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  1. I work for a Solar Company branching out into Energy Automation. We use a lot of SolarEdge inverters. I would love a driver for these (and Tesla Powerwall2).
  2. I suspect that Cree was always using lesser tech in the mass market brands to keep the cost down, even though they were more expensive than other brands.
  3. Cree used to be the S..T, but the lighting division was sold off to another company and has gone down hill since. They have shifted their focus to commercial lighting primarily on the lighting side, where they still excel. Their primary business is chip manufacturing. The bulbs sold through mass market were the best about six years ago when I repped them for a time. the stuff they send to Home Depot here in the States is garbage now.
  4. I am finishing a Lutron project with these- https://noralighting.com/product/nlcbc2-651/. We are using 2", 4", and the 6". They are fantastic on a forward phase dimmer. Not the cheapest, but not the most expensive. Dims like Incandescent and fades the colors well. I was only unhappy with the adjustable 2" with a narrow optic- it tended to spread the light colors a bit. Higher end clients will love it, and the price allows for a GOOD margin if you are dealing with the typical C4 client. Should work stellar with the APD.
  5. I have a few TPLink HS110 and the HS300 with the @alanchow driver. Work great, reliable and fast. Someone also has a Wemo driver that can do plugs, but I forget who wrote it. I tried to reach out to another company that does an in-wall power monitoring outlet, but they went radio silent after a few emails.
  6. @RussellB I've seen this from Lutron countless times. The C4 dimmers always remain "on" in order to keep the radios and circuitry online. This ends up passing a very small amount of current on to the lights. In incandescent applications, this wasn't enough to make the filaments glow. LEDs being capacitive loads, as opposed to resistive loads like every other type of lighting, can still operate under this extremely small "bleed" of current from the dimmer. If you can source a Lutron LUT-MLC (shunt load capacitor), your problem will most likely be solved without the timer in line. As it stands now, the timer is acting as a resistor and bleeding off the micro current that is coming from the dimmer.
  7. I tried to alter my watering the other day via the app and this morning from the webpage. It's locked out, and if I can't even "pay", then it's off to Rachio. Luckily I have a 2nd gen floating around the office.
  8. Here is what I received from Skydrop the other day, explaining the new fee service- " A few weeks ago, we introduced Skydrop Plus, a subscription service to provide additional features and better-quality weather data to all Skydrop customers. We anticipated and have received plenty of push-back. If nothing else, we learned Skydrop Nation is extremely passionate. Your feedback helped us realize that complete transparency is the best approach. We would like to be more forthcoming about the situation for Skydrop, its continuing operation, and the compulsory nature of the Skydrop Plus subscription. In 2014, our founders set out to create the best smart sprinkler controller on the market and help the world save one of our most precious resources — water. After 5 years, we believe we have achieved part of that goal. We feel strongly that the Skydrop Smart Watering algorithm is the best available. Although all products have their strengths and weaknesses, we believe Halo and Arc are “best of breed” as evidenced by thousands and thousands of happy customers. Unfortunately, a great product alone doesn’t make a business. Despite great efforts from many individuals, we were not able to secure the right funding to grow Skydrop to the point where we could revolutionize the irrigation market as we intended. At the end of 2018 and after exhausting all options, Skydrop ownership made the difficult decision to discontinue operations. The immediate concern was for the many loyal customers that would see their smart controllers reduced to being dumb traditional timers when the Skydrop Cloud ceased operating. A few of the passionate (former) employees wanted to find a way to maintain the Skydrop Cloud and determine a path forward so that customers could continue using the devices and services they have enjoyed. The owners agreed to allow us to at least maintain the cloud services and retain a single full-time customer support employee. For the last several months, as we have transitioned to positions at new companies, we have volunteered our time and personal resources to keep the cloud services up and available. Of course, this is not a long-term solution. We need to get Skydrop onto reasonable financial footing so it can either be acquired or continue operations with a few full- or part-time employees. Our options were: 1) increase sales (hard to do with no sales or marketing team); 2) ask the existing customers to pay a minimal fee to support the continuing availability of the cloud services or 3) shut down the cloud services immediately. We sincerely apologize for this unwelcome news. Our hope is that our customers will see the value in the service and be willing to contribute to the ongoing costs of the system. We’ve also decided to disable, for now, the option to pay the yearly fee with an in-app purchase. We want to avoid the situation where the company accepts money for services they are unable to deliver. Thank you for your passion and support of Skydrop. Matt, Former VP of Engineering Dan, Former Director of Software Audric, Customer Service"
  9. I was just passing information. I'm fairly new to this, and was on the Monocle skill. Considering the posts above mine, I thought that might be relevant. My apologies if it causes confusion.
  10. They have WIDR and oversized tubes in several lines, but WIDR generally refers to Triathlon. I'm taking the improved class at the end of the month, so I'll be official. Been doing it unofficially for some time now.
  11. Currently that is considered a Triathlon WIDR and requires a full line Lutron Shades dealer. They are re-vamping the Triathlon dealers right now, and a newly certified Triathlon delaer should be able to get you a 12'x12' soon, just a limited fabric selection.
  12. If the coming Assistantpocalpyse fails to yield a Google integration for Control4, what are your plans going forward after Aug. 31? Just out of curiosity?
  13. Used to be a Lutron rep- your prices are great for someone looking to get into Lutron cheaply. Wish you had some neutral wire dimmers or hybrids. Good luck with the sale.
  14. chopedogg88- create a scene in the Caseta app and have an advanced lighting scene call that Lutron ID- your popcorn with disappear completely. ILoveC4- there is no double tap option in Lutron except for Homeworks. If you want to try this off a Pico in Caseta, you can leave that button unassigned to any loads in the Caseta app. Set up a variable and have the Pico button programmed to cycle through the variable. Each number gets a different scene, and then resets to off. Homeworks calls this a sequential. Using this in an ancient RadioRA2 scenario and even have the LED readout in RA2 following via programming, but the rest of the family had a hard time dealing with the change when I made it! You could run Caseta for the switching/dimming/fan control, and run C4 keypads for all the programming functionality and the Zigbee mesh. And make sure to get the SmartBridge PRO through distribution, jackstiffer is right- the HD SmartBridge (no PRO) does NOT integrate at all.
  15. From Amazon Alexa skill: NOTE: Monocle is not a cloud service that directly hosts or provides access to your camera's audio/video feeds but rather an aggregation and integration service. To access your network camera's audio/video feeds your Amazon Echo video-enabled device must be able to directly access the camera's video/audio stream over the network. This means that the Alexa device must be on the same private network where your cameras reside or you must expose your cameras over the Internet either by placing the camera on a public Internet connection or placing it behind a router and exposing the camera's RTSP port through the router using NAT (network address translation) By far the most common approach is to simply have all your camera's and Alexa devices on the same private network.
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