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  1. dcovach

    EA5 End of Life

    Not that I've heard. There is a new V2 version of the EA5. The V1's will probably be hard to get as they may not be sold through the dealer channel soon (if not already).
  2. Yes, very. I can't handle this jelly. Go leafs!
  3. Oh, this is so romantic....
  4. dcovach

    Amazon Music Workaround

    I didn't have to go through this work around (I'm in Canada) probably because I've had an amazon prime membership (american) for quite some time. (at least a year or so before it was available in Canada). I suppose I defaulted to content from the United States because it was my first membership. I do not have to use any VPN's or DNS proxy services to make this work for me.
  5. dcovach


    Sent PM
  6. dcovach

    Amazon Music Workaround

    Not sure if this would work but try this link https://www.amazon.com/hz/mycd/myx#/home/settings/payment and change your Country/Region settings in the preferences to United States. Changing your shipping address to an american address may/may not be necessary but worth a try as a last resort.
  7. dcovach

    Room Temperature Monitoring

    You can't bind it with that new driver. I've only used it with a Z2IO for monitoring temperature on a TS. A dealer/user in this forum (and dealer forums) created a temperature display driver for older devices and hosts it on his site. You'll have to contact @lukas.polivka or get an account on yatundev.eu to get the driver. With this driver, the temperature on the TS will change via programming, not by a connection/binding. If you're an end user, feel free to PM me. If you're a dealer, you should have no problem getting it to work as this is also posted on dealer forums.
  8. dcovach

    Audio Streaming EA3

    How about using the audio out of another controller? HC200/300 (depending if you're on os 2.91 or lower) HC250 or ea3? If you don't want advanced audio, then you could use a speakerpoint. Those can distribute audio over the network and have both an analogue audio input and output. Those are an amp as well so you can connect speakers to them.
  9. dcovach

    Room Temperature Monitoring

    Add the temperature display driver.
  10. dcovach

    Disable TVs based on schedule

    Correct. You could also add a UI button to show up in the Navs and program it to toggle the relay (outlet).
  11. I'll respond to your PM
  12. dcovach

    Inspiration / Personal History

    I was not a PLC programmer or controls software/hardware designer in my field so I'm not familiar with all the hardware that was used. You will be able to talk circles around me on this topic. Siemen's and Allen Bradley rings a bell. I see a lot of RSLogix 5000 these days as I'm still involved in automation. Regardless, at some point during my journey I was going to try to incorporate some of the equipment the company was using and try to bring it into the home. I was going partner up with a PLC programmer to build a lighting/security system with some blind control and a few other things. I'm glad I never pursued it as the equipment was quite overkill for its purpose and it would have had its limits. I did not realize that the idea to automate the home already had a head start elsewhere.
  13. dcovach

    Inspiration / Personal History

    With my background in industrial machine automation and home construction/renovations, I never realized that the two could meet in the middle at the residential level at an affordable price point. I always thought that the level of automation I was hoping for someday was something only Bill Gates could afford UNTIL I stumbled upon a Control4 demo system. Rather than try to develop automation in the home using industrial quality PLC's and hardware, C4 had already accomplished what I was looking for with the ability to retrofit on a platform that could integrate more than I had ever imagined. I'm just glad that I didn't waste any time on anything else.
  14. @tshooterI would certainly contact Control4 if you're concerned about the installers credentials. You also have the ability to restrict remote access to your system from your Control4 account. Hopefully you are able to log into it. You can remove remove remote access by Clicking 'Account' and unselect the text box that says "I allow my system to be serviced and updated remotely by my dealer, installer, or Control4 support personnel." You should also find out if any users were added other than yourself or known users. Go back to the home page and click 'Account, Manage Users'. You can remove any unfamiliar email addresses that don't belong to you. Make sure you know what your password is since you are the main account holder. This account belongs to you and you can log into it any time you wish. Nobody else should have access to your account, other than whoever you authorize. You will know which dealer had remote access by clicking 'Account, Edit' and scroll to the bottom. You can change that dealer ANYTIME you wish. Its possible there is a VPN server running on your router. It does NOT need to be running for your system to operate. It may have been set up for access to your cameras from your mobile or maybe even your C4 system (not necessary since the 4sight service is the best option). It all depends if ONLY YOU have the credentials to connect to your VPN server. If you're able to turn it off on your router, then that potentially safeguards access to your network further. In all fairness, your installer needed to have access to your network in order to set up your system and cameras but you probably weren't informed enough as to the extent of the work. It's always best to have a long conversation with your installer if possible but getting Control4 involved will give you the most peace of mind.