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  1. @obas Just depends on your needs. the triad one and the triad power amp have similar quality but the power amp has twice the power. The 4 zone matrix amp is older and of lower quality but gives you the 4 zones. only have two digital coax vs what options the 8x8 matrix has is limiting if you are trying to connect multiple digital sources maybe they only have toslink so you would need a converter. so you need to find out. How many zones do you want eventually. How many sources do you want to feed to those zones. how do those sources connect with audio. do you need audio decoding for surround sound sources to get stereo audio to tvs that only have two speakers and no AVR. Need lots more information to get you the correct recommendation. Also for your local library unless you have a nas with smb 1.0 shares you might want to look into getting a dlna server as this will make getting your music into control4 much easier.
  2. Correct you could use airplay to get apple music into control 4. Although airplay is not known for its reliability.
  3. @obas you are correct the triad amplifier would work perfectly for two or four speakers. The ea3 analog audio world take care of that. Getting the tv audio would likely require an audiomatrix. That would give you 8 or 4 zones. However the 4 zones limits your audio input to only digital coax and only on two inputs.
  4. @obas ea3 is what I was asking yes. However you miss understood the second question. Is the ea3 and sonos physically in the same room together. Or are they on separate places. If they are together a simple dummy amp could work and the ea3 can drive that. The triad one would be the correct solution with good clean power to give you quality audio at any listening level. On top of that is completely integrated has options for audio sync with any of the other streaming c4 products. So this more the better option than sonos than it is over kill
  5. what controller do you have? is it near where the connect amp was? the triad ones would be a great drop in replacement and they have some awesome sound quality.
  6. Matt Lowe

    Control4 Audio Cabinet

    I have the onkyo for 429
  7. Matt Lowe

    Control4 Audio Cabinet

    need more toys to fill the space!
  8. Matt Lowe

    2018 C4 Black Friday Deal Thread

    We are having sales on just about everything PM email text or call for the best offers on anything we have in stock. matthewslowe1@gmail.com 480-734-9249 https://www.walts.com/
  9. you would need to change the driver to match to the current address.
  10. likely the directv ir sensor fell off or the ip address has changed. if you cant get the guide to come up with the original directv remote then the box is defective. if you check the directv driver from composer you should be able to check the ip address and the ir sensor is simply just about put it back in the right spot.
  11. Matt Lowe

    New Fire TV driver

    thats all on the cooperation from amazon, they changed the adb security which broke the originally driver and then control4 had to drag the changes out of them to update the driver.
  12. Matt Lowe

    Looking for Integrator Houston

    interview interview interview. Meet several people and find out as much as you can. your system will only work as well as the integrator doing the install. if @StroTek LLC is doing it youll be fine ha!
  13. needs to programmed as a source on the amp. once done then you would setup routines and voice commands to control power and source selection through your alexa device in the room casting audio to the rack dot to feed the amp.
  14. like an issue with the driver being corrupted. First place to start would be to delete the driver and clear the driver from the controller. then reinstall a fresh one from online. if it continues there may be a bug with the driver and i think snapav writes them so your dealer would need to contact them and have the trouble shoot further.
  15. Matt Lowe

    Araknis Routers don't have wifi?

    its not impossible idk what devices you are dealing with or if you are installer. but With our installs we find a lot devices do not steer correctly and its easier for the consumer if they are labeled seperatly.