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  1. Matt Lowe

    Mockupancy and Lutron

    sure can. just have to be careful that you are not controlling too many lutron devices at one time as they can lock up things. but with the use case of the mockupancy and how it works it should be just fine.
  2. Matt Lowe

    Blue Iris issue

    make sure that the blue iris stream is 720p 30frames or less. if you are getting now video or choppy it is likely to high quality of a stream.
  3. Matt Lowe

    Control4 buys Neeo

    guess it must have been a really good remote. hope to see some sweet tech from this acquisition.
  4. i think add music is 2.10.4 plus.
  5. Matt Lowe

    Integrate a Gira Intercom

    not aware of any integration for this. you might want to look into alternatives from Doorbird or Control4.
  6. Matt Lowe

    control4 audio switch firmware blank

    some older switches had problems getting firmware through network switch. if connected directly to the router once the update completed it would work fine.
  7. Matt Lowe

    Local Weather?

    it can be added as an experience button and really show up in any menu you would like.
  8. sounds like it may have lost its internet connection. You'll want to check that it is still connected to your wifi, or try a new port on your poe switch.
  9. believe it might be the guide button. at least thats what i use with the firetv driver controlling my shield with the plex driver.
  10. Matt Lowe

    Daylight Sensor for commercial

    i think the axxess or maybe nyce motion sensors might have this feature.
  11. Matt Lowe

    Watch Button Input

    you could program around this but its a pain. what happened to the original input? for programming do when video selection change if Cable box wait 6 seconds set input on denon to input.
  12. Matt Lowe

    Local Weather?

    yea weather underground as far as i understand is just losing features all the time. Could also be the station you are pulling data from you could try another local station. alternatives you can use outdoor sensor on c4 thermostat or use z2io with external sensor as well.
  13. Matt Lowe

    My Movies doesn't show

    Plex with @alanchow Plex driver would be my suggestion for the smoothest experience. then you can use just about any streaming device for plex. Shield tv is my favorite.
  14. Matt Lowe

    C4 Leaf

    being that the cables were damaged its very possible they have shorted and either damaged the matrix, the balun or, both. think i read somewhere that you tried these locally with short cables at the rack? these devices are fairly simple in that if the cable is hooked up correctly and a good quality it works. If not working locally then damaged unit it most likely.
  15. Matt Lowe

    SnapAV Binary HDMatrix B300 Help

    just be careful and research what you are buying. I personally would not use or sell a $70 dollar hdmi balun it will have issues i can promise that. If your matrix has hdbaset you can try upgrading the receivers but it might not be compatible with them all. If it has hdmi outputs then you can get hdmi balun kits that are 4k ready. but honestly they way tech changes you should buy the minimum for what you need and upgrade when you need it piece mealing will just cause so many issues.