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  1. i usually only have that problem when i need to update HE because I'm using a version that doesn't match my project.
  2. Adidaswood

    Multiple Audio Endpoints

    I seem to be able to do this on my patio without issue, my integration might not be as tight as you would like. if I just want to watch tv with sound on only the tv, i just use watch -> cable 1 if I want to add overhead sound from my matrix, i hit listen -> cable 1. from here i seem to be able to still change the channel which still changes on the tv as well. Not sure how my bindings look to make it work that way. The integration issue that i have is that i don't have any programming to mute the tv when it changes to over head sound. May or may not be an issue for you, but I bet it could be dealt with easily with some programming. I only have one room set up for this... Hope that helps.
  3. Adidaswood

    Multiple Audio Endpoints

    Probably will need some baluns to send back and forth. How many network cables or other cables do you have from that location to your system?
  4. Adidaswood

    Multiple Audio Endpoints

    what is the source for the TV content and where does that source live? behind the TV? or in your Rack?
  5. Adidaswood

    Sony XBR falling off network

    or a small wattbox ip unit. give them a button or something to make it easy. Still a band aid though. I might have missed this, but What does Sony say? Firmware updates?
  6. Adidaswood

    Liftmaster/MyQ options

    Eggz, you got this. All these guys are talking about what I did. I used the cloud drivers, tried them all and it wasn't the same. test the range from your rack, as stated previously. go down there and manually push the button on your garage remote. if it works you are good. Order nyce tilt sensor(s) I have two doors and used a single 3 button remote, programmed button 2 for the second door. Solder a wire to each of the two door buttons Called my dealer and worked out the bindings
  7. Adidaswood

    Liftmaster/MyQ options

    i'm pretty sure you could still use that FOB to do all that stuff. Isn't it just a Zigbee remote with buttons? as long as it connects to your mesh you should be good. Your dealer might just need to rebind it to the new garage door driver if one is even needed. From my point of view i don't think you will have too many issues, if any at all. The myq remotes are just a garage remotes nothing more. I don't really use them in my car, i use the homelink buttons in my cars Forgot to mention, I personally use the tilt sensors for status and then I soldered one of my extra my q remotes to the contacts on the back of my controller using some wire. So the controller "presses" the button on the remote when it is called for.
  8. Adidaswood

    Liftmaster/MyQ options

    I have two MyQ lift motors in my garage. I just used two of the Nyce Tilt Sensors, as they are zigbee and hooked right up to the controller via my Zigbee mesh. done. no wires, no extra remotes.
  9. Adidaswood

    Spotify Connect playlist shuffle

    i have this issue with spotify and I used to have it with rhapsody. I bet you can find my old thread wondering about this from like 2 years ago. I think it is an issue with Control4 and how/when it does the randomization. It is crazy annoying to me that we have to do this extra nonsense to make it "shuffle".
  10. Adidaswood

    DSC Neo integration

    I recently set mine up and I'm sorry I'm not following here. I don't think i know what connect24 is. I'm looking through my settings and the doc my dealer sent me and I don't see that. I also don't think I did anything on an interactive tab. Perhaps a screen shot would help. also Do you have the DLS software? or are you doing this from a Keypad? Do you have ComposerHE? What version of firmware are your panels running? Sounds like we need to start from the beginning and validate all the settings...
  11. Adidaswood

    Somfy vs Lutron

    We had scrapped the idea of Powerview because everyone said the integration wasn't good. I think i mentioned in another thread I really am liking their horizontal banded shades. But It been hard to find anything like that outside of Hunter Douglas. I wonder if they have a retrofit tilt kit for their stuff.
  12. Adidaswood

    Security on Apple Watch

    yep, what he said.
  13. Adidaswood

    Somfy vs Lutron

    Hi All, Starting to look at motorized blinds and I have a few questions. the Big one is Somfy or Lutron? but I have some considerations to think about. Quiet - I hear lutron hands down, is somfy really that loud? Outdoor Shades for my patio, it seems like somfy is the only one that has options for this. Does anyone know if Lutron has an outdoor option? Most of the house has Manual Hunter douglas 2.5" wood blinds or Plantation Shutters, but I have a handful that I would like to retro fit with at least Tilt because the colorado sun comes in them in the morning and heats up the kitchen with a quickness. Would love to have them open and close at the right times to avoid that. I found retrofit tilt motors from somfy. Does Lutron make something similar? https://www.floridaautomatedshade.com/Somfy-12-Volt-RTS-Tilt-Motor-1002822-p/1002822.htm I want to outfit the entire basement which we just finished, with automated roller shades. as well as some high up foyer windows that we can't reach, where the sun also comes in the heats up the upstairs. Would you guys mix and match lutron and somfy? or would you just go somfy and deal with the "noise". If lutron, what integration and models work best? Caseta, RadioRA, Homeworks? If Somfy, what integration and Models do you recommend? RTS, something else? Really appreciate all of your input and help
  14. Did you ever end up placing the order? I'm really curious how this might work out. I really like the look of these blinds.
  15. Adidaswood

    New Rachio 3

    There are two or 3 drivers for Rachio. Will any of them work with the new Gen 3 and flow meter? I just picked one up. Not sure if I need integration but curious nonetheless.