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  1. Was that for the Chowmain driver for TP-Link or the Telkonet? I added the Telkonet driver, but did not identify any outlets yet. Mine did not come with any instructions, unfortunately. I have used the TP-Link for some fun stupid things right now. Trying to make a viable energy automation package, but it has been difficult to get the information I need. Thus, I was wanting to test the TP Link HS-110 and the Telkonet Ecoguard.
  2. This is the HS110, and they work great with the Chowmain driver. I was looking for an in-wall version and was able to source the Telkonet. EverAction is right, really deep. And I was disappointed that the energy meter functions were not available. Would love to find a driver that exposes them.
  3. I have the Chowmain TP Link driver, works very well. Go to Home Depot and replace that cover, or buy spares of the HS200. Chances are they aren't "wet rated" for outdoor use, and the bubble cover will not only bring it up to code, but drastically increase the life of the HS200.
  4. Caseta SmartBridge Pro should be SDDP, but there is a driver in the database. Wouldn't need the Audio Pico per se if you were going to program off a Pico button press for a different audio source. The Audio Picos are more expensive, but more intuitive for the user. Considering price, keypad dimmer or configurable keypad may be the best way to go, both $$product wide and $$programming wise.
  5. Join Control4 Programmers Group on Facebook. They have plenty of pictures of completed systems that will make you drool. Some of the before and afters are amazing.
  6. Have an electrician put a two gang plastic weatherproof box over that single gang. Put a C4/Wemo/whatever your flavor dimmer or switch on one side and run that to the transformer. Place an outlet/GFCI on the other side of the two gang. Then have the electrician put a two gang "bubble' or "in-use" cover so you can plug in that other cord. Radio won't go through a metal box. Google Faraday Cage. Same reason a car has an external antenna for satellite and terrestrial radio signals. That's a Kichler transformer. Grab the part number and check the spec's to ensure compatibility if you decide to go for a dimmer. Otherwise, just switch it.
  7. Drivers in database for Lutron Venetian blinds. Have lift and tilt. Should also work for the Horizontal Sheer.
  8. Lutron's new Shade Essentials training opens up the Triathlon rollers to almost all of their fabrics. Full line dealers could do the Triathlon battery rollers with that fabric already. You should be covered if you want that style of fabric, just realize fabric is the true deciding factor on what these things cost.
  9. That sounds like the best scenario, provided you have the Zigbee coverage.
  10. If he runs the Caseta SmartBridge Pro, he'll have two Lutron systems running. No problems there, there are 16566 combinations of frequency and "language". SmartBridge Pro and a Caseta dimmer would probably be the cheapest way to go, homeowner installs and programs, integrator adds to C4. Second option, call your integrator/C4 dealer and see if he does Lutron RadioRA2. Adding a switch or dimmer to that system is easy with the software, and would be and "easier" add to C4. In all, they are probably going to be about the same money, so I would just ad the RadioRA2 dimmer or a C4 dimmer. They will be about the same price and keep things a little cleaner on the integration side.
  11. I work for a Solar Company branching out into Energy Automation. We use a lot of SolarEdge inverters. I would love a driver for these (and Tesla Powerwall2).
  12. I suspect that Cree was always using lesser tech in the mass market brands to keep the cost down, even though they were more expensive than other brands.
  13. Cree used to be the S..T, but the lighting division was sold off to another company and has gone down hill since. They have shifted their focus to commercial lighting primarily on the lighting side, where they still excel. Their primary business is chip manufacturing. The bulbs sold through mass market were the best about six years ago when I repped them for a time. the stuff they send to Home Depot here in the States is garbage now.
  14. I am finishing a Lutron project with these- https://noralighting.com/product/nlcbc2-651/. We are using 2", 4", and the 6". They are fantastic on a forward phase dimmer. Not the cheapest, but not the most expensive. Dims like Incandescent and fades the colors well. I was only unhappy with the adjustable 2" with a narrow optic- it tended to spread the light colors a bit. Higher end clients will love it, and the price allows for a GOOD margin if you are dealing with the typical C4 client. Should work stellar with the APD.
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