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  1. Light turns on and off

    If you're not getting an email when it happens director doesn't think it's happening which means it's likely electrical/hardware funkiness of some sort. What is the load wired to that device?
  2. The DS2 will show offline in composer even when it's not. Just a C4/2N bug. You will need to run the migration to the communication agent. Check out KB 1015 for instructions.
  3. EA1 with an HC800

    If it's in a better location I'd certainly run the mesh on the EA1. Not a huge fan of ZAPs.
  4. EA1 with an HC800

    absolutely. Just add the EA1 as a secondary then migrate the zigbee mesh over.
  5. When it's ready. You know we can't talk about it. Something about publicly traded...insider trading....jail time....yada yada.
  6. use the HSIM driver from houselogix. C4 has no intentions of working on the 128 driver right now.
  7. Programming Keypad

    If it's a dimmer keypad you probably still have that button set to control the load. You need to switch button behavior to keypad in the properties of the keypad. Then, as mentioned you'd want to bind the lighting scene to that button.
  8. Kwikset Premis Compatible

    The only Kwickset locks that work with Control4 are Zigbee locks purchased through Control4. Even the Zigbee versions from home depot will not work with C4 unless you swap the Zigbee card out with a C4 compatible one.
  9. No you cannot do what you're trying to do, nor would you want to from a networking perspective.
  10. EA1

    Just took a look at this project. EA1s are not designed to run projects with multiple panels of panelized lighting. You need to upgrade to a bigger controller. To answer your question yes this is a big difference in power between the different controllers.
  11. Somfy RS485 RTS wireless

    Sounds like you're using the URTSII piece. You need to learn the blinds to the different channels on the URTSII piece before you can control anything with C4.
  12. SiriusXM app on Amazon Echo

    Ah yes, audio latency is a feature of the advanced audio which you can't use with a 300 in the project. This is probably a tough ask for an HC300 to pull of successfully.
  13. SiriusXM app on Amazon Echo

    In the driver for digital media.
  14. SiriusXM app on Amazon Echo

    If the audio cuts out after a few seconds you may want to increase the audio latency in your digital media.