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  1. Hikvision IP Camera Stream

    Some one tattled on my last time. the basic jist is to set them to 720p 15 frames and use the hikvison driver
  2. WTS: HC800

    EA5 is stellar sound quality. more outputs than the 800 and will have a new warranty are among a few things i can think of. I upgraded my hc800 the day the ea5 came out and love it.
  3. Black Friday specials

    we do but sold out of the b7 i have the c7 for 2600
  4. Black Friday specials

    closest i have is the mu8000 for 650
  5. Black Friday specials

    what price you want the tv for?
  6. Ring Events Driver for Control4 ?

    you dont like it because it runs on 24ac?
  7. Ring Events Driver for Control4 ?

    you need the relay as the ring is 24AC and the contacts are 12v DC
  8. Ring Events Driver for Control4 ?

    so it would be wired ring to the relay. The ring always has power running through it that would cause the contact on the C4 unit to always be tripped. then when the doorbell is press the relay with close and then send the signal to the contact on the controller which can then program announcements or what ever. all with out an internet connection
  9. Using Mockupancy

    IN Programming there should be variables under the mockupancy driver that should be along the lines of in playback or playing or something. you can always add the snmp agent and get all of your systems variables to see how it is defined.
  10. it is because of the HDMI matrix. you need to strip the audio from the hdmi to the tv. there is a kb in the dealer database some where about it
  11. show us your connections for the nintendo switch reciever and the tv for audio and video
  12. this would be a better questions for control4 tech or the dealer forums. as far as an answer to your question. You may want to try reinstalling composer. and make sure the controllers are on the same os 2.8.1 or higher to use this wizard
  13. Audio endpoint 2

    sounds like your connections may not be setup correctly. Also remember unless your tv has audio volume feed back control4 will not mute it. if audio is able to make it to the tv or video multi ways control4 will chose the path of least resistance.
  14. Announcements not playing after 2.10 update

    could be havent had issue with pro back up, but its not something that should be done on a regular basis but better to have then have not.
  15. for those unaware this was likely caused as the relays were not connected or the device monitoring them was offline