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  1. Are you sure it's first gen? First gen was hard to find Yup. Square as all heck- got free from a Lutron promotion. I'll verify.
  2. Where are you located? I have one black one. Switched to Google Home and haven't looked back. Pay shipping and it's yours.
  3. Mitch- you should get a hold of David over at Berto UK. His paid driver for Google home can access the AV devices directly. I set the driver for the rooms with AV and was good to go. Would save a lot of programming of the voice scenes. I added my garage to the mix and was able to open the garage (through a Lutron RA2 VCRX) with a voice command. I quickly removed the garage from the driver.
  4. Google ceased working with IFTTT I believe, so no real way to get the Hello to work with C4 unless you add the ELK devices to pick up the doorbell press.
  5. Not all LEDs prefer that. I would check specs. If the LED spec sheet gives you an option, then you are good to go either way. But running a reverse phase dimmer on a forward phase driver is inviting failure. Someone from C4 would have to chime in, but I believe most ELV/reverse phase/trailing edge dimmers are actually MOSFET and not Triac based. A lot of drivers dislike this type. Still a wave chopping form, just a different method. (I am using my experience with Lutron RA2 here).
  6. Blinds aren't cheap in general, and they will be up for a significant amount of time. Chances are you will use them EVERY day. Don't skimp here. Look into Lutron Triathlon if budget is a concern. Battery life in the 3-5 years is typical. Hardwire options available, and you'll need a Caseta SmartBridge Pro for contol and integration. Look into the forums and FaceBook groups. Lutron is always preferred.
  7. Blue Iris 5 will allow this for now, but the lag/delay is around 10-15 seconds and is unacceptable for real camera work. It was easy to set up in BI5 and Nest is a "supported" option- IE, "it's in the pull down menu!". I am using it currently due to the wife really liking the doorbell, but I would never recommend or sell to a customer.
  8. Look for 24VDC LED strips. Max run usually around 10m/32'.
  9. If you could tap the lighting circuit for 110V, or even the control board transformer (if 24vdc), you could power a Z2IO and then program when the device goes offline.
  10. Yes, just did this. Need to program room to automatically select Listen to the echo when sensing audio.
  11. Check to see if you have the Sonos Network Driver first, as @RAV suggested. set audio endpoints for the rooms to the specific Sonos One. Verify that they are shown in the Naivgators. I have a similar set-up in my home and it works reasonable well. Just issues when Sonos started via the Google Assistant and seeing them in the Sessions tab on OS3.1.
  12. @Jay Papp if you migrated to the google account with your Nest, you'll have to wait. I have stayed on my original Nest account and been fine. But I believe you may not be able to authorize the old Nest style account any longer. Someone else may chime in on this with more current info on nest accounts, I haven't tried to add one since August.
  13. Yup. Are you referring to the tracking all loads/any loads? I was wondering how to set a single load for the scene to "any" level. Is that the Exclude from the hold fade/ramp that you are referring to?
  14. Alan's Outlet Driver makes the relay TP Link outlet show up as a light, and you can then use it in ALS. I have the HS110s and the KP200s running this right now.
  15. Chowmain has an Outlet Light driver to convert outlets to a light in C4. I'm using it and it works great.
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