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  1. If there was a Control4 driver would you buy a Lockitron lock?
  2. Try our Panasonic IP driver, it has a 21 day trial. We give ample time to test and ensure our drivers do what you need and be able to try them without having to cram all your testing into a few hours.
  3. To clarify as stated above it is primarily UniFi network gear. We will be doing camera drivers but the focus will be to integrate the access points, switches, and other network gear.
  4. No, 2.6 and up.
  5. So we will be developing driver for the UniFi line of Network gear from Ubiquiti, we already have a number of ideas on the drawing board, but if anyone has suggestions for cool and interesting features feel free to let us know here, or on our Facebook page. There is no timeline yet but once we have more information we can share you can be sure we will post here.
  6. FREE Official IP Control LiNK Reveal - (Cross device messaging) Power On and Off Bindings (For Lights) DLNA Support Coming
  7. The driver is released now. With more features to come in the next week. There were a few firmware glitches we had to work around, basically try not to manually power off the player. At times it starts back up in a weird state, mostly a blank screen or locked up. They are aware but our guess is a few weeks for a fix.
  8. You might want to give the IP driver a try.
  9. With a simple binding connection between the Oppo and the LG, you will get Power On/Off, Tray Opened/Closed, and Disc Type messages on screen of the LG.
  10. The example is in the description, I'm not sure if you are looking for something more specific.
  11. We are please to announce the release of the "Official" OPPO UDP-203 driver, this driver features serial and IP control among many other features. We have also included our LiNK Reveal API in the OPPO driver and updated our LG WebOS Driver to include LiNK Reveal also. LiNK Reveal allows devices to talk to each and send messages based on events from device to another. The OPPO will send notifications to the LG TV upon disc type/change, power on/off, and tray opened/closed. This is all done with a simple binding and a few drop downs, NO PROGRAMMING required. In the coming days we will also update the "Official" Anthem Receiver drivers to also include LiNK Reveal. Currently the driver requires being logged in to download, this will be removed in the coming days.
  12. We have updated our LG WebOS driver today to include our LiNK Reveal API, this allows devices to automatically send toast messages to each other. Our first pairing of this the OPPO UDP-203 and the LG WebOS Drivers. You will get a notification on disc type/change, power on/off, and tray opened/closed. We have some other amazing features coming for both of these drivers in the coming weeks also.
  13. Hello all! We're glad to announce that we now have our annex⁴ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages up and going! What does this mean for you? Through our Facebook page we'll be posting various event links to the upcoming webinars that we will be having so you can stay in the loop on what's going on, as well as posting giveaways and promotions in conjunction with some of our official partners. On Instagram and Twitter, you can find some sneak peeks of our upcoming drivers as well as release announcements and short product demos. The first event that we have posted is Friday's webinar which will be at 9 am EST. All currently pending dealers are welcome to attend, and if you are not yet registered please be sure to sign up before joining in on Friday (otherwise we won't have an account to approve)! We're also open to receiving message through Facebook and someone should get back to you quickly, so feel free to reach out there with any questions you might have regarding any of our products. Thanks and have a great morning/afternoon/evening/night!
  14. There will be another webinar this Friday at 9 AM EST. If you would like to attend and have not already registered, please do so before Friday morning at 6 AM and an invitation will be sent to you. If you have registered, invitations have been sent out to all pending users on the website. If you haven't received your invitation, please be sure to PM us right away.
  15. The driver will be the official Oppo driver, with IP communication, free, and some other really cool features. We are days away from putting the driver out if no other issues arise.