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  1. Three pages and six days of this not working. Seams like its time for your dealer to come out and spend 30-60 minutes getting the emmiter in the right place and using the correct codes.
  2. There is no voltage at play here. By soldering on the the leads of the push button inside the cheapest door opener it is simply dry contacts out from the Z2IO or a relay on your processor. The above part is https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AZL9MK8/ where it says to control4 that goes to the Z2IO or relay on your processor and where is says to motor, these are where the screws were holding this piece in its housing it goes to the garage door motor red and white in's (the bottom of this piece is labeled red and white). I place these inside Z2IO's on top of the garage motor and wire a rail sensor to the contact in on the Z2IO.
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    This answer is not 100% correct, but only one way to do it. Since most people have more rooms than streams that they have (8-16 vs 2-6) it can be very annoying for people to see 8+ airplays and or confusing when they can't play that many at a time. Personally my company sets up 1-3 airplays or one per household member who needs it or how many possible streams they actually have. We also always disable phone volume for the same consistancy that control4 app/remote/touch panel is your only volume control. So they only have two options start airplay on phone then jump to control4 app to turn on the zone they want airplay on or vice versa since they use the control4 app for volume for everything else. I find it hard to explain if we make an airplay per room that this one source you can use your phone's volume but if you add more rooms in the control4 app it will be a master volume. Time consuming on the programming due to volume level setting when source selected and or if they add rooms to the mix it gets complex in raising there volumes. Then there is the issue of setting this volume high for this one source so they use their phone volume and they have the volume up really high on their phone and it blasts. Yes you could make a group airplay to eliviate the complex programming I mentioned, but they you see even more airplays when looking for the one you are looking for. In my opinion, this is why its easier to just have a default name such as C4 airplay, C4 Airplay 2, or Dad's C4 Airplay etc as the airplay name and know that you have to do the rest in control4 app.
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    Lutron Keypads

    follow my post in this thread and it will be able to get full scene control from lutron (no popcorn lighting) and full feedback in control4.
  5. In the advanced lighting agent in the Agents tab, create your lighting scenes with the exact same light %'s as you have in the Ra2 software. Remove the action from every light in the scene (it's easiest to do this first on the first light and copy its settings to all then adjust the %'s individually). The in the programming tab go all the way down to the bottom and choose advanced lighting. Choose a scene and click on the is invoked box. Then on the right hand side find your keypad that has that scene on it and add the command press button x that corresponds to the lighting scene you have chose. You should be able to do this in the composer home edition as long as your dealer added all the keypads with their correct integration ID.