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  1. Sorry guys, I have been on vacation for the past couple of weeks and I'm just catching up now. I'll talk with the Android engineer and see what the status is of this bug Edit: Looks like this has been fixed and is slated for release in the next 2-3 weeks
  2. Thanks @Anish but I can't take any of the credit, it was my team that made the speed improvements and bug fixes. While we have made progress, there is still work to be done both within the app and within our infrastructure and services to increase speed even more . These additional changes are in progress but will take a little while to roll out since they require work and coordination between multiple teams.
  3. We have quite a few performance metrics inside of the OS3 app and one of those is cold-start time while remote (i.e. not on your local network) and the connection times in some regions, as many of you have experienced, is sub-optimal and outside of the range we feel is acceptable. Obviously connection times are a YMMV type of thing that depends heavily on your home internet speed, size of your project, cellular signal, etc... but we definitely see connection times in these regions that fall outside of what is "normal". While we are striving for faster connection times both locally and remote, our attention is fully focused on the customers in these regions where the connection times are higher than what the majority of our customers are experiencing. As such, we have formed a cross-functional team to address the problem at a team level as well as holistically. It will take us some time to make these changes and roll them out, but I wanted to let everybody know that we understand the difficulty and the frustration and we are committed to fixing it. I have now received several reports about this and have received logs from @Anish (thanks btw), and I have an engineer looking into the problem as I'm typing this. I will create a post (or update here) when we figure out, and fix the issue.
  4. Not a problem, I'm always happy to help. The development team is working through the issue with the web services team. I'll post here when I know more
  5. Hi @Anish, if you're interested I'd be happy to have my team take a look at your app logs to see if we can diagnose why your connection times are slow.
  6. A new version of the 2.10 beta app is out and it has the fix for crashing at startup when using biometrics (TouchID/FaceID). If you've already downloaded TestFlight you'll be notified of the new build, if not, then you can use this following link (it's the same one from my previous post). https://testflight.apple.com/join/EtAiX35m
  7. Hi @pinkoos, unfortunately @EverAction is correct here. We were not informed by Apple ahead of time that they would be making changes that would prevent the old IP driver from working . You could of course always use the IR driver or if that's not feasible because of having to run IR buds or other reasons, there is the officially supported IP driver.
  8. Hi @EverAction, thanks for the feedback. The bug with some of the icons missing is actually a bug in iOS that is fixed in 13.1. In regards to the passcode/TouchID crash, I'll get my team on it and we'll get another build out and I'll post it here
  9. Well, it took much longer than expected but the updated 2.10 app finally made it through the beta approval process. You can access the beta version of the 2.10 app by clicking the link below and following the instructions to download TestFlight and install the app. This version specifically addresses UI problems when rotating the app. If there are other problems, please feel free to send me a PM, post here, or give feedback via TestFlight. Thanks everyone https://testflight.apple.com/join/EtAiX35m
  10. Hi all, iOS 13 did cause some problems for the 2.10.x version of the Control4 app. As many of you have seen, iOS 13.1 fixed the problem with the missing icons but other issues remain. The development team has fixed those issues and we have submitted a new version of the app for beta review. Once the app has been approved for beta testing I will post a download link in this thread. Thanks for everyone's patience
  11. Hi @GSC4Home, As we were evaluating the 3.0 development timeline there were certain features that had to be cut to ensure that critical functionality and overall quality was baked into our initial release. Unfortunately, "Dedicated Mode" was one of those features. Nobody likes when features are cut, including ourselves, but we felt that with the option to enable "Guided Access" (Enable Guided Access) on an iPad that our time would be better spent adding critical features that iOS doesn't provide by default. With that said, we're always sensitive to customer requests and if this is a highly-desired feature relative to other requests it may make a return.
  12. That’s good to know, glad you got it working. As an FYI for those of you using the Intercom Anywhere app you can double-tap the call timer on iOS (or long-press on Android) to see advanced call stats including packet loss percentage and call quality stats.
  13. Either way, here's an updated driver. It should work identically to the ST9 driver. Try sending the commands I posted above and if you get the correct output then everything should work. receiver_HT-NT3_Network_DriverWorks__Sony.c4z
  14. @Cartnj: Try typing the following commands. gSystemVolumeDisplay = "STEP" local tParams = {LEVEL="80", OUTPUT=1000} PRX_CMD.SET_VOLUME_LEVEL(1000, tParams) If you have the right driver, it should result in the following output ProcessVolumeLevel(level in=80, level out=40) PRX_CMD.SET_VOLUME_LEVEL(), volumeLevel_Step = 40
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