) 1 NEW - C4-TW7C0-BL - $375 1 YR left on warranty (never taken out of box) 3 USED - C4-TW7C0-BL - $275 1 YR left on warranty
  13. Garage door sensor setup?

    I'm sure you already know, but the vera is another handy controller for bringing in a few more zwave devices into C4. The MYQ plugin for the vera is free. It has broken in the past but still works at this point. It's not recommended for open/close notifications within C4 but it gives you control of your garage doors from all your navs. The status is pretty accurate but I don't use this method so I can't confirm.
  14. Garage door sensor setup?

    After the 2.10 update, the houselogix myq driver was giving me open and close notifications over and over and over. The fix is in the works from what I hear. I had to disable the notifications (love this new programming feature). Otherwise, it was working perfectly before the update.