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  1. Somfy is not a shade fabricator, they are a shade parts manufacturer?
  2. You don't assign it to a project? You would assign a license once you have it in the project and detected by the LiNK driver. If you are having a support issue call use or email us. Please be sure to include all details, Driver Version Control4 Version Project Name & Director MAC Company Information Also please describe the steps that you are taking and provide screenshots if necessary. If it's not being detected then you have likely renamed the driver from what it's default name which will break a good number of things as well as our ability to see the driver.
  3. What do you mean you can't assign it to a project? You are trying to install it and get some sort of error message?
  4. It will be separate, they are not the same device, the connections are different.
  5. We have been asked a couple times now, as with all of our drivers there is a 21 day trial for the individual shade control but as stated above scenes are completely FREE
  6. We are please to announce the launch of our Hunter Douglas PowerView Driver with individual shade control as well as scenes. The scene portion of the driver is completely FREE and requires no license. We provide experience buttons for triggering scenes that have icons matching the PowerView App providing users a familiar look and feel. The individual shades work with the latest blinds proxy and allow full control of as aspects of the shade operation. As with all of our drivers setup is quick, easy, feature rich. Save 35% until May 15, 2017 Get the discount code on our Facebook page
  7. Firmware changes will be implemented when the driver for the UDP-205 is created.
  8. As previously stated we are still awaiting our unit. No update at this time.
  9. We have just launched a substantial update to our dealer portal which now shows Memory and CPU breakdown by service. We also now show Controller service status, and allow you to stop and start services on the primary controller. Our portal is Mobile friendly so all of this can be done from your phone too.
  10. It doesn't work over WiFi Only hardwired is supported.
  11. We are awaiting our UDP-205 there will then be a separate driver.
  12. Price Drop!!! Ask your dealer for details.
  13. Price Drop!!! Ask your dealer for details.
  14. We have just lowered pricing on a bunch of our drivers, the competitive nature of the driver market has led us to sharpen our pencil. Rachio HydraWise Belkin - WeMo Hunter Douglas - Platinum (Not current Genereation PowerView) Ask your dealer for details.
  15. We have just lowered the price on both our Hydrawise and Rachio drivers, so which ever product you choose it is more affordable then it has ever been.