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  1. updated new products removed all sold products was getting cluttered
  2. the script always runs from top to bottom. so if you change the order in which things are it will still run from top to bottom.
  3. power on works for me on web os 3.0
  4. i have test the web os driver on wifi and it has worked but as stated is not supported
  5. updated lighting avalaible
  6. Control4 has spent lots of time and money researching and the default blue was deemed to be the best color. However I have found that the white back light looks nice and is also easy to ready. I have also used yellow for my black keypads. I also use red to indicating security arm or garage door is open. Also control4 has new LARGE format text engraving as well now.
  7. I have started looking into it but just need to workout how to make my PC a little more efficient got nearly 1000 watts of components running that 24/7 can be expensive.
  8. looks like these are controlled by relays. so you will need two relays per shade. your hc800 has 4. so you can control two shades. io extenders have 8 so you can control 4 shades.
  9. sonos has gone the way of use our app or nothing. even crestron had to build the sonos app into their touchscreens.
  10. Hopefully they skip it and go straight to 3.0 with some awesome.0 updates!
  11. If any user would like any of these drivers installed send me a PM. I can a test to the LG Web OS driver is amazing!
  12. well i get to cheat since i can do it myself, so I am always on the latest. Customer get the latest at time of the install. Alot of users here have me update as the software release bring new features that they want. This is the key to the reason to really upgrade is that you want the latest features control4 has to offer. (other than the obvious bug fix updates)
  13. added new equipiment
  14. I have some relay and contact units if you are interested.
  15. lilin lumin personally i use HIK and D-link