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  1. mstafford388

    EA1 No Secondary Audio Outputs ?

    EA1 was designed to be a single room controller. EA3 is really more designed for what you want to do.
  2. mstafford388

    Amps.....comparison vs Triad

    While I've never used that Dayton amp I'd be pretty surprised if it sounds better than the Triad PAMP. The triad amp sounds fantastic, with really good dynamic range and very low distortion. Plus tit's nice it only takes up 1U in a rack and stays completely cool.
  3. mstafford388

    SR-260 Update

    Nope, but if you had the ability to update/crash your system yourself you would likely want the ability to call into tech support as well. The prospect of you calling into tech support is probably reason enough for control4 to never allow this
  4. mstafford388

    Is there a known outage?

    if anyone is ever curious about outages you can check status.control4.com
  5. mstafford388

    Self Playing Piano Integration

    You're not going to get the ability to browse music from a touchscreen unless there was a driver, which I'm sure there is not. It probably wouldn't be too hard for someone to write one to launch the web app (assuming there is one), but the problem is the demand almost certainly isn't there for someone to take the time to do that. You're likely out of luck on this one.
  6. mstafford388

    4Sight Error (500)

    Can the system successfully check in?
  7. mstafford388

    DS2 Announcements

    thinking outside the box you could have sonos play an announcement file that is a verbal command for alexa to play the spotify playlist for your doorbell on the dots in the other rooms. good luck with reliability though.
  8. mstafford388

    Self Playing Piano Integration

    Highly unlikely you'll ever find a driver for either. It will just be an audio source that you can switch your system to, you won't be able to control them. I've never seen a piano that does but do either happen to come with a remote?
  9. mstafford388

    LED Behavior on Keypad

    post what your programming looks like so we can see what you're doing wrong.
  10. mstafford388

    Designing new house, new to C4

    Your dealer should be able to help you with all of the requests you have. Best piece of advice I could give is to develop a good relationship with your dealer. That will go a long way to making your Control4 experience a good one. If you don't think that's possible with the current guy I'd consider looking elsewhere.
  11. mstafford388

    C4 Leaf

    I agree with Cyknight sounds like those wires are extended, or they used a patch panel punched town to A and the RJ45s are punched down to B or something like that. I just don't even know how a manufacturer could cross wires mid cable.
  12. mstafford388

    Dealer Account

    That is true. It doesn't make a lot of sense to put on a bunch of freelancers and potentially take clients away from dealers who are actually placing orders (agree or disagree on the whole dealer model thing that's reality, not trying to start that debate). Then there is the whole quality/accountability aspect of it. There are people who feel Control4 doesn't police it's dealer base well enough, imagine adding freelancers to the mix. I just don't see much motivation for C4 to allow freelance programmers not tied to a dealer.
  13. mstafford388

    Dealer Account

    ^^^ what he said. If you have that much experience and would be looking to add and sell any of those other solutions a C4 rep would at least like to have the conversation.
  14. mstafford388

    Dealer Account

    What good does "promoting" C4 do if you cant sell any of their products? kind of playing devils advocate here but wouldn't it make more sense for Control4 to have those clients work with an actual Control4 dealer who could service their systems AND sell them new gear?
  15. mstafford388

    AV Rack Overhaul

    I would adamantly discourage it based simply off the fact that if you have issues and call into tech support many manufacturers wouldn't even help you if you're using patch panels. I completely understand that there are times where you end up having to do it, but that doesn't mean i wouldn't adamantly discourage it. And that's not fabrication.