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  1. dcovach

    Composer Help

    Log into your control4 account and read the bulletin at the top. PM me if you need a system update
  2. dcovach

    Can regular uses buy/design with C4?

    What you can do is have control of your network (with recommended gear in mind with proper configuration) and all the programming of your system. You can buy a Home Version of the dealer software. You can do a lot with it.
  3. dcovach

    Another Insteon Question

    Unfortunately Houselinc doesn't want to connect to PLM modems with newer hardware and firmware versions. I currently have a 2413S hardware version 2.4 1416. I'm assuming 1416 is the firmware version. I've read about some people editing the devices.xml file to accomodate the newer firmware version but it does not work for me. I'm connecting with an FTDI serial to usb to the the PLM modem on my laptop running windows 10. It has not gone well so far with houselinc.
  4. I'm open to new remote clients and willing to listen to your needs. PM me for any questions or issues that need addressed.
  5. dcovach

    Another Insteon Question

    @jackstone What are the differences between v1 and v2 driver from houselogix? I've only used v2
  6. dcovach

    Request to Purchase Chowmain Belkin WeMo Driver

    I can help you out. PM sent.
  7. dcovach

    Nintendo Switch Driver

    That's right. The only other option I've seen is a "no-control" source driver with an icon that displays in the navigators.
  8. The vera edge will do just fine.
  9. dcovach

    Water Sensor

    This product should do the job http://www.candselectronics.com/products/
  10. Hopefully they didn't just mount the waps, setup the ssid, pw and call it a day. I don't know anything about araknis but proper multiple wap setup requires a bit of time. It's important to adjust the transmission power until an RSSI of -70db at the midpoint (best hand-off location) between waps is achieved. Otherwise, you'll end up still connected to a wap far away as you're approaching a closer wap. There are software tools out there that run on a PC and connect with the mobile app version to help with this tuning. The installer should be walking around the house and determining/adjusting settings on the wap until a good hand-off is achieved while maintaining good throughput at all desired locations in the house.
  11. dcovach

    Control4 Equalizer App - FREE

    There is a driver but it's for the surveilance station. It involves a cost. Are you just trying to play music off the drive? That can be done with a DLNA driver (free). You just won't be able to search music with it (limitation of synology). Any other purposes? Movies? You'd need a recognized/supported video player. A basic Network Attached Storage driver would need to be installed and you'd have access to whatever share's you set in the driver properties.
  12. dcovach

    Control4 Equalizer App - FREE

    Yes, that also needs to be done by a dealer if its a network drive. It may have its own driver or the Network Attached Storage driver will need to be added and configured. You can edit some of the user access details with Composer HE. A USB thumb drive or powered USB HDD connected straight to the controller (formatted to FAT32 max size 2TB) will automatically be detected and ready for use after a navigator refresh.
  13. dcovach

    New Home Build - Help

    As much as I would love this... no one can say for sure if and when this will happen. Still, a good idea and more reason to invest in a T3 if true.