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  1. Latest Rack we are building

    72 network ports? what footage on the property? im jealous looks like a lot of fun
  2. drywall.... i second Touch panels or alexas built in would be awesome.
  3. 2.10.1

    there is already an experience button for locks
  4. 2.10.1 Released

    sent a pm hopefully i can answer some questions.
  5. if the hue light is on a c4 switch. then the bindings for that and all programming should be removed from the project. then all light control should be pointed at the hue lights. if you need to switch the bulbs then you can kill power with special programming or manually.
  6. mp3's from pc to media controller

    get a nas windows network file storage is horrible
  7. Lg 86 inch

    sounds like cheap hdmi cables. need to know more about your setup and how things are connected
  8. Adp120 blinking red

    no KB as its still not suggested but its what i heard is the best setup, and makes sense as you dont want stuff outside of that closet to be routing through all of those nodes
  9. Early Spring Cleaning

    fairly certain it is this
  10. Affordable Intercom

    alexa echos.
  11. Early Spring Cleaning

    remotes / aps sold added hc250 i found forgot to mention it also has wall mount with it and a kwikset level lock i found
  12. reboot both systems may be the fastest solution
  13. 2.10.1

    no just the audio would be disabled
  14. 2.10.1

    slightly bummed just bought a few t3's hoping they are v2 or they might have a trip back to c4 as an rma. How about both bug fixes and new features those are my favorite releases.
  15. 2.10.1

    then some one needs to program the cd input for audio and the hdmi disabled on the ea3