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  1. The module has built in faults if it overheats. it's not uncommon at all for dimmers or dimmer modules to get hot when used.
  2. is the module failing or just getting warm?
  3. I'd be willing to bet you're over. what kind of lights are they? what are the wattage counts? what panel is the module in?
  4. are you within the channel and module load ratings?
  5. mstafford388

    Join Rooms With any Source

    Haha, since we've resurrected an old thread we may as well update it. The room control driver is usually the best way to do this now. wasn't around when this thread started.
  6. mstafford388

    Triad Audio matrix

    Network settings for those are in the properties of the driver. Or you could do a DHCP reservation.
  7. mstafford388

    Why does this happen?

    There is a lot that can come into play with zigbee in terms of signal strength, hops, interference, parent/child node ratios etc. it's probably best to have your dealer work with support to track down what exactly is causing the issue. When zigbee is done right it just works.
  8. mstafford388

    No Active Audio Zones

    If the app shows no active audio zones the system doesn't think airplay is active and isn't making the audio matrix connections. start an airplay stream from your phone then go to the C4 app, go to listen, and select shairbridge in one of the rooms and see if you get audio. it sounds like you don't have the auto room on turned on in the shairbridge driver.
  9. Yeah it's pretty simple. in programming it would look like this. .. when keypad button is pressed -> select sky tv as the video source in family room.
  10. mstafford388

    Wireless keypad LEDs

    Advanced lighting scenes would be bound to the button and the LED state of that button can be set to automatically track the state of the scene. This would be much better than using macros as macros fire off a string of single commands which is what's giving you that popcorn effect.
  11. mstafford388

    Device Not Authenticated

    Make sure the app is up to date. Also, if you do not have 4sight make sure you are on the local network.
  12. mstafford388

    Honeywell VISTA via serial

    i would run a 22/4 from the vista panel to the C4 controller location. put the CBM at the C4 controller location and use the 22/4 to connect it back to the panel, that way your serial run is only a few feet. you need to keep the serial run under 50ft but the connection between the CBM and the Vista panel can be much longer.
  13. mstafford388

    2017 Thoughts for Control4

    The CA-1 still requires a dealer to do the install. The builder program is designed to engage volume builders with Control4 dealers. contractors and electricians do not have the ability to sell any control4 gear unless they are a dealer. so is Control4 not allowed to be the go to for AV needs unless every product they launch has AV? The CA-1 is not designed to target DIY clients as they cannot DIY. then launch 4Sight...?? which has been available for a decade?
  14. mstafford388

    IR Driver Macro Help

    when you edited the macros were you sure to set the power option of the driver to use those macros? not discreets or toggle.