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  1. not sure if i see any benefit unless it is cheap cheap. nyce and card access both have multiple buttons that are zigbee and offer well over 10 or more commands each. if they integrated directly that would be nice though
  2. i have not used it yet, hopefully some others can chime in with their experience.
  3. it works across all platforms as far as i know but you need composer to set it up
  4. As stated control4 is not the limiting factor. Make sure you interview your dealer well and that you see eye to eye on things. Control4 will only be as the dealer programming it.
  5. with the access agent you can password protect rooms
  6. I really like ring app and the social aspect and they have polished it well.
  7. i love tripping people out with commercials from all over the country!
  8. sounds like its a tune in issue. do any other music services do this? do any other stations do this? try turning on advanced audio and increasing the latency this i believe can help with slower connections./
  9. it will not give you the same features of your door station completely. you will need a driver that black wire sells. Buy it from me or another dealer that buys from them you get it for free. no intercom function if you have other touch screens. no video support at all from within control4. more importantly whats wrong with your ds2?
  10. if the rest of your project is working fine then you factory restore it, but ifits running your project you will lose it at that time
  11. no worries just want to be sure that i was clear in its operation
  12. i explained above and that is why it is so buggy. You can get it to work but it was designed for audio.
  13. it sounds like he has them set up correct as surrounds just likely needs to make some audio adjustments.
  14. the reason it is buggy is the zones pages is for audio, so if a tv is the audio endpoint it will have to turn it on to get the audio.