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  1. sounds like the digital music options need to be tweaked. the reason the other rooms dont take long as they are listening to the analog stream. when the family room joins it has to sync the digital and analog together. kind of a trial and error play thing.
  2. i would also suggest looking at Just Add Power or Videostorm with the odd number of tvs and sources you have you can really grow and expand those system vs being stuck to a static matrix
  3. I second tht this is the best "IP" controlled tv. The sheer amount of options to customize your tv is ridiculous. Only driver i have seen with a power off delay. lets say you want the tv at an exact volume every time when it turns on. set it before turning the tv off. or even have it set to a certain input. toast messages are the best thing since sliced bread. In two seconds you can get messages to your tv that the garage door open/closes, the remote batteries are dying, the new stuff with the oppo.
  4. im really surprised the samsung 4k blu-ray worked at all that thing is picky as hell. Having the shortest run is the best option or switch to fiber is really the best thing.
  5. If any one needs this installed send me a PM we are an Annex dealer and so far really loving their drivers so i am sure this will be another great one.
  6. Mudroom - Open to the kitchen, a motion doesn't seem to make sense here. maybe just switches and simple timer. Pantry - Walk in pantry, "L" shaped. Door gets left open because the dogs food and water bowls are in there. Seems like a switch and a simple timer. Maybe I could use a motion as the shape might work so it can't "see" into the kitchen. Closets - Master closets get closed to keep the dogs out. Seems like a door open close sensor would work here. Maybe open door, light goes on, door closes light goes off. Daughters bedroom, bathroom light and fan. No security wires for a motion in her room. 1. what i do with mine is the door has a sensor and my motion in the wall way picks up people going into this room. so opened with the door or if motion is detected i have a 5 min timer to turn off the light 2. small pantry or closest i have used motions in a few forums. wireless or wired if money is no object with a c4 switch. if budget is a factor we will through in one of the motion sensors switches from home depot they have an extremely wide angle most them and work well enough. 3. Nyce has some micro wireless zigbee sensors on the cheap which would work great 4. nyce sensors again. if v2 lights they do have an auto off function as well.
  7. Alexa turn off the damn kitchen lights the wife left on! yes i really programmed that in ha! alexa turn on home off home alexa play the animal game
  8. not sure what you found but the right way would be use the scheduler agent to create an event program on that event to activate the lighting scene.
  9. try checking all of the nuvo drivers for the commands it may be a manually programmed command only
  10. we need more context on what exactly you are trying to do. ie pressing a button to do x in y situation and such. but you would program the pandora station to play in one room and then have the other rooms join the session. if you do this from navigator just chose a new station all the joined rooms will follow.
  11. sounds like you need some amazon echo dots in each room and have her use those they are a breeze and take zero time to program
  12. everything you need to fix this is available through he