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  1. ^^^ Best post I've ever seen on this site.
  2. I really dislike the card access mini remotes. tons of issues with those things. try the Nyce ones instead. much more reliable.
  3. It's not pretty
  4. Is it set to wireless? if so does it have the wireless info?
  5. You can essentially lock a touchscreen if you want to. It's a bit tedious but it works. First create a "security" variable to track whether you want the touchscreen locked or not. Then you can create an announcement that puts a pop up on that touchscreen ie "touchscreen locked". If you un-check the show ok button box in the announcement, that pop up will stay there until it times out. You'll have to create a repeating timer so that when the announcement times out (really before it does) you re-execute the announcement based on if your security variable is true/false. To gain access you can give yourself a button in a secure room or another touchscreen or wherever to toggle that "security" variable on/off, and fire off a new announcement with the ok check box to immediate clear the security one. I promise that makes sense in my head
  6. This is going to be much more difficult than you think. With all of your video going through an HDMI switcher I'm assuming that means all of your sources are in one central location. If you remove all of that stuff from Control4 how will you control it? You mentioned leaving the cable box on you can just turn the tv downstairs on. while you can do that how will you change channels on the cable box with out control4 (or some other type of control)? to pull this off you would likely need to move all of your sources back to the tv locations and have a cable box per tv. I would highly recommend at least trying to find a good dealer you can work with to sort out the issues in the system before ripping it all apart. Also, if you do end up going the route of dumbing down your system to just do audio like you said you will still need to get a dealer involved.
  7. Are you sure you're on the system design tab?
  8. Yeah they still make the card access extenders. Without looking I'm pretty sure they are under controller accessories now.
  9. Move away from the alarm state stuff. In programming click on the security system on the left and you should see options on the left like away, home, disarm, etc. when you select "home" your event in the top center becomes "when security system is armed to home". Then just dump the LED programming in there and you're all set. you shouldn't need if statements at all. Just repeat this for away and disarm and you're all set.
  10. So my question would be this... If you're not using the GUI and your not using zigbee what do you need all of the controllers for? Audio? I/O? there would be cheaper/easier ways to accomplish both of those. With what you have it sounds like you've set it up correctly. One controller running director with the others identified into the project turning many services off.
  11. You can do it right through the sonos pandora driver as well now.
  12. That's what the audio matrix is for
  13. What are you using as the source for Pandora, tunein etc? Sonos? A control4 controller?
  14. You just have to have the audio from whatever source you want to listen to run to both the amp and the surround sound receiver. for instance if you want to listen to sonos, you would have the analog audio run from sonos to the amp, and digital audio run from sonos to the receiver. You can also split the analog audio if that's all the source has. Is your amp and receiver located in the same place?
  15. You can very easily create a flashing light loop within Control4.