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  1. Unsupported audio HELP please

    PCM would be under the audio settings of the source.
  2. Unsupported audio HELP please

    Gonna need some info on your setup. Where are you getting that error from? TV, receiver...?? going through video distribution?
  3. To expand on this, after pressing button 1 and starting that 30 second delay button 1 will not be responsive again until that delay has passed. So while it doesn't delay entire systems it can "lock up" certain actions. I've never found a good reason to use a delay of longer than a few seconds. Timers make more sense at that point.
  4. Future of C4 forums?

    They've already got dealer forums. Don't know they'd want to take over end user forums.
  5. They were all identified to the mesh on the HC800 and that mesh would need to be migrated to the EA5. Only problem is you'd need the 800 online to do so. Probably going to have to re-identify.
  6. New Home - Lots of Wireless Devices

    You'll be fine assuming you use clean channels, take into account home layout/construction, pay attention to total hops, etc. This is well within the capabilities of C4 though.
  7. New Home - Lots of Wireless Devices

    Ok yes, that is much better. No issues with this design, just make sure you have a few controllers strategically placed throughout the house for Zigbee coverage and you're good to go.
  8. New Home - Lots of Wireless Devices

    Just need some clarity. Are you saying you're going to run 25 loads to a 5 slot panel and you're going to put 25 wireless dimmers in that panel? If so that is a terrible idea. Hoping that's not the plan here
  9. what resolution are your camera streams?
  10. make sure C4 apps are updated to the latest version. Weird issues if you upgrade your system to 2.10 but aren't on the latest app.
  11. Pandora Plays 1 song and stops.

    Great! Glad it was an easy fix.
  12. Why do we all put up with this BS?

    How do you think that ends for Control4 if they went down that road? How could they possibly benefit?
  13. Why do we all put up with this BS?

    Isn't that Control4's responsibility?
  14. OS numbering scheme as in 2.1 ≠ 2.10

    Yeah, this shouldn't confuse anyone. 2.1.0 is different than 2.10.0. It's written differently and spoken differently so I'm not sure where the confusion would come from.