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  2. Hello People, I want to integrate Control4 with Wyrestorm NHD devices. How can I control the Wyrestorm devices via Control4 UI??? Please help me out. Thanks, Ajith.
  3. 88Tiger88

    4K media player

    If you want to play multi-Channel FLat or DSD from your NAS drive, and possible down-mix to 2 channel ... OPPO maybe only solution
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  5. Gaucho Marques

    Wireless Music Bridge - Output Volume Question

    I had this exact problem. Have your dealer do the following: In Programming on the left pane, expand Device Variables under the WMB, select Playing > When PLAYING Changes. On the right pane, set Output_volume_level for the WMB =50. No more distortion, and don't have to worry about your device's bluetooth volume being maxed when you connect.
  6. msgreenf

    Looking for a rear-pluggable Ethernet hub

    you don't want a hub, that's why Google is turning up nothing. you want a switch.
  7. Does your rack happen to be two sided? Sometimes people rack items facing rear. You can also have non rack mounted items on shelves in any orientation you like.
  8. knowitall

    ShairBridge Configuration

    video/audio volume bindings are backwards and really should all be the McIntosh
  9. Hi all, I have a few 8 port Gigabit hubs strung into the rack but I want to get rid of them and get one rack-mount Ethernet hub with the ports inside the rack to string everything up. Maybe I don't know how to use 'The Google' but I can't find an appliance that does that. Does one exist? Am I better off getting a Unicorn (Or a Rhino, which apparently a friend's daughter called a 'Warrior Unicorn')? Russ
  10. The Chowmain TCP driver is very useful - I use it for a few activities. For some of them I have scripts running on an Apache server that are triggered by http calls from this driver.
  11. Shouldn't need a reboot but glad you got it working
  12. Chowmain - CREATION Joystick driver Chowmain launches FREE Control4 driver for the CREATION Joystick. This system remote alternative is built into cinema seating. The joystick is motorised and is hidden away in the arm of the chair when not in use. The driver automatically maps to the joystick/buttons to room AV transport & lighting commands and can also launch the onscreen navigator for source selection + additional control. Features Ability to automatic map buttons to room or manually program buttons via events Ability to map a light in the room via driver properties or manually program light button via event (to trigger/toggle scenes and/or multiple lights) Ability to move the joystick to up and down positions Events and Variables for mode changes Events for Key Presses Creation Website Driver Download
  13. Needed a reboot (duh). Now it’s working thanks
  14. Yesterday
  15. Actually just found the Chowmain Generic TCP driver which sounds like it should be on my list. https://www.drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/utility/generic-tcp-command-control4-driver-chowmain/ Regards, Jason
  16. If you want something from within C4 to trigger a webhook external to C4 then there’s this:
  17. There are several threads for top drivers. @alanchow https://www.chowmainsoft.com/generic-tcp-command/
  18. Does anyone have any recommendations on any useful drivers to get installed on my Control4 system? eg. anything that would allow a customized HTTP/REST call as an action? (which could trigger an event on a external system). Regards, Jason
  19. Pounce

    Bose PM 4250N with Control4

    Serial docs are available. https://assets.bose.com/content/dam/Bose_DAM/Web/pro/global/products/amplifiers/PowerMatch_PM4250__PM4250N/Downloads/Manuals/tn_controlspace_serial_protocol_4v3.pdf
  20. Ale Quiroga

    Bose PM 4250N with Control4

    Hi everybody how are you? Today I'm here to make a query. I have a client, who bought a Bose PM4250N amplifier, with 4 output zones and 4 audio inputs. Any ideas to control this equipment or to see the 4 zones from control4? The only thing that occurs to me is to be able to send music to this device and being able to control some area, is to connect a control4 controller with its RCA output to the amplifier (MusicBridge or Shairbridge), Sonos Connect or Bose SoundTouch Wireless Link Adapter. If I had in the 4 inputs of that amplifier one of these systems for audio input would be ideal, but if I did not have this, what could I do? I know there are NO drivers for these amplifiers, but maybe you have some idea to access the equipment from control4. Thank you very much for your time. Regards Alejandro
  21. Yes. I have tried several times. Can I just ask, are other users working from home, ie on the same network as their Director? Because it seems to me the Remote routine is not working. The window (lower right) says I am connected on a local network, 10.xxx.x.xx, but when I press 'connect', it dumps me back at the 'local connection' window. Weird.
  22. thegreatheed


  23. Have you tried waiting 2-3 minutes and pressing refresh?
  24. Pounce


  25. c4Iona


    OK, I'll ask what everyone is wondering? Did you RTFM?
  26. Dave w

    WTB DSC NEO W/ Ethernet Communicator

    yes, the software is easy and available. Its a bit tricky to set up but once up its easy to use. You can get keypad with transceiver built in or separate keypad and transceiver. Yes 4 wire. IP communications are encrypted....
  27. I am attempting to integrate two Nuvo p3100 (3 zones each) and a p300 (standalone streaming device connected to audio sensing amp). I downloaded the updated drivers from legrand and copied them to my drivers folder. After adding them to the project I checked Manage Drivers just to ensure there are no more recent drivers. That being said, I can turn on zones and control streams as well as volume but I can't turn off zones and I can't group zones. Unfortunately the project file is larger than what is shareable on this forum. I have reviewed the documentation, searched the KB, called C4 tech support and called legrand tech support. C4 states the programming in on point. The guy that answered the phone at legrand was chewing his food while talking to me and his only reply was "It works. I've seen it work. It's your programming..." He was very helpful!! I went ahead and asked for the driver creator's contact info but they did not have it. Searching this forum did not provide a solution. I'm hoping someone here has made this work successfully and may have me check to see if I overlooked something. I installed the nuvo network driver first (as instructed) and waited for it to connect then I added a p3100 driver to each room (6) and the p300 driver. The nuvo app reflects when I turn on a room but does not group rooms when I use "Add a room". I also removed all "Groups" in the nuvo app JIC it's getting confused but I have yet to make a group successfully via C4. If you know of any further TS tips or workarounds I'm all ears... (er,...eyes?). TIA for your time.
  28. Gary Leeds UK

    Doorstation to answer the door remotely?

    Oh ?? You have my interest
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