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  1. There is a driver for the dot that makes it a source. If you feed audio from the dot to your house audio system you can talk to Alexa to fire off music from the dot. when used with the voice scene driver you can get pretty fancy. Set up voice scene for "Alexa turn on dot in family room" to select the dot as the source, then "alexa play amazon prime playlist x".
  2. Control4 is quite flexible in what 3rd party products it can control as there are literally thousands of drivers written to control tvs, receivers, etc, so it is not Control4 limiting you to certain product lines. That being said I do see the value in companies pushing certain brands. They are likely products that their install team is familiar with and has found to be reliable, which matters to them as they will be the ones servicing the system. I think this should be more of a guideline then a rule for companies though. I'm all for pushing certain products using the reasons I just mentioned, but at the end of the day if the customer wants to use something else they should be flexible to do that unless it's going to be an inferior product or there will be issues with integration. None of the products you mentioned would give you issues outside of the limitations of the Sonos integration which is currently favorites only. I'd have a chat with the dealer and point out that you've done some research, you like these products, and you're not going with off brand stuff. If you can still buy any of that stuff from them try to do so. That will keep the relationship with the dealer in a good spot and as you get more into the automation world you'll find that relationship is probably more important than any products you have in your home. Hope that all this rambling is somewhat helpful
  3. It would be really helpful to know if this only happens with tunein or if it happens with other streaming services as well.
  4. Yes the EA1 will work as a secondary controller to the HC800. You could have 25 EA1s as a secondary controller. The only limitation is if the EA1 is running the project (director), then it can be the only controller in the project.
  5. If you see it on the network log in with system manager and make sure director is enabled. a factory restore should re-enable this though.
  6. Are there settings in the panel that switch that zone between NO/NC?
  7. The TSWM7 can't go past 2.5.3, no workarounds.
  8. Do you see them on the network at all?
  9. I'm not sure you understand just how much hardware Control4 sells. It's much more than just a few controllers. Also, the list of 3rd party hardware integrators is massive as well. You just named 2 out of hundreds.
  10. what are the modules?
  11. Don't factory reset those old embernet devices You should be able to migrate the mesh from the 250 to the 800 without having to re-identify or even reset devices.
  12. Haha. I've actually been in 2 homes just like that. The one dealer was great, the other was ok. Not telling which was which
  13. Splitting sources into 2 matrices will work and Control4 even has a list of HDMI splitters that have been tested and work with the 4K matrix. like sonic said you can bind the sources to both matrices so you don't need to do any custom programming.
  14. Largest residential job I've even been on had over 50 panelized lighting modules in 14 panels, 150+ wired keypads and 250+ zigbee devices. That house is humming along just fine.
  15. You either want to do dedicated sources to each matrix or use HDMI splitters to feed the sources into both swithces. I'm not a huge fan of using the splitters simply for the reason it adds another (usually) cheap piece of equipment that can fail. It will work though.