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  1. Also double check the call group that it is set to ring to.
  2. mstafford388

    SR-260 Sleeping and not waking up

    yeah it's a little odd. If it happens again I'd get your dealer involved.
  3. mstafford388

    SR-260 Sleeping and not waking up

    Ok it was likely just an electrostatic discharge which dumping the battery would fix. there was a software issue with a batch of new remotes that caused the hum that there is a fix for but that wouldn't be the problem with yours.
  4. mstafford388

    SR-260 Sleeping and not waking up

    How old is that remote that is/was humming?
  5. I think you'll also be surprised at what kind of wiring a good dealer can accomplish without jacking up your drywall.
  6. There are a few ways around this. Easiest in my opinion is he can create a "virtual" driver that has HDMI in and HDMI and analog outputs to create the path that composer would need to see to make this work.
  7. mstafford388

    Control4 frozen issue

    There are logs that may or may not be helpful depending on what the actual issue is. I highly recommend your dealer work with support to figure this out.
  8. mstafford388

    Audio endpoints

    you need a physical connection. there is no way to send audio across a network from Control4 gear to Sonos gear.
  9. mstafford388

    Here's probably a stupid idea...

    I see literally zero motivation for Control4 to actually do this. It's an interesting thought, but would take a ton of resources for something that wouldn't lead to any additional revenue and could open up a world of hurt on the support side.
  10. Audio sensing on the Triad matrices isn't great as there is a 30 minute stop sensing timer which basically means you can't sense audio twice in 30 minutes. The Triad One however does a great job with this. I've tested audio from a dot on the Triad one and it does a killer job with this, able to activate the audio zone and not miss alexa responses.
  11. mstafford388

    Liftmaster/MyQ options

    Correct. The driver gives you feedback, if you solder that would give you control and you'd need to add a contact or tilt sensor on the door for feedback. Quite honestly, even when guys use the driver for control I don't hate the idea of a contact for feedback. Just one less thing to rely on the cloud for. If this was my house I would go the solder route all day long.
  12. mstafford388

    Liftmaster/MyQ options

    Your current options for MyQ integration are to either buy the driver or solder to a spare MyQ remote. Once you have it integrated you could continue to use the card access fob (or Nyce fob which I like better) to control your garage doors and everything else that you mentioned. That fob is really no different to program then a C4 keypad, you can make it do whatever you want.
  13. mstafford388

    Do all Zigbee products work?

    I've also seen minutes on certain IFTTT. Really no way to know until you try that specific integration.
  14. mstafford388

    Door Station and Intercom App

    A door station installed in 2013 is the original door station and not supported with intercom anywhere.
  15. The only scenario i can think of off the top of my head for a source to have any endpoint connections is if that source is the only source fed into a dumb amp. I don't think i've ever seen this on the hundreds of projects i've been on outside of a controller output fed into a 70v amp or something like that.