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  1. This allows access to the full functionality as it is the Hydrawise Webpage, so yes you can do scheduling. What do you mean the navigator interface? The T3 is a navigator interface.
  2. We have just released a FREE driver for the MyQ Brand of Garage door openers from Liftmaster and Chamberlain. This will allow T3 Touchscreens to open the MyQ interface and manage devices as well as open and close the garage doors. This does NOT allow any event based programming, the only supported method for doing that would be via Wink. This being a link to the MyQ webpage is not subject to any API changes. Enjoy, many more FREE things coming and some new fully integrated items too. annex⁴ Team
  3. Please have your dealer call us or contact us via email.
  4. This driver has just had another price drop to go along with the driver now being in Official partnership with Hunter the makers of Hydrawise.
  5. We have just released a free driver that will allow users of Hunter Hydrawise Irrigation to use Control4 Touchscreens to call up the Hydrawise Web Interface to manage their irrigation controller. Now this doesn't allow any zone events or triggering via any custom programming but is a simple FREE solution for end users that just want the basics. For the more advanced functions you can use are paid driver. The paid driver just had a price drop to go along with our Official Partnership with Hunter the makers of the Hydrawise Irrigation Controllers
  6. With a number of new marketplaces popping up there has been some recent marketing efforts to promote these new ventures. This is great for the community as a whole as it will provide more avenues to have a wider variety of devices integrated. That being said it has recently been brought to our attention in a webinar for one of these marketplaces, our platform was indirectly referenced (name not used, but features only we provide referenced) and some fear mongering of things that we potentially do being spread. There is nothing malicious or evil happening, The project xml is sent to our portal if the dealer so chooses along with controller performance information. The project XML isn't in a format on our end that we can see beyond what a dealer does...rooms, and device names in those rooms. Both of these items have helped us in troubleshooting with dealers as there has been 3rd party drivers causing controller issues, and this allows us to profile and see memory and CPU issues over a time period. We can do this real-time and know all projects with our LG driver have no memory or CPU increases over a period. NONE of our drivers cause any significant load on controllers and we can say that with certainty and proof. This cannot be said by others, testing on half a dozen systems and then releasing a driver does not give you a real idea of how that driver is working across various hardware and project sizes. We are confident in saying although we rarely need to provide support we our the first line and know exactly how to troubleshoot and see where issues are, we make the drivers, and we have custom built tools to crate the drivers and troubleshoot issues. We have gone as far as helping dealers troubleshoot issues that have ZERO to do with us, but they have been in situations where 3rd party developers pass the buck to C4 and C4 back to the 3rd parties. This is not what we are about, we set out to help dealers solve problems and provide better solutions. Every driver we have made is typically feature rich beyond the normal provided for a device of that type. We also pride ourselves on offering affordable solutions, as well as the ability to implement feature changes or enhancements in record time. There are dealers on here the can attest to how we have worked with them and the level of support we provide. So again if anyone has any fears or misconceptions, about what we do and how it works ASK, we know for a fact NONE of our competitors know what goes on beyond the scenes. annex⁴ Team
  7. There is no underlying EVIL happening in the LiNK driver, it gets some data from the controller on how it is running, and sees the project XML which shows device names and agents installed, if the dealer chooses to download that information. The is nothing else done that anyone should have any fears about, if you do feel free to ask us, but please don't listen to the fear mongering of people that have no idea of how our products actually work.
  8. Please post links to the API for your suggestions.
  9. So we are looking for ideas for a driver to develop over August 26-27 the development will be live streamed and YOU he community can participate in by asking questions, suggesting features, testing, or just watching how it happens. So what we need are suggestions of what driver to build, the API needs to be Open or if you suggest a device an have access to the API send it to us. If anyone has any contacts with product manufacturers if they are willing to provide the API this is a chance for some free development. We will add suggestions to the poll, provided there is a open API or we have confirmation we will have access to an API.
  10. annex⁴ - Doorbird Driver

    Once the driver is released all the feature details will be also.
  11. annex⁴ - Doorbird Driver

    Yes there are, and were are in the process of adding a few more prior to release.
  12. OPPO UDP-203 Driver Released

    Due to some misinformation being spread on the internet and the dealer forums we want to reiterate this driver was developed in partnership with Oppo. This is the reason it is linked to from their website. It was built to an API provided by Oppo. There will be an update coming shortly and a release of the driver for the 205. Because the existing driver hasn't failed to function but has only required some feedback adjustments it has been delayed while some highly needed groundwork be put in place for future driver releases. But again the driver works, has Serial and IP Control and not a single part of it's development was from any reverse engineering.
  13. annex⁴ - Doorbird Driver

    On the surface the value is in additional features, and more competitive pricing. We also have next to no issues with our drivers and the few times we have are typically remedied in hours, with only feature changes requiring a couple days. Our driver platform is the most advanced in the industry and is about to get some major upgrades. All drivers are handled in house so we are first line to driver knowledge and understanding of any software issues. We don't have users with just composer and driver install knowledge answering the phone. We currently have a number of partner drivers in the waiting and a good deal of partnerships already in place. When we have demonstrated what our driver development cycle is and how rapid our development is it has be a clear choice with our Partners even over have previous drivers developed by other 3rd parties or Control4 themselves. So the true value comes not from the cost savings, but the knowledge of the people behind the design and development.
  14. annex⁴ - Doorbird Driver

    We are looking for just a few more testers, if anyone else is interested please PM us or have your dealer contact us.
  15. annex⁴ - Doorbird Driver

    Not only will the driver be very affordable, we will be running a 50% off promo upon release!!!!