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  1. Although the driver has been available for many months we were awaiting a few things on Nuheat's end to official announce the driver. We have been working with them for almost 2 years now so we have a long relationship with them. So here it is...
  2. A dealer had those buttons programed for lights so asked them to be configurable so the commands wouldn't interfere with the lights programmed, so now you can choose to have them do something else or disable them.
  3. The driver has been updated to allow changing the Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow buttons at the request of a dealer. You can use our Update Now feature to update the driver or if you have auto-update on it will already be current. A director reboot will is required to see the new properties.
  4. You will need to turn on network standby in the settings
  5. The intention would be to make it more dealer friendly and utilize our back end for updates etc. We would like to maintain Eric's initial intentions. It really is a matter of what it takes to get it transferred over. There may be a cost but if there is it will be with more features and the ability to have support from us. The driver exists in this thread and there is no intention on our part to have that removed, that would be something Eric would have to decide. At the time we release we will make this clear, I would venture to say our driver if there is a cost will be 50% of the cost of the HouseLogix driver or less while giving you more features.
  6. We have inherited this code and will be updating it in the future to work on our platform.
  7. There is no issue with the previous/return that we are aware of. We use these drivers daily in our own system. Also this is listed right before the very first steps of installation of the driver. NOTE: This driver must be connected over Ethernet (hardwired) to function properly, if connected over Wi-Fi your TV may not turn on reliably. If setup correctly Volume Feedback is there, not sure where you are expecting to see it but it's sent to Control4 and you would then see it on iOS, Android and C4 Navigators. If you setup the TV on Ethernet you would need to reconfigure the driver, the MAC address would be wrong, and you may need to change the IP.