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UniFi Drivers Coming Soon - Ideas

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5 hours ago, TexasUser said:

Thanks for the update.  I have UniFi networking equipment and C4.  I haven't purchased cameras yet, but am hoping to be able to go with UniFi's.

I use my unifi cameras with C4 now with the generic IP driver....    I cant access DVR functions but not sure why anyone would want to via C4.   The Unifi app is really good also.

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On 1/28/2017 at 10:36 AM, annex⁴ said:

We are only supporting UniFi product, the edge gear will not be included in any of the drivers.

Also you will be required to be running a UniFi controller as this is how we will be interfacing.  If your setup is a standalone access point then you won't benefit from anything we have coming.


I'm running a UniFi Cloud Controller, a UniFi USG Pro 4, a 24 port UniFi POE switch, 2 x 16 port UniFi POE switches, an 8 port UniFi POE switch, and 5 x UniFi AC-HD Access Points, so whatever drivers you're working on might be very helpful.

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Not abandoned, I'm actually using it locally in my own home, it's just not ready for release or beta yet.

What's done - Unifi Controller:

  • Realtime events for the following:
    • Admin Login
    • LAN [Connection\Disconnection]
    • LAN [Guest Connection\Disconnection]
    • WIFI [Connection\Disconnection]
    • WIFI [Guest Connection\Disconnection]
    • Unifi Devices [Connection\Disconnection Adopted\Readopted]
    • Unifi Access Point [Interference]
    • WiFi User Roamed
  • Programming commands:
    • Restarting of ports on switches
    • Trigger speed test

What's done - UAP:

  • Integrated with our voice genie driver to directly play and upload .ogg files
  • Commands to playback any audio files on the device

What's done - Webview

  • Tab for displaying all client devices on the network
  • Tab for displaying all Unifi devices on the network
  • Tab for displaying events
  • Tab for general settings information

To come:

  • Triggering and display of speed test on Webview
  • Programming events for completion of speed test
  • Programming variables for speed test results
  • More realtime events
  • Modal dialog (Webview) for switches to allow restarting of ports, viewing connected devices, etc
  • General control of Unifi Devices like the controller
    • Lights, Restart, Upgrade, Block,  Reconnect, etc.

EDIT: The API is pretty open ended, almost anything can be accomplished that the Unifi Controller webpage can do. We'll be sure to see all the features mentioned in the thread implemented as well.

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