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  1. Go into Agents. Add/create a timer and name it Kitchen Echo Dot Timer. Set it to 5 seconds or a little more. Programming Event - Matrix Amp Input 2 starts sensing audio When audio starts being sensed on Audio Input 2 (echo dot) --> Select Echo Dot as the audio source in the Kitchen --> Stop Timer 'Kitchen Echo Dot Timer' Event - Matrix Amp Input 2 stops sensing audio When audio stops being sensed on Audio input 2 ? If Room Kitchen Selected Audio Device is Echo Dot Kitchen --> Start Timer 'Kitchen Echo Dot Timer' Scroll down to the bottom and find the Timer you created When timer 'Kitchen Echo Dot Timer' expires -> Turn off Kitchen They key thing here is the expiring of the timer is what executes the action. This is basically "occupancy timer" programming.
  2. @C4CA @mrd176 I use a C4 audio matrix and have successful audio sensing programming for the echo dot. It works well. I could paste my programming later but I may not have to. I would program audio sensing for this matrix and the echo dot to work like an occupancy timer. Create a 5 second timer and program a room off command when the matrix stops sensing audio. Stop the timer when it starts sensing audio and select the echo dot as the source in the desired room. I think whats happening is for some reason the matrix needs a room off command before any more programming related to audio sensing works again. I'm sure you got this covered but make sure the default room volume is not at zero. Like I said, this works for me. Let me know how it goes.
  3. Swapping out legacy dimmers for APD dimmers

    Its definitely been there, I've just never seen a demonstration of it proving that all programming transfers. It wasn't shown in training either. I know there's too much to cover in 4 days but some basic tips like this relating to takeovers would have been key. I never felt like taking a chance on customer projects with gen 1 and 2 lighting. I've been exposed to mostly gen 3 lighting. I'm more comfortable taking the safe approach. I'll have to try this out on my own setup before I get easy button happy from here on in. @Cyknight and @thegreatheed Your suggestions are helpful.
  4. Swapping out legacy dimmers for APD dimmers

    Unacceptable. Complete waste of time. Not easy enough. Actually, never tried using it. Been way too afraid to trust that the programming transfers completely. Never seen it demonstrated either but I may need to take a leap of faith and become a believer.
  5. Error when launching Composer Pro 2.2.1

    I hear ya, but not everyone on here who says they're a dealer is actually one. Dealer forums has a lot of discussions and there are KB articles available there for these kinds of questions. There's no real reason to ask questions like the one above.
  6. Error when launching Composer Pro 2.2.1

    This is an end user forum. You may as well look up knowledge base articles on the dealer site. You'll find all the help there. Also... not sure why you're using old controllers as primary's in new projects for your customers? You're not doing them any favors by installing legacy product. EA series controllers are the way to go.
  7. Swapping out legacy dimmers for APD dimmers

    It would save a lot of time if there was an "easy" button for that, unfortunately there is not.
  8. glassedge7 touch screen - network traffic

    Are any of them in monitor mode?
  9. Chowmain - Microsoft Cortana

    Very cool. Looks like its possible to run Windows 10 and Cortana on an RPI3.
  10. Input sensing works well with a C4 matrix amp. A room(s) can be programmed to turn on the amazon echo output. If the room amp/room is off, only a small part of the first word of the female voice is cut off but it doesn't affect the beginning of a song when streaming audio. Whats annoying is when the trigger word Alexa is accidentally spoken during a session. The current audio session of that room would be interrupted by the Alexa voice and the session would be over. I fixed that by programming a way to block the echo dot from turning on and interrupting the current digital media session. I also included programming to block the echo dot from interrupting analogue sources. Also created a 5 second timer to turn off the echo dot when no more audio is sensed. It would be nice to be able to program an "alexa stop" command to go along with the room off command. It will still stream audio and turn on the matrix amp at some point because of the audio sense programming. Sometimes at 4am.... The echo dot needs an "alexa stop" command to stop streaming. Would be nice to program that one day. I have yet to test an EA5 input for audio sensing with an echo device.
  11. An advantage of zigbee devices with C4 is the frequency is it operates on. The channel can be configured to avoid conflicts with the common 2.4ghz frequencies (wifi, bluetooth, microwaves, baby monitors) so that consistent and clean signals transmit back and forth. In US and Canada, it operates on an even lower frequency than 2.4ghz. Extremely important in automation.
  12. Good point. These zigbee devices are all end nodes so the zigbee signal doesn't repeat, just like an SR260 remote and C4 door locks. A good zigbee mesh is still needed to be able to reach these.
  13. I highly recommend you visit a dealership and experience a demo room. You don't have to buy anything there. Just ask a lot of questions and take notes. Maybe even get a quote. You'll see a list of what you need.
  14. You'll get a lot of differing opinions for ip cams but Hikvision comes up a lot. You could cheap out and go with Foscam or Amcrest. Alexa echo devices are great for voice control but don't expect it to pick up your voice commands perfectly. It can get annoying to repeat yourself. If there's competing noise, its even more frustrating. A C4 remote still wins (my opinion). You can change the room you want to control on an SR260 remote. Its not locked to any particular room. It makes more sense to put remotes in the most used rooms just for convenience. If you want a TV nav on all your tv's, you will want a controller for each TV. This will also help improve the zigbee mesh but you have to consider the distances between each zigbee device. HC250 is an OK choice but not future proof. EA1 is of the same gen as the EA3 and EA5. You'll be able to view your ip cams (integrated into C4) on those TV navs. DCS is a good choice for security. There's threads with more info. I'm not really a security guy.