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  1. Matt Lowe

    DS2 Height

    the best option would be to run a temporary cord and setup to see how it looks. should be able to get it relatively close to the final position. the camera has a wide angle so it should be just fine.
  2. Matt Lowe

    Fan control

    dont need anything special to capture ir code c4 has it built right in. chowmain driver will work great can even program the switch already in place to control the speed. you could also wire the remote to controller contacts and control it that way there is also an rf ir gateway by matterlink for this exact purpose.
  3. GlassWire (Code "LINUS" for 25% off, Link) would be an app you could run and see what is happening on your network. the router may have some basic information about network ussage but you will need to gather baselines and such. wireshark is out there too but is much more advanced.
  4. wouldnt hold your breath as they already have the ds2 and it works sooo well doubt they will develop anything more.
  5. Matt Lowe

    Install new light switch on old composer

    do not do a factory reset on your main controller ever unless directed to do so. you will likely need to reset the switch but you will not be able to add it on your own.
  6. Matt Lowe

    Control4 App through VPN

    No you can connect through the vpn however it is not a supported solution. You will need to manually add the main controller in the app. you have to turn your vpn on and off as you need it have to teach your wife and kids how to do it good luck 4sight is less that $10 bucks a month splurge a little hehe.
  7. As for materials on CHE youtube as suggested is a resource. I do offer one on one tutoring and can show you just about anything you would want to know about composer and how to effectively program your system.
  8. None of the updates are essential for your system to continue operating in the fashion that it was installed. However Improvements and features added do come with the new versions. No dealer is forced to update a system unless it is part of their agreement with the customer when the system is installed. Charges for these will be on the dealer. I specifically just charge the time it takes for me to do the update and see it to fruition. I then offer free updates to Versions in the same series as a benefit to my customer. Composer he will continue to work just fine and all versions are available. You dont update composer if the controller is not on the same version. If you update the controller you need to update the composer to match. Control4 sends out announcements to everyone, if you are not getting them you will want to check your settings on customer.control4.com Typical service calls are user error, network, software, and lastly hardware failures in that order.
  9. you might want to try an non 4k apple tv if you can. you might be having compatibility issues and the apple tv is incorrectly compensating for the older equipment. or roku or shiled tv they are both much better any how.
  10. not in the c4 app natively. your best bet would be to use the hikvision app and if it has a button to activate the relay on it send that to a c4 contact and program to unlock on that sense. Idk if the z-wave lock will work i think there is a database of the current options but i would suggest getting a zigbee pro lock you will have much better support.
  11. yea SMB1 is the shortfall currently with media. however there is a new DNLA driver that works much better from what i have been told.
  12. Matt Lowe

    WHEN THEN programming

    when/then is going through growing pains and not all devices are showing up. all native c4 drivers are good to go but 3rd party is still hit or miss. composer he is much more powerful at this point.
  13. using a Music bridge it has bluetooth and could be used with an alexa in this use. however range will be limited if you got 10ft or more i would be surprised. but with the alexa play music on X you can now just have a dedicated dot in the rack to stream off of and control it with alexa any where.
  14. should be easy to do just want to run the hc1000 as a scondary controller and point a nas driver at it to mount the files.
  15. Matt Lowe

    HC800 vs EA5

    covered a bit here