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I have one micro setup. But... I don’t use Amazon so I can’t compare. However, in my opinion, it’s as tight of an “on-net” integration you can have between a voice assistant and C4. To me it’s only real drawback is it’s price, and compared to Google, it’s Natural Language Processing (albeit always improving), seems a little less to be desired. But to be able to trigger any C4 programming, not just lights, is a huge plus. For example... I can Tell Josh to “call / Broadcast / Intercom, etc” one of the kids rooms and it triggers programming that Initiates the living room T3 to intercom the their room and mute the living room and the kids Bedroom TV if they are on. Then when the call is over, the programming unmutes the TVs. Obviously the heavy lifting is done by C4, but I couldn’t get that level of integration with Google. Maybe you can with the Alexa Driver.

Lastly... what drove me to Josh.AI was the fact that I was tired of the consumer offerings integrating and working well, and then because of some change with the API, the solution no longer works with Control4. That gets old pretty fast.

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1 hour ago, C4CA said:

Does anyone have Josh Ai set up within control4?  Was trying to figure out how it compares to alexa and also how well it integrates within C4.


Thanks in advance

I had Alexa for a while and now have josh for about 6 months. Josh is much better in terms of naturally speaking commands. You don’t have to use the words turn on and turn off. Although I know you can do special programming. But creating scenes is very easy in Josh. And also the josh app is awesome and I find myself using it over the c4 app often. Very solid reliable integration. And they just added pandora music with c4 now. So you can just request a title or artist and what room you want it to play in. You can also assign josh micros to a specific room so if you have multiple josh micros , you can just say ok Josh play some whatever and it will only play in the room assigned to josh. But you can easily say 

“ok josh play Tupac in the kitchen AC/DC on the deck make the lights 50 percent and watch Jurassic park  in the theater”  




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Is there a place to get a current MSRP on Josh.ai?  Have not been that enthused about voice since have used experience commands programmed.  I've seen demos of all (Josh, Amazon, Google) and the last 2 leave a lot to be desired.  Josh seems enticing to put in a media room and mud room but wanting to see if it is cost prohibitive. 

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Wow. That’s not what I wrote. 
what I was trying to say. Was. Josh is designed for home automation voice control. Alexa is an assistant that can do voice control secondary. They are practically free for a reason. 
you will love josh and Ari is your man for josh. 

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On 9/30/2020 at 8:55 AM, JSTRONG said:

And josh doesn’t record or share your info 

Let’s not forget that is one of the reasons Alexa is so cheap 

This is awesome... How expensive are these things?   Never mind :)  Googled it and see a system is $14,000!

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13 hours ago, ejn1 said:

This is awesome... How expensive are these things?   Never mind :)  Googled it and see a system is $14,000!

Would never pay this...


9 hours ago, JSTRONG said:

Nah. Under $600 then a license fee that you can get unlimited or 5 year or yearly 

but this sounds interesting

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The licensing is where it gets stupid expensive, quickly. It’s based on amount of rooms controlled and a lifetime could easily put you at the 14k Mark

I wound never suggest more then a 5 year and would lean toward yearly. Just too much risk of them going belly up to even consider a lifetime.

My hope is their announcement next month has to do with a new subscription plan at reasonable pricing.

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