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  1. I am looking to program an email or notification when my sensors get low on battery. There is an event for them' When Battery is Low'. I'm curious if anyone know if this means it will check once and run my program or if it will continuously run my program the whole time the batter is low? The latter seems like it could create a pretty nasty loop. I haven't tested it yet, but curious if anyone has used this event for these.
  2. i did a very minor amount of looking around. my initial assessment is No, not from a performance perspective. Yes, Unifi and Amplify are both under the Ubiquity Umbrella, but one is more enterprise class vs end user class. It is definitely seems to be more consumer-centetric which is fine. I'm sure it works well for the average apartment. or small home. The downfall in my opinion is that it doesn't do wired uplink for the repeaters. Do a little homework on how each new wireless device degrades a WAP's performance. and for the prices, which seems comparable to Unifi, why wouldn't you just go with Unifi. just my .02 Good luck
  3. +1 for ubiquity. also +1 for adding those cat cables if you can. i have 3 of the waps at my house. one on the 2nd floor and one in the basement. House coverage is good. I also recently installed one of the outdoor models out on my back patio under the deck, as the masonry on the back of my house made my outdoor signal poor. Gotta have wifi at the firepit else there is no reason to go on. 😆
  4. Adidaswood

    Weather Underground

    Probably only a matter of time before they shut those dev keys down anyway....Probably time to move on. I've gone this long without it i guess I won't miss it.
  5. Adidaswood

    DSC NEO Integration

    I worked it out last night. I had missed the alternate communicator setting and then I had to delete my account in DLS and create a new one. interesting though, it wouldn't auto detect my panel. if I specified the panel and told it to connect via IP, it connected right up. I did all the pre setup configs via the keypad as you said. now to the integration... i'll post back if I have issues.
  6. Adidaswood

    Weather Underground

    I was going to do the same thing, along with send me some alerts about rain so I would remember shut down my sprinklers. What's the chowmain driver called?
  7. Adidaswood

    DSC NEO Integration

    so I'm having a heck of a time getting the DLS software to even recognize my panel. I can however connect to the tl280. panel is ver 1.3 and tl280 5.0. Maybe i should start with the basics. are you guys doing everything over Ethernet on your lan or are you plugging in with that pc link cable? I assumed I could do this all over ethernet/IP.
  8. Maybe I'm missing something. I usually am. Has anyone had any luck setting this driver up new lately? When I go to the free data link in the driver documentation, i get a message that they aren't offering that services any longer. Can anyone confirm?
  9. on the controller sure? but also on the TV?
  10. For my critical view areas I bought 8000 series Sammys, and did not go to Costco. IP Control works. For my gym and bar I did buy from Costco, but I got UN43MU630D and the 50 inch version of that as well. I am using IP control on those as well. I looked in composer HE and my dealer used the following... Can you check the network setting for your TV, go to Expert Setting under Network. Is there and Enable IP Control Setting. There is on mine. Also are you able to use the Samsung SmartView app to control it? That may give some clues if your TV is even capable. Also not trying to discredit anyone, just trying to point out this is possible and help him determine if it is a problem with the model he bought. I'd order one from Amazon and return the other one if I was you.
  11. +1 on the samsungs with IP drivers. I recently changed nearly ever TV in my house to Samsung. ranging from 40 to 75. The IP driver works great. Also I work with @AK1 on my system. He is remote, prompt and know his stuff. So yes it can be done, if you can get everything plugged in and communicate what is where.
  12. Adidaswood

    Recommendation: Door Bell / Camera

    i'm not loving my ring either. It is hooked up and working, but it takes way to long for the video to come up on my phone. I have also noticed if they don't push the button hard enough it doesn't actually ring. I just get the motion detection alert. and Yes you have to pay to see the history. The live feed is free. i'm thinking about a ceiling cam above the door and maybe something like the ELK doorbell kit. Full disclosure, I"m not even sure that will work as I haven't thought about it in detail or mocked anything up with my dealer.
  13. Adidaswood

    Programming with Advanced Lighting Scenes

    That is good information. One of the things I am concerned about is if i'll loose control of that dimming if I need a manual adjustment. I guess at this point all I can do is try it. This has been a very educational thread.
  14. Adidaswood

    Gas Fireplace Control w/o power

    ever figure out a solution here? Dealing with something similar myself. Outdoor fireplace with just a low volt switch and a battery pack. Definitely not as manual as yours
  15. Adidaswood

    Garage Agent w/LiftMaster

    I could see at scale (more doors) this might be more attractive. I still hated that it would take so long to poll and get status, and increasing the polling intervals was problematic with Liftmaster possible limiting the polling. I think I read that somewhere and it may not be an issue anymore, I didn't stick with it long enough to find out.