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  1. Adidaswood

    Spotify Connect playlist shuffle

    i have this issue with spotify and I used to have it with rhapsody. I bet you can find my old thread wondering about this from like 2 years ago. I think it is an issue with Control4 and how/when it does the randomization. It is crazy annoying to me that we have to do this extra nonsense to make it "shuffle".
  2. Adidaswood

    DSC Neo integration

    I recently set mine up and I'm sorry I'm not following here. I don't think i know what connect24 is. I'm looking through my settings and the doc my dealer sent me and I don't see that. I also don't think I did anything on an interactive tab. Perhaps a screen shot would help. also Do you have the DLS software? or are you doing this from a Keypad? Do you have ComposerHE? What version of firmware are your panels running? Sounds like we need to start from the beginning and validate all the settings...
  3. Adidaswood

    Somfy vs Lutron

    We had scrapped the idea of Powerview because everyone said the integration wasn't good. I think i mentioned in another thread I really am liking their horizontal banded shades. But It been hard to find anything like that outside of Hunter Douglas. I wonder if they have a retrofit tilt kit for their stuff.
  4. Adidaswood

    Security on Apple Watch

    yep, what he said.
  5. Adidaswood

    Somfy vs Lutron

    Hi All, Starting to look at motorized blinds and I have a few questions. the Big one is Somfy or Lutron? but I have some considerations to think about. Quiet - I hear lutron hands down, is somfy really that loud? Outdoor Shades for my patio, it seems like somfy is the only one that has options for this. Does anyone know if Lutron has an outdoor option? Most of the house has Manual Hunter douglas 2.5" wood blinds or Plantation Shutters, but I have a handful that I would like to retro fit with at least Tilt because the colorado sun comes in them in the morning and heats up the kitchen with a quickness. Would love to have them open and close at the right times to avoid that. I found retrofit tilt motors from somfy. Does Lutron make something similar? https://www.floridaautomatedshade.com/Somfy-12-Volt-RTS-Tilt-Motor-1002822-p/1002822.htm I want to outfit the entire basement which we just finished, with automated roller shades. as well as some high up foyer windows that we can't reach, where the sun also comes in the heats up the upstairs. Would you guys mix and match lutron and somfy? or would you just go somfy and deal with the "noise". If lutron, what integration and models work best? Caseta, RadioRA, Homeworks? If Somfy, what integration and Models do you recommend? RTS, something else? Really appreciate all of your input and help
  6. Did you ever end up placing the order? I'm really curious how this might work out. I really like the look of these blinds.
  7. Adidaswood

    New Rachio 3

    There are two or 3 drivers for Rachio. Will any of them work with the new Gen 3 and flow meter? I just picked one up. Not sure if I need integration but curious nonetheless.
  8. for anyone having an issue. I had to completely uninstall CHE from my laptop, even though I ran the patch from the pdf. Then I ran the installs (CHE and the Patch) provided in Ryan's Document. I'm on 2.10.1 and back working again. Something to try...your mileage may vary.
  9. nothing wrong with giving a guy a second chance. Sounds like the Leopard can't change its spots. Clearly not worthy of your business. Unfortunately this is an all too common occurrence. I have called Several in the Denver area over the years and rarely do I even get a call back. Its unfortunate, as it sounds like you could really use a solid dealer.
  10. I've only used Remote Dealers. Once my remote my dealer to advised me to find someone local. That was about 3 years ago. So I talked to the local\regional control4 rep and he advised me of a couple local dealers. One of them couldn't be bothered to call me back. I ended up using one of them for one or two small jobs, but they just weren't up to speed on all the drivers and custom things i wanted done. I felt like i was telling them what to do and how to do it, based on learning from this forum. I quit calling them and went back to my old remote dealer. its been great. I do all the hands on installation and he sets up the drivers. We get on Skype and confirm everything and away I go. Easy.
  11. It means they have a facility to push updates to controllers which is part one. Unless you've done something to interfere with that, ie.. offline controller or disabled updates from control4, he is saying you should have received part one. if you really want to confirm, have your dealer check it. He said there were two parts. They also have to post updated software, which I assume will have a new version number, some new sub version number. you just keep downloading the previous version of 2.10.2, you are gonna keep getting the same result.
  12. I respect you a great deal, all the help etc...but, this is horse shit. It shouldn't even matter. While it might be true (i have no way to prove one way or the other). It absolutely speaks volumes about what they think of their End Users. Even if we are not their "Target Customer", Control4 needs to understand that without us (the end users, residential, commercial or otherwise, and even you WAP), NO Dealer would be selling their product to anyone. Its comically shortsighted. Happy End users is always the Goal, and if you don't know who that really is, you need to take a hard look at your business. I don't usually have much negative to say about Control4, but these kinds of issues and how they react are one of my main gripes. maybe I've misinterpreted the sentiment here.
  13. I manage IT teams at a large consulting firm and if we really are talking about Expired Certs, that is really sad. My teams have weekly certificate scripts that check all server's Stores. We start acting 90 days out sometime sooner. I compare it to being a pilot, we don't take off unless we've run our checklists and everything checks out. If storage is getting full we address it, if certs are in our threshold for action we address it. We don't wait until its a problem. Whether it is imbedded app or in a certificate store, it matters not, this is basic blocking and tackling. you should have reporting on what Certs have been issued and tooling that tells you what's happening on your daily weekly and monthly ops dashboards. Shaking my damn head. My CIO would have my ass in a sling. all that aside shit happens sometimes, and I think people could live with that, but the slowness of the repair is mindboggling.
  14. Adidaswood

    Automating Outdoor String Lights

    These are going under my deck, as its a walk out basement. The entire back area is stone and they only put one outdoor receptacle out there. I am going to explore putting a switch inside on the same bay as that external outlet and see if we can do this the right way. I am curious though how well those other items hold up, just in case the preferred method comes up cost prohibitive.
  15. Adidaswood

    Automating Outdoor String Lights

    I assume you have the wemo plug in an outdoor receptacle box? How does it hold up to temps? I'm looking to do something similar but I live in Denver and would have some potentially bitter cold and some days where it can get pretty dang hot.