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  1. Speaker Points

    so it depends on the buttons that you are binding to the scene and you need to be sure none of the lights are exclude from scene ramping. if one button you need to bind to a toggle and press and hold the button. if two buttons bind to bottom and top on a scene and press and hold the way you want. also for your amps you maybe lossing out on the new advanced audio mode using the speaker points if they can be ran in local amp mode and fed from an audio matrix it might be beneficial to you.
  2. Audio Matrix

    I have a Key Digital Fatboy 8x8 analog and 8x8 digital. if i can get close to 700 i would be willing to part with it
  3. 4k Genie Mini response

    last thing to check is that your receiver has enough 4k ports and that is hdcp 2.2 as well not all hdmi ports on avrs can do that spec. other wise it is an issue with the DTV box but i doubt its one that a new box will resolve as HDMI sucks and will likely continuing having problems.
  4. Newest gen wireless switches

    Why it's been a year since it was installed apparently?
  5. Newest gen wireless switches

    They just supply the equipment. Almost no warranty covers labor to install it. Our labor warranty is only6 months so that is reasonable
  6. 4k Genie Mini response

    likely your cable to the tv from the avr is not able to carry 4k especially if your rack is remote. you will need to make sure you have a cable or balun capable of 4k. the time changing channels is just hows its going to be the new boxes just stream from one main dvr, the newest genie is just a server now and does not even have video.
  7. remote programming

    Why? I only have a debit card. As long as you use it as a credit card and dont use your pin number you are offered the exact same protections as a credit card through visa or who ever has the card. Read above. also also of banks offer a temp card for your checking account that you can set a very specific credit line , and short expiration, and even one time use only
  8. Newest gen wireless switches

    yea composer he is not a meter. that energy information is not know to be super accurate. You need an electrical meter to read the outlet to see if there is any voltage.
  9. Turning on lights if sunrise > 0700

    just create a schedule for before sunset use the scheduler in programming to check a conditional based on months in the year if those months turn on the light
  10. Newest gen wireless switches

    whats reading 8 watts? i would measure for any voltage on the outlet at the wall.
  11. Newest gen wireless switches

    i would put a meter on the outlet the power usage within composer is not very accurate from what i have been told
  12. still worth while i like the oleds and the web os driver better still
  13. ITS the number of local drivers in composer before my laptop died i had installed over 1500 different drivers.
  14. T3 Touchscreen challenge WIFI

    your dealer should be able to get control4 to grab logs and check out whats happening. 2.10 they did improve the wifi performance for t3 panels as well