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  1. IR Control

    better yet buy a new tv with ip control!!
  2. Card Access WCS10A help

    i believe those are embernet so they will not pair with a current zigbee system. if thats not the case it could be the device is defective.
  3. Audio sensing with EA-3

    just use the ECHO driver for this. Then you can program voice control to select it and then voice to select a station.
  4. as it is linked to the myq webpage my bet is the cloud
  5. My Rabbit Hole

    i guess you have to log into photo bucket to see them lame. I need to figure out out how to upload them here properly just lazy.
  6. you can do this but the Genie servers have a limit of how many clients can be active at one time. If you have more clients then the genie can handle.
  7. For sale

    if they do not provide a tacking number and you do not receive the product paypal will protect you.
  8. the hs17 is a server it does not have a video output so you would be controlling the minis like normal. mini's however do not have power control and i believe the new server allows 7 at a time so you will need to turn them on and off with ir if you need it.
  9. EA1 with an HC800

    i wouldn't necessarily move the zigbee over to the ea1 you could add it as a zap.
  10. Programming Keypad

    even then the programming to turn the lights off would happen first then the programming to turn it on
  11. Programming Keypad

    the mode of the button does not matter. it can be set to anything and if there is programming programmed to it will execute. I think your keypad is probably not have the correct keys or you are programming to the wrong button. try setting the programming to the press instead of triple tap and see if that works. if that does that means the button could be broken or worn and not registering a triple tap correctly. you could try some press and hold programming in its place.
  12. Plex on Mac mini

    understood probably program control4 to launch the plex app when room off
  13. Plex on Mac mini

    would this not work with a roku too?
  14. no use the room events click on hte basement family room you will see when video selections changes then you will need the room conditionals on the other side.
  15. if its an ir driver it would be best to edit and change the macros for everything. Dealer access only. if not or dont have a dealer you want for it. i would program based on video selection for the room when wii mute over head volume up start delay x volume up stop power off will be more difficult and require some tinkering.