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  1. Matt Lowe

    irrigation caddy

    I did mine with a motion sensor keeps stray cats and pesky neighbors out of the yard!
  2. Matt Lowe

    irrigation caddy

    if you buy the rachio from me we buy from black wire and you get the driver for free!
  3. Matt Lowe

    irrigation caddy

    As far as i know the company is fallen apart or completely got at this point. should continue working for as long as the device works locally. control4 even has a new irrigation control driver that can be tied with a weather driver too! i personally switched over to the rachio and its everything i wished the caddy would have been the first go around and the app for the phone is really nice too.
  4. depends on how you are wanting to listening to music or the auto play function. i would probably check the auto room power on property of each sonos and see if it is powering on rooms unnecessarily.
  5. Matt Lowe

    Security breach concern

    you can also add an SLL connection option and password protect it and make it so that only specific devices can be added.
  6. Matt Lowe

    E5 red light

    you activated the self destruct feature of your home. luckily someone entered the right pass code and it disarmed itself 🤖
  7. Matt Lowe

    Remote dealer

    As far as i know PIP is not available with atlona. you would need some type of video tiler in place but it will be limited in many ways if you using the atlona for video switching. the best you could do is connect control4 navi and use pop ups for full screen of the camera or cameras that you would want.
  8. Matt Lowe

    Remote dealer

    there are lots of way to do it but it all depends on your hard ware.
  9. Matt Lowe

    Recommendation: Door Bell / Camera

    I dumped my ring as well. The video quality was horrible and to pay monthly for it was not making sense. switch to the DS2 mini. Would love to get the Video app working but it is nice to get an instant snap shot of who is at the door. most of the times its just ups. As to your questions you could do a camera and elk kit no problem. however unlikely the camera will not have a intercom. I would suggest looking at the DS2 mini as well its worth the money in build quality and should only get better when the app finally comes to light.
  10. Matt Lowe

    EA-1 with a self healing power controller

    You can use a relay to cut power to the controller and reboot it if it falls offline. as i and others have stated you dont need to hack it. you just need to get a power strip of some sorts to reboot when the controller or the device is unable to ping the controller. this could be done with bluebolt pakedge luxul middle atlantic Below the ea1 being monitored cannot be director a 120v relay a c4 outlet and thats about all i can think of.
  11. Matt Lowe

    hc250 software update

    dont need 4sight for a dealer to login btw...
  12. Matt Lowe

    LED on buttons respond very slow

    if you can do it in composer it will be in network tools zigbee and then in the information for each load.
  13. Matt Lowe

    Garage Agent w/LiftMaster

    Im excited for the features, but i can tell you how many people turn away when the driver is $200. I personally know how difficult it is to write drivers so this price is reasonable, but the demand is just not that strong. I will be pitching this for sure!
  14. Matt Lowe

    EA-1 with a self healing power controller

    not sure that you should be sending 120v through the C4 relay, not sure that it is rated for that.
  15. Matt Lowe

    Lutron - Pico -Sonos

    soo basically the controls we have from the endorsed driver now?!?!?!?! haha