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  1. chopedogg88

    August Smart Lock Pro + Connect with C4

    We are selling it again...needed a quick tune up so we took it down from the store temporarily. https://www.epic-systems.com/products/august-smart-lock-driver-for-control4
  2. chopedogg88

    Tapatalk iOS login issue

    Thanks Dan! I would be happy to take over administration of the forums if you'd like. I can cover the fees as well. Let me know... Ari
  3. We aren't big enough to have a Beta program. We fixed it, tested on 5 different systems and it seems to work as expected, so we wanted to release the update to everyone as quickly as possible after that.
  4. Updated driver can be downloaded here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1103/4622/files/amazon_echo.c4z?8431783045295061859
  5. chopedogg88

    FS: Kwikset & Yale Deadbolts

    I have 2 extra locks for sale: 1 - Kwikset 910 in Satin Nickel, gently used - asking $175 1 - Yale Push Button Deadbolt in Satin Nickel - brand new in box - $250 Please PM me if interested. while I'm at it...also have some other random Control4 items...some new, mostly used - PM me if you are looking for something - would like to clear out the storage area a bit! -older style dimmers (LDZ-101-WH) -speaker point -NYCE door/window sensors -pakedge RE-2 router -etc
  6. chopedogg88

    WTB: LDZ-101 or C4-DIM1-Z in Black

    I have a couple of C4-DIM1-Z's in white. Might also have some black color change kits, let me check. Please PM me. Also have several LDZ-101's in white if anyone is looking...
  7. chopedogg88

    WTB T3 Pre/new-construction brackets

    I prefer the metal ones...they are sturdier and less flexible (obviously). Not sure what you mean by unstable though. Both do the job.
  8. chopedogg88

    WTB T3 Pre/new-construction brackets

    They are only sold separately actually. Proper part numbers and prices are: C4-NWB57C-M $20 C4-NWB57C-P $10
  9. Indeed. I'm located in Glenwood Springs - let me know if you are still looking for a "semi-local" dealer. I do a lot of remote programming, and have other customers in the Denver area so I am down there a fair bit.
  10. If it takes them that long to get you a quote, clearly they aren't in need of your business...imagine how long it will take them to actually DO the project, and how responsive their support will be once you've paid them in full. Skip.
  11. chopedogg88

    Tapatalk iOS login issue

    Can we offer to take over the administration of the forum from Dan, since he is out of business etc? I would be happy to take ownership and pay for the ongoing maintenance. Can you send me his contact info please?
  12. chopedogg88

    Tapatalk iOS login issue

    Anyone know if there some other mobile app that can be used with forum instead? I'm surprised more people aren't interested in this thread...is it working for some (with Tapatalk)?
  13. chopedogg88

    Remote Programming Services Offered

    yep - I already gave him the same advice and he's just gone out and purchased a couple - thanks!
  14. chopedogg88

    Tapatalk iOS login issue

    anyone? Bueller? really painful to not be able to use Tapatalk! Is there a workaround?
  15. sent you a PM. Let me know if you want me to look into it. your system might need an update as well, there were some bugs with digital audio in 2.10, perhaps that's what you're running into.