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  1. i would just program on source selected from the room level conditionals as they will be more reliable.
  2. if all connections are strong going all the way back to the controller. look at increasing the quanity or power of the power commands for the tv ir drivers.
  3. you should not schedule to reboot just because. a better idea would be to ping the device and if it is not responsive then power cycle the poe or ac power to reboot the unit.
  4. i would look more into the physically connections. the irs on the tvs them selves may not be in the optimal location and may need to be moved to keep it working.
  5. using the if digital media or if sonos to fire the tv to turn off.
  6. so for motion your programming should look like this. when motion detected stop timer turn on light when motion is not detected reset timer when timer expires turn light off you would need a variable to check that both garage doors are closed. so when a garage door closes exccute a macro that macro checks if both doors are closed if one is open set the variable to false if the variable is still true start the timer if the garage door opens stop the timer when the timer expires set the air to auto mockupancy would be perfect for the lighting away mode you can even tie it to your security system so that is automatic. it is a driver that must be installed and set up. for the last one you would need to set a variable and have scheduled events to activate the macro of the different lights and timers to run when you want them too.
  7. even if you get the inventory i believe you need their servers for the device to even work.
  8. editing the driver is the easiest thing here by selecting the option to delay power on.
  9. you would not get audio from your ea-5 unless it were programmed. with the age of the hc300's these days it is likely the culprit.
  10. if you just want it in a single button toggle press format. you need to add another variable. press program should look like this if variable is true do x if variable is false do y toggle variable
  11. They do offer repairs on devices you have to call and get a price.
  12. also be sure it has the proper os software level.
  13. i second the factory restore the controller migration still has a few bugs that need to be worked out. i have had to do this twice for different reasons.
  14. Control4 Also provides a lighting design team for this very purpose. Encourage your dealer to use this service or get some one who does. Control4 will do all the leg work for you and ensure that the provide zigbee coverage as well power-supplies are quoted for you. then if something is a problem you can bring it back to them.
  15. you need to delete the ip settings in the app. it will then force it to look at the vpn first rather than the 4sight.