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  1. chopedogg88


    I'm pretty sure that CA1's as director do not allow for any secondary controllers. You'd have to at least do an EA1 as director and then you could have as many CA1's as you want (could be wrong, going off memory here) If it were me I'd spend the money on Control4 dimmers/keypads to get the zigbee signal to the remotes, if that's feasible from a logistics standpoint.
  2. chopedogg88

    What Driver for Samsung Q8F

    Do you have the MAC address entered correctly in the driver properties? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  3. chopedogg88

    Remote dealer needed

    I would be happy to help you out! see here for feedback-
  4. chopedogg88

    WTB: 2 Z2IR

    I have a Z2IO (new) I can sell you.
  5. chopedogg88

    FS: Bunch of c4 gear

    Do the 250s have site licenses? And how much are you asking. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  6. chopedogg88

    Ok now the direct approach

    well said
  7. chopedogg88

    Ok now the direct approach

    Maybe your dealer can let you use composer pro then since that relationship is up to you both. Ive heard of some dealers doing that for clients they trust (not something I do however) I'm pretty sure all of Control4's main competitors all have dealer models so I doubt they are feeling a ton of pressure to change that (Savant, Crestron, URC, RTI, AMX, Elan, etc) Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  8. chopedogg88

    Video Storm CMX1616A2 Audio Switch $1350 OBO

    oh okay...guess so. I haven't used composite or component video in years so I guess I overlooked that feature.
  9. chopedogg88

    Video Storm CMX1616A2 Audio Switch $1350 OBO

    Actually it looks like those are component video matrix switches and this is an audio matrix switch. big difference!
  10. chopedogg88

    Video Storm CMX1616A2 Audio Switch $1350 OBO

    Is it the same as these or somehow different? https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=Video+Storm+CMX1616&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&rt=nc&LH_Sold=1&LH_Complete=1
  11. chopedogg88

    Kit for sale

    LOL hopefully you don't need that $1000!
  12. chopedogg88

    LED bulbs

    APD = Adaptive Phase Dimmers. They are the newer style ones...if yours were installed in 2010 then they aren't the new style. The APDs can handle more load types more gracefully.
  13. there is no such thing as an A1
  14. I assume you mean the BL-1A...yes that is a newer model than the BL-1 and includes the site licenses. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  15. chopedogg88

    2.10.6 released

    Defects Addressed • SYS-729 - Inconsistent time zone information being displayed in Brazil. • SYS-370 - EA controller stops responding because it is running out of space due to log rotation problems. • NAV-4642 - The T3 touch screen shows a loss of feedback on the transport bar. • NAV-5288 - Zones icon does not always get displayed when starting media in another room. • NAV-5242 - Calls between a T3 touch screen and a Grandstream 3275 SIP Phones are ending as soon as they are answered. • NAV-5011 - 2.10.x: When starting a new TIDAL stream while a cable device is active, the cable transport is shown as the "Now Playing". • NAV-4828 - Android app is crashing on Yale (v1) lock if language is set to Portuguese. • NAV-4642 - Loss of feedback on the T3 music transport bar. • NAV-4291 - After joining a room and clicking on the Spotify icon, the music restarts due to a crash. • NAV-3818 - The T3 touch screen is ringing twice when being called from a DS2 door station. • NAV-3529 - Attempting to view a camera in full screen causes navigator to crash on a 10-inch T3 portable. • FW-2401 - Some Centralized Lighting v1 0-10V modules are dropping offline. • FW-2377 - On the Centralized Lighting v1 dimmer module, setting the phase detect with MLVs can cause a blown MOSFET. • FW-2321 - Square Wireless switches: at 50 Hz can be inconsistent and damage relays. • FW-2313 - Centralized Lighting v1 relay modules are failing on channel 7. • FW-2255 - Centralized Lighting v2 dimmer modules won't dim to the exact level for which they are programmed. • DT-916 - Composer crashed when going to Update Manager. • DRIV-1840 - Setting a Centralized Lighting v2 module to static IP doesn't allow you to set it back to DHCP. • DRIV-1788 - Centralized Lighting 0-10v dimmer module driver is resetting to 1-10v after an update. • DRIV-1328 - C4-THERM HVAC options are grayed out in programming. • DRIV-1267 - Centralized Lighting v2 dimmer modules are unable to set the cold start value via programming. • DRIV-1220 - Centralized Lighting v2 drivers setting duplicate lighting scenes. Control4 Release Notes Copyright © 2019 Control4. All Rights Reserved. Saved: 2/12/2019 11:09:00 AM Control4 OS 2.10.6 Release Notes Page 4 of 7 • CS-6683 - Weather page is not showing percentage of precipitation. • CORE-1321 - Director segmentation fault - SIGSEGV(11). • CORE-1278 - Composer Pro: Composer crashes if a device in the update page has reported 'Unknown' as the current version. • CORE-1276, CORE-1377 - Controller stops responding because it is running out of space while logging. • CORE-1261 - Hospitality agent is crashing. • COMM-767 - Unable to make Intercom Anywhere calls after Freeswitch reloads. • COMM-600 - Multi-dwelling unit access codes do not work after DS2/2N door station reboot. • AV-4420 - Media view: Import/Export Playlists only show when right clicking a playlist. • AV-4400 - New Playlist on Media view is greyed out with new project. Updated Firmware Device Firmware version Centralized Lighting v2 APD, FPD, and Relay 1.0.867 Centralized Lighting v1 0-10v Dimmer 03.25.76 Centralized Lighting v1 Relay 03.25.70 SR-260 Remote 2.1.109 Square Wireless Single Load Switch 1.0.166 Square Wireless Dual Load Switch 1.0.161 Software Product Release Versions Control4 software releases (since 2.10.x)