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  1. you probably don't have it set properly for charging station. list -> settings -> config -> recharge station.
  2. EA3

    he is probably talking ebay prices.
  3. MAC reservations create a table in the DHCP server to specify specific IP addresses for devices with specific MAC addresses. When the TVs come online and ask the DHCP server for an IP address the DHCP server will recognize the MAC address of the TV and only give it the specified IP address. This will always keep the device at the same IP address.
  4. Just dug this guy up. Might be helpful. Sonos Doc NEW.docx
  5. Flashing red means a fault on the keypad, dimming error, overheating etc. A simple reboot usually clears that. The second one is weird but if it shows offline you need to look at your mesh.
  6. SDDP would happen on network devices just for the record.
  7. You can do this on any TV you have a Controller running navigator on. It's part of the announcement agent. This could easily be tied to a variable like you were talking about.
  8. First thing I'd do is make sure only one of the Sonos devices is hardwired to the network and the rest are communicating through sonosnet, which is the mesh sonos creates. This will get Sonos traffic off your network which absolutely causes issues within a Control4 system and fixes a lot of Sonos related issues. If you have multiple sonos devices on your network a lot of time spanning tree needs to be enabled to make them work properly and this causes other network issues.
  9. You could do that via a custom button or experience driver. In your case it sounds like you always want the speakers to mirror each other so you in essence want that media scene active all the time. You could just program when project loads -> activate media scene.
  10. You can actually feed the audio from the dot straight into your audio matrix and use it as a source. There is a separate driver from the voice scene driver to do this. After you have the physical connections made and the voice scenes set up you could do things like "Alexa turn on bedroom dot" to chose the dot as the source then "Alexa play Amazon playlist x".
  11. I'd agree this is likely a configuration issue vs a hardware issue.
  12. deleted
  13. To piggy back on Derricks solution the new experience drivers are pretty awesome when it comes to audio shortcuts as well.
  14. Here's the EV doc Extra Vegetables Crestron Lighting Driver V8.pdf
  15. ^^^ Best post I've ever seen on this site.