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Remote Programming etc for you DIY Guys

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Hello All,

I also wanted to say thank you to Andrzej and Coolabode.com. I had moved into a house that had a control4 system and struggled to find a local dealer that would give me the time of day. Being new to Control4 I really like what the system can do and wanted to grow my home automation system. I had surfed this site for a couple of months and finally pulled the trigger on purchasing two divers that I needed. Andrezj helped me install the Kodi Full driver and Amazon Fire TV driver, the service was amazing. They contacted me the same day and was able to do the install that night. This was mind blowing as the dealers I had contacted before took over a week to get back to me. Andrezj was able to remote in, install the driver and  confirm that everything worked in less than an hour. If you have the FireTV and like Kodi I highly recommend these two drivers, its takes the FTV/Kodi experience to the next level. Especially if you have the 7" tablet, you can watch your show and surf your collection at the same time. This experience has renewed my faith in the Control4 platform, as I was getting nervous after dealing with the local dealers in my area. I highly recommend Andrzej and Coolabode.com and will certainly be using them in my future. I really appreciate the quick turn around time, the communication and the over all service that I received. Thank you so much.

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I've contacted Andrzej and the guys at Coolabode twice over the past 2 months with several remote programming requests each time. Andrzej contacted me and had the work done within a few hours. This adds to the long list of happy customers and good experiences with these guys. 

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