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  1. Adding wav file to announcements

    In windows make sure you are on a private network.
  2. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    We are trying to help you in where to look in your network and where you should troubleshoot. Why is there a firewall in between the TVs and the Controller and WiFi. Remove and likely problem solved. Not sure of the purpose of the unorthodox setup but a more simplified typical network setup would likely give better results.
  3. LG TV IP Driver - Released

    I can guarantee annex4 has never told any dealer that LG has removed WOL for wired connections. I can't speak to the rest of your network. The TV itself and the LG app would talk over WiFi if there are issues with how things are setup the WAP could be not letting LG App discover the TVs. If your Control4 Controller running director and the TVs are hardwired on the same switch and you can't turn them on with a WOL packet then there is something going on at the switch. In your whole description you mention the router and the WAP but not what switch you have. With the number of installs that are currently working and the fact we have heard about no failures after the fact on any installation except yours. There is something in your network causing you issues. I would swap out pieces and see which one makes everything start working. Connect a TV and the controller to just the switch and see if you can get WOL to work. Keep adding pieces and see what causes things to stop working.
  4. This TV doesn't look to be a Vizio SmartCast Model. The driver will only work on their SmartCast enabled TVs.
  5. The driver will need to be installed by a Control4 dealer.
  6. We are happy to announce we have released our driver for KODI control, this allows IP control of a device running KODI software. The driver will have a beta tag on it for a period of time but it has been refined over the last couple months to the point there is no issues and now we are looking at widespread usage and feedback. That said there have not been issues with control for over a month. Coming soon will be the media service portion of the driver which will also be FREE. We have implemented this as a 2 piece driver, with this being the basic communication and the coming driver being the more media related functionality. The driver is here https://annex4.link/drivers/kodi-control Enjoy, and Happy Holidays annex⁴ team again the price of the driver is... FREE
  7. We are happy to announce that in conjunction with Rollease Acmeda we have completed a driver for the Automate product line. The driver has been fully Control4 Certified and is available for use in Composer, through downloading at our site, or through the Official Rollease Acmeda site. For full features visit our website. We offer automatic bindings, calibration, realtime two-way Feedback and integration with the annex4 LiNK driver for those already running it on their projects (LiNK not required for the driver to be fully functional). Hope you enjoy! _____________________________ Visit us at https://annex4.link for full driver listings and support information! **Free KODI driver released just in time for Christmas! https://annex4.link/drivers/kodi-control**
  8. We are looking for testers of a Vizio IP driver, you will need to have a 2016+ Vizio Smartcast TV. If you are interested please respond and also include your TV model.
  9. We are having a Black Friday and Cyber Monday SALE 35% OFF Your entire purchase no limitations, all drivers included, heck buy a years worth of drivers. CODE: GOBBLEGOBBLE While you are at it you can even throw some FREE Doorbird licenses in your cart.
  10. AVR on screen display

    Too bad you have the DRX-3.1 as the DRX-4 has built in HDBaseT. To answer your question it should work to buy just the transmit side but safer to buy them in a pair. Vanco has a very cheap yet good for the price HDBaseT kit.
  11. This issue impacted less then .1% of projects running the LiNK driver. It has been brought to our attention there is a KB article referencing the annex4 LiNK driver as causing issues with director. The LiNK driver has been updated prior to the publishing of the KB article over a week ago, only extremely large projects were impacted. As of this posting we are only aware of 3 projects this caused any issues on (which are extremely large). There is also another update to the driver sent out today with even more performance gains. The cause of any issues was on Very Large projects requesting an object that was too large for Director to handle causing director to lockup. This request has been entirely removed.
  12. 2.10 meltdown

    Hi Matt, This is the first we're hearing of any issues with the LiNK driver causing issues, no one from Control4 has formally reached out to us at the time of posting this. If you have more details or any specific examples, please let us know and we'd be happy to look in to it. Thanks, the annex4 team
  13. Mac version of Control4?

    Not that has ever been mentioned. Likely not enough user base no invest in the development.
  14. Best way to play doorbell sound?

    Try our DoorBird driver many dealers find it is much more responsive and a few have told us the announcements are triggered much faster. It's also FREE