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  1. as to my experience the only dimmers i have seen go bad were due to installation errors. even the dimmers we run on high wattage loads have been fine and the customers typically switch to led especially how cheap dimmable leds are now a days.
  2. even if you had to and you can spare the wall space for the dimmer using the lighting scenes will treat the group of dimmers as a single load there is even a new group dimmer driver as well.
  3. I bought the grease and the red wire nuts and have not had an issue with the aluminum wiring in the house 3 years later. now the shotty electronic handy man work left in the attic for 30 years is another issue.
  4. or you can get really tricky with it. i use three scenes in some settings that will have a on mode a off mode and a night mode pressing the on button will get on press the off button when lights are on will get you off pressing the off again when the lights are off will get you a night mode
  5. 10 zones means 5k in connect amps 10 zones in control4 will be about a 1000 less depending on how many sonos zones you want control is a matter of what important to you if only a sonos system you will ALWAYS have to use the app if its control4 maybe a button on the wall out to the pool turns on music maybe you have an in wall touch screen that also does your lights and music maybe you want to airplay music from your friends and family phones with out downloading an app pairing it and then start music neither one is better the other in a lot of aspects, but combine them both and you have the best of both worlds.
  6. most of the new exp[erience buttons will not change status on the remotes due to the limited screens. these buttons are meant for touch screens
  7. do both systems and get the best of both. for 10 zones get an audio matrix to switch the audio. feed a couple of sonos into the matrix for music and get control of everything in your house. minus for a lot here are that you cant program everything but this means you need a better dealer most of the time. it does not do my dishes yet... its an addiction this wont be the last time you buy equipiment
  8. THE @annex⁴ ip driver for web os work phenomenally. as far as the ir driver could be an issue with the driver reporting it to control4 may be the only way to get it fixed
  9. got to go to the smaller shops. Walts tv we have many buying options especially in bulk of any products even if you are buying lots of different components.
  10. as you can tell i only sell a few thousand oled every month, just finding its way into my vocabulary. maybe serial may work, but i doubt it will ever be an ip driver.
  11. answered in the other topic. need to use ir drivers
  12. you are going to have to use oled ir drivers this driver uses the new .c4z files
  13. i would just program on source selected from the room level conditionals as they will be more reliable.
  14. if all connections are strong going all the way back to the controller. look at increasing the quanity or power of the power commands for the tv ir drivers.
  15. you should not schedule to reboot just because. a better idea would be to ping the device and if it is not responsive then power cycle the poe or ac power to reboot the unit.