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  1. shouldn't take but a few minutes. causes could be lots of interference older dying controller coordinator is overloaded zap antenna not in an optimal location. really not enough information to narrow down the options.
  2. Matt Lowe

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    If it can record rtsp or onvif yes it can ds2 has lots of options
  3. Matt Lowe

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    You can do this and much more. You need an nvr to record the video. Ring is cloud based and the motion i know to be unreliable. I have had instance where a door ring never recorded or the motion straight up missed the person. If you know more than your dealer you need a new dealer.
  4. Matt Lowe

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    Are you on that latest software it was 2.10.x that the 5g firmware was released. I'll see if I can find the documentation but I have a 10 inch table to and 2 7 inch table tops all use 5g. Even then still the intercom worked fine on 2.4. What's your network equipment like?
  5. Matt Lowe

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    its old what you are looking at. all my screens use 5g on my network. the screens are small the 720 makes little diffrence. could be better but i have never had an issue.
  6. Matt Lowe

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    the t3 has wireless AC and the cameras are good quality for hte intercom function. also you can use the intercom app on tablets. you can record the ds2 to just about any NVR
  7. Matt Lowe

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    yea its an issue server side as it was erratic and I know i have the best network in place, even had the hardwired elite doorbell from ri Same as with the ring server load times and quality. These are all streamed from clouds rather than from the device its self. DS2 is well worth the money and i think you can still use the intercom just no video internally. you get everything on your phone.
  8. Matt Lowe

    DS2 vs Hello vs Ring

    I have installed all four. Ring was first and was great at first, but over time the video and audio go to the point where not was audible. and 1080p video reduced to less than 240. Nest Hello same issue but right off the bat Doorbirds have been great, but relying on cloud service it still has some pit falls the DS2 with the intercom app has been the absolute dream. never miss a call, always able to answer the doorbell before even the ups guys leave.
  9. likely something on your network is blocking broadcast packets. but you should find answers on the dealer forum for this.
  10. Matt Lowe

    Moving off SONOS - need some help / ideas

    if you want to do it cheaply you could use the auto room on feature from audio ins on the zps and you can feed c4 music into them. to replace the 2 play 3s. get a pair of book shelfs with the triad one on wifi same for play 1s same for the play bar you could do a triad bar and triad one
  11. Matt Lowe

    Control4 Intercom App is out! Go get it!!!

    it's just the way c4 designed it. Why do the work twice when 4sight and internet for most is so reliable. Do you lose internet access a lot? Does 4 sight not work for you?
  12. Matt Lowe

    Control4 Intercom App is out! Go get it!!!

    In 5 years I can never think of a time I couldn't access my system with 4 sight. And almost every video doorbell on the market that I have seen is cloud based. Excluding regular cameras of course.Which you can setup your ds2 as a camera to view it outside of the c4 app
  13. Matt Lowe

    Control4 Intercom App is out! Go get it!!!

    Pretty sure you can do this already with Third party sip apps
  14. Matt Lowe

    2.10.3 released

    For those who I updated to 2.10.xx it's a free update Others can pm me for help
  15. Matt Lowe

    2.10.3 released

    Bug fixes for intercom and composer mostly Intercom any where for your mobile phones